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Addiction is a condition wherein a person becomes abnormally dependent usually on a chemical substance that is either artificially administered to the body. A good example would be caffeine and nicotine or through natural processes such as when the body releases adrenaline. Addiction to anything that incapacitates you from being a functional human being is not a good thing to get into especially if you know yourself to be lacking of self-control.

What are the tell-tale signs that reveal that you are addicted to e-cigs and vapes?

These days, one of the most common things that people get addicted to that are legal aside from alcohol is smoking cigarettes. Yes, there are states that allow smoking marijuana as legal, but the most accepted by society is taking in alcohol and nicotine. Before the advent of electronic cigarettes and vaporizers, people who smoked got addicted to smoking tobacco products and did not slow down until they felt sick or got some disease caused by the tar from the smoke.

Although e-cigs and vapes don’t pose the same level of danger as traditional cigarettes, but getting addicted to it or any kind of substance for that matter can cause something negative one way or another.
Below are some obvious symptoms that might indicate you are addicted to ecigs.

1. Sudden cravings

Cravings can jump in on you at any time. You can’t control when your body craves for a quick puff. This is most difficult especially if you are in a place wherein you can’t just whip out your vape and puff a few like in the middle of an important meeting. If you catch yourself acting this way then you might be already addicted to the nicotine in those e-cigs/vapes you use.

2. Mood swings

This happens when you haven’t used the vaporizer for an extended period of time. Your mood is all over the place. This definitely is not a healthy character and you wouldn’t want to be moody, right?

3. Excessive vaping

Whatever happened to the saying, “everything in moderation?” This will become a hassle for you when you find yourself unable to stop vaping. You are not only wasting time, you are also wasting the most valuable resource you can’t ever earn back, which is time.

4. Feeling paranoia and uneasiness when you ran out or about to run out of e-liquids

Have you ever been low on your e-cig liquid refill supply and have felt very uncomfortable? Then you might just be addicted to that vaporizer and need to find a way to bring yourself back out from the shackles of addiction.

Nicotine, although in itself is not as damaging as the tar from conventional cigarettes, might pose a harmful effect that is unknown yet since there are still ongoing studies on the matter. So it would make perfect sense if you err on the side of caution and take it slow. However, vaping is always betting than smoking traditional cigarettes so it’s up to you on how to balance these hobbies. 

Saikot (inpui.com), June 30, 2017: Saikot Sub-Divsion Demand Committee (SSDC) in kum 2011 laia inthawk bandh le public movement hai neia Saikot SDO an lo ngen chu  September 29, 2016 khan Manipur sorkar chun SDO order a lo insuo ta a.

Chun, thla hni hnung, November 10, 2016 khan posting order SSDC chun a lo hmu nawk nghal a nih. Hi taka first Sub-Divisional Officer posting chu Pi Lalthazam,MCS a nih.

Voisun June 30, 2017 ni khom hin Saikot SDO a ni angin, Saikot SDO Office ah a kai zing tah a nih.

Saikot SDO Pi Lalthazam (white shirt) le clerk sinthaw lai mek Pi Remmawi hai office kai lai SSDC chairman Pu Timothy Z. Zote in voisun khan kanna hun a nei.
Police posting le thil dang hai

"Saikot SDO-ah hin police khawm an um vang ta a, bank khawm hawng a ni tep ta a, revenue department khom a um vak ding a nih a...mipui in ei nghakhla certificate chi tum  tum hai khawm ei nei thei tep an tah," ti'n Pu Timothy Z. Zote, Chairman, SSDC, chun Inpui.com.

Chun, Saikot SDO Office in a baksam hai khawm SSDC chun sawrkar kuomah intlun a nih.

"Saikot SDO Office his puitling taka a function theina dingin theitawp suo in ei bawzui zing a nih ti biel mipui hai khom lo hre hai sien ka nuom," tin Pu Timothy chun a hril.

-Reproduce by M. Jonathan Z. Hmar & M. Rebecca L. Zote

Written By: Mrs Lalrothar, Rengkai.

“Nu cháwi lo nau, nu angsûng bel phak lo, nu kutthli fa lo” Washington khawpui nunghak pakhat Sonara Smart dodd rawt dawk a ni a.  Ureng paruk laia a naupang tak a nih. A nautet laia nu’n a thisan, a pa’n phur rik tak phur puma a rimsikpui dingziehai a ngaituo neu neu hlak a. Nikhat chu khawpuiah Mothers’ Day hmang dingin inkhawmna hmuna  a fe a. Nuhai chawimawina thilpek le, an hlutzie hriltuhai a hmu a, a lungril a hne ta em em a. Hieng anga nuhai chawimawi an ni ang bawk hin, pahai khawm chawimawina hlaw tlak an ni takzet ti a lungrilin a ngaituo ta a. A pa’n a enkawl dan le a hung seilien dan hre zing pumin, Fathers’ Day inser hi a hung ngaituo suok ta a nih.

SPOKANE, Washington a chun, 1910 June 19 PATHIENNI hin hmang ṭan a ni a. 1925 khan America President Calvin Coolidge thu neina hnuoia hmang a hung ni nawk pei a. 1936 kum khan National Fathers’ Day Committee indinin, New York chu Headquarter hmun dinga ruot a lo ni ta a nih. 1966 khan USA President Lyndon Johnson chun kumtin hmang ta dingin thu a sukthlûk ta a. Chun Fathers’ Day hi June thla khera hmang a nina san hi Sorana Smart Dodd a pa hi June thla a thi niin a chan chin suituhai chun an hril.
Vawisun hin tuipuirál a chun kum iemmani chen pahai hlutna le chawimawi tlak an nizie uor takin an lo khûkpui tah ti ei hmuh. Rambung tam tak hmang/inser dan ruok chu in ang vawng chuong nawng a ta. Kohran le mimal nuom dan khawm an ang tawl naw bawk a. Chuonglai zingah ei phák ang tawka ei lo khûkpui ve ta hi lawmum ka ti a. Pahai chu an var am an máwl, a lien am a chin, a thi hnung am, a dam, a zaidam am a nunsie, hausa am pasie, ieng ṭhuoitu am, ṭhuoitu nina dawng phák lo chen hin chawimawi an phû vawng. An ṭhat lei  le an zaidam leia chawimawi ding an naw a. Tangkasum indai lei le mi suklawm an thiem lei khawm ni lo. Pathienin pa ni thei dinga a siem, sukdiktu an ni lei le Pathien hlimthla, a angpuia an duong a ni leiin anphû bek bek. An phûem lei hin, kei lem chun hieng ang a ei chawimawi hi ei ni dan ding hrimah ka ngai bur el.
Nuom ngawi ngawi, hmang tlang thei lo, harsatna i tlakbuok ta mi iengzam an um ding ti laiah. Ei thei china suonlam siem lo hi a ṭha. A nina indik tak hi hmang fu lovin um pal ei tih ti ruok chu kan lau letling lem hle el. A hlutna hmu chang lo le phawk dawk zo lova ei thaw chun, hun tam mi dai lovin ei innghawk intawn el thei. Chuleiin, uluk taka ngaituoin Pathien malsawmna dawng lo thei lo dingin ṭhang tlang ei tiu. Pa nei lohai pa, nu nei lohai nu, sûng ding nei lo riengvaihai hlimna, suk nuia thlanuom dinga pathien kutsuok ei ni hi. Chuonghai lungril sûngril phawkdawka, zawmpui thiem dingin Lalpan mi ṭhuoi sien. Nauhai laka hlutna chang zo ta lo, Mo lakah, tu-le-tehai laka lungril inchep taka khawsahai ṭhuoisuok a an um theina dingin, Immanuel thahratna chun mi sukhrat mawl raw seh.
Kum khatah ni 365 (zathum sawmruk panga) a um, Leap Year kum ti naw chuh. Hieng laia ni khat chau um hi ieng tinam inkheltir phal ei ta! An hlutna suklangna ni, ṭawngkamkhat chau/ hmu theia thilpek. Hieng thu hril suokna ni hran ngat um hi a lo um naw pal pal. Ei ta dinga an inpekna, an hriet hawia ei hril hi a ṭha a nih. A rawtdawktu ni khawm chu nuom a va hang um ngei de! lo ni phak ta naw inla khawm, Bible-in  “hmu lova ringhai chu an eng antháwl” angin, lawm taka ei hmangpui ve el hi ei thawfûk a nih. Tirko Paulan lawm zing thei ei ni nawzie a hreching hle a,  “lawm rawp ro ti nawk hlak ka ti lawm ro” a ti lem hlau hi a va ṭha deh. Nitin Fathers’ day ni el sien, lawm zing tum bawk in la, iengtinam lawm zing bik thei ei ta! Amiruokchu, lawm zing dingin a min chuktir naw a.“lawm rawp ro” tia a min chûktir tlat lei hin, ni khat na ná na chuh hlim le lawm taka hmang tlang hi a awm hle naw maw!
Amiruokchu, hieng anga ei thu dit ei hril lai mek hin, Nu le Pa tam tak hin an hriet suol lei am a nih an hmang ul deu a hawi. An kawppuihai tlinnawna le lungsenna an pai rûk kák kák hril suokna hunin an hmang ve tlat. Kum khat sûnga an lo sekkháwl sukṭe hunah an ngai bur el. Dik tak chun, Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day chuh inzil hun le tlin nawna in hril khum hun chu niin ka hriet naw a. A nawr suoktu lungril le a ngaituona khawm a ni ka ring naw a, a thil tum khawm ni bawk naw nih. Hieng ang hun Rangkachak hi a’nkhát em em vei leh. A ni naw zawng a ei hmang chun, thil ṭha tak chu thil ṭha lo tak angin anlang suok ta ding tina a nih. A pámhmái awm de! ka ti pha hiel hlak.
Khawvel hrieta tlangzar dinga hma la ngamtuhai hi, nu le pa thisan an nih ti ei hriet ta kha. Anni hai hin an nu le pahai dam lai lo hmangtlangpui ta nawhai sienkhawm. An hlutna tam tak suisuokin, nu le pa kara seilien chuh thlakhlaum a nizie, an hawiin thla amuongzie dam ngaituo hlak ngei din ei ringhla nawh. Nu le pahai tlinnawna tieng lem ni lovin  “An lo va hang hlu em em” ti thu an ngaituo hlak leia hieng hun hi an hung phu suok a nih ei ti naw thei naw a nih .
Unity Church ṭhalai nuhmei le pasal inzatin Fathers’ Day inserna hunah “Pahai hlutzie hril dingin mi 8(pariet) laiin thu an hril a. Pa angsûng bel thei ta lo le nu mal chunga seilien lo nau dam, nu le pa um ta lo hrim hrim dam kan inkatnuk el ta si. |halai ruol chuh nu le pahai hlutzie hre dinga an hrietna kei hara um tah, hmang ṭangkai dan hre vawng an ni ta a. Tlangval Conductor chun “Fathers’ Day chibai, vawisuna pahai hlutzie thu hril ngaithla dinga hung kháwmhai ka hmu hin ka lawm a. In nauhai hi kan thla a muong bek bek, hun ṭha mi petu Lalpa inpakin um raw seh.
(1) Fathers’ Day bul inṭan dan, a pa zaidamna le a la dampui vangnei intina thuin abul a ṭan (2) “ Ka pa kha damin hmel hmu ding um ta naw sien khawm, thaw ding a ti ka thaw hlak leiin, ka vawisun hun min pháktirtu a nih. (3) Ringumna le zaidamna hi ka pa mi rochung. Pathien hmel hmu thei ni naw sienkhawm, hnuoi pathien hmu thei pa a mi pek.” (4)  Hnuk ul ṭeu a, mittui luong zawi zawi pumin, nu le pa hlutzie hlain a min áwi.(5) “Tuorselna thurûk le tum chun lampui a um” ti hi ka pa a inthawk ka ro.
(5) PAHAI KUOMA NAUHAI THUSAM. (a) Iengkim sunga um, iengkim fangsuok Pa Pathien rorelna leia vawisun chena Pa kan nei cheu hi kan lawm a, kan lungril sung a kim a nih. (b) Chatuon Pathien rorelna sûn khawvar, a remruotna zing nisuok mawi tak leiin ruottu Lalpaah kan hlim a, kan lawm a zuol. (c) In sakruonghai buonlei chang el lova, huolhimtu cheu Pa Pathien chu inpakin um sienla, (d) “Pá” ti a kan ko cheuva, in mi dawn hin, Rothilhlu tam tak a sawm a, Khawvel hi kan ta a nih ti a suklang. (e) A tawp taka dingin, nangnia thu thlungtu ringumna chu záwm thiem ding le, siema in um nasan hre suok pei dingin kan ditsak cheuva. Ama in ngai zuolna dinga a lampui siempek cheu hraw fu pei dingin chatuon Pathien chun huolhim pei raw se cheu. Ka pa hi khuolzinmi a nih, a um naw sûng hin kan thil nei pakhat bek a sie hlak a. “Nu iem a ti lie! Ka pa um naw pha pha ei thilhai hi pakhat bek a siezie a?” Hieng hi hun sawtnawte khawm ni sien, ka pa um naw langsar taka mi tuorpuituhai an nih.
(6) “Pá” tia ko ding nei lovin, chanhai hle lang khawm, a thil dithai kha ka vawng zing a, ka hun hmang mek mi veng himtu a la  ni zing. Mi tu le khawm thubuoi an nei ngai nawh. Tû huna la damhai bek hi sawt tak mi la dampui hrám ro. (7) Kei hi mihai hin an mi hriet bek ngai naw khawmin, ka pa hming ka hril phát awlsam takin an mi hriet nghál. Ka pa um ta naw ang sien chu, tu ta ka’n chûkna hi phák kan ring nawh. Ka pa chu ka lampui (8) Sûn nitlak khawmin hril zo seng ni naw nih. Hieng lei tak khawm hin an hlutna a suk ching. Kei le ka nuhai chun a zaidamna hi hlû kan ti a, kan suong em em”  Conductor-  “Pa mi hal a, mi ziltu um hin an hlutna le ei vangneina a suk zuol. Tv Singer Laltuoklienin, Aw! khawvel dam man I lo um ngei ie. A ti ang khan, vawisun chu dam man a va hang um lawm lawm de!” tiin kan ṭin thei ta hrám.   “Hnuoi innghatsan huot langin a um tah”Lawm lei hin mittui chu a sûrin a sûr zut zut a, lawmpuina mitthli farthla dinga lo insekkháwl, inring zinghai chu an um ṭawk ṭawk thei naw ni takin ka hmuh.
Pathienin lal David chung cháng ah “Ka lungril ang put mi ka hmuh” ti thu a lo insam ruoi ang khan. Ka lungril ang put mi  “Ráwlthar ka tawng ie” tiin ka ṭe ṭhawt a. Pahai hlutna le chawimawi tlak ti a khek riei rieihai hi iengtinam mittui sûr lovin thlir liem el thei ei ta! “ Nang chu Lalpa mi riangvai te le mi chanhai fahra te, pa nei lo tan pa I tling a riangvai te pá, Lungngaihna chhûmpui te chu lo zing ṭhin mahse langin, hmangaihnain a chhemkiang zel ropuina kan hlan che ” ti hla chuh a saktu chau ni lovin, a taka changtu kan nih. “Chhuan thar te tan Lal rorel a mawi ngei mang e”
Hla siemtu’n “ Ram chu a nihna hmel ngeiin maw, a lo lang famkim hunah chuanin e, kei chu fam ka lo chang tawh dawn si a. Hmuh chak hianin aw ka lung a leng mang e” ṭhangthar nun lung lengin a lo thlir a. Kei ruok chun, ka mitin ka hmu hman ta a, ka náin a ngai thlak bik el hi ka lawmna a ván sang ngei. Mani  piengna pahai  mit  hmulaia naupangin an ngaisangna san le an thlakhlana thu an hang inzawt el ta chuh, hringnun hia thar hin a thar sawng sawng el a. Hienga Khawvel ei hmang tungpei ding a ni chun, tu pa inam mani nauhai thlakhla ve naw um a ta! Mi tam takin “ Khawvel ka nghawk” an ti hlak. Hi ang ṭawngkam hmangtu hin a nghawk khawvel a hriet ching naw a nih. Ngaituo ching sien, ei chengna leilung hin nghawk ding khawp iem thaw suol a nei, a um ṭawk ṭawk a, thlai ei tû tu a mawng lem an naw manih. Mihriem hin ei hraw ding lampui ei hraw ta naw phát, thawpik a um a, hringnun a suk thlabar a, suongtuonán hla tak a ban thei ta naw lei nghawk ei ni tlangpui lem. Tu ruok hin chuh khawvel ei hriet ching ták lei hin, nghawk a um naw a, ei thlakhlain sawttak chám ei nuom ta lem a nih.  
Damlai nun hlutna hmuhai ta ding chun thaw ding tak a lo ni zing. Khawvela ei chám sûng, a ngaithlatu ding um sûng hin, hieng ang thu ditum hi ren lovin, in hril intawn mawl mawl ei tiu khai! Mani, mihriempui hlutna hrietpuitu hi Pathien lawm zawng a ni a, Vanhnuoi leilung vawng deina a ni bawk. “Pathien chuh Pathienhai umkháwmnaa a um a” Mitin kuomah Pathien hmel chuh huot lang sup sup ei tiu leh. “ Ei inthlada chun ei mihriempui ha’n an min thlada khum ve ding ti hre zingin. Judaha’n “ Aw Lalpa nuhmeia I mi siem naw hi lawmthu kan hril che” an lo ti ta sa sa. Pa chu thlamuongna a ni a, Insûngtieng kawtkhár kalna ang an lo ni tak tak chu a ni hi. A va hang thamuong thlak dut dut de!

(Source – Manmasi Digest, Vol. - V, Issue –II, May – June, 2015 , by Pi Lalrothar, Rengkai)

By :- Pastor H.V.Sunga 
Mi thenkhatin “Mizo Uniona Hmar hai ei lo thang kha ei thawsuol anih” tiin chanchin bu a dam an hung insuo hlaka. Kei ka ngai dan ve a chu “ei thawsuol ani hran nawa, ei unauhai ringum zo naw lei chau anih” ka ti lem hlak. Vai khawhnunga chanchin hril hi a bau tam thlak tiin ka hril nuom ngai rak nawh a, ana chu ei hriet –fie naw leia intum ding zawng ang ela mi tlawmngai hmasahai thiemnaw inchangtir ang deuva a um pha an hawi ngai nawh a.
Kum 1946 kha Mizo union intanna anih ti chu ei hriet seng awma. Kha kum khan Simte hai laia Pastor sin thaw Pastor Ruolkhum Leiri leh Naupang Sunday School teacher Training dingin Pu Zalawra in ami hung inchaa. 1945 Kristmas khawm Aizawlah kan hmanga. Training kan la thaw hma deu chun Tlang auvin “Vawiinah mipa zawng zawng Thakthing zawlbukah kal theu tur” a hung ti a, iem ani hrim ti in kan fe vea. Chutaka chun “Hotu tur thlang phawt ila” ti thu a hung suoka. Kei ni chu thil umzie enthlaa fe mei mei kan ni leiin vote kan nei ve nawh a.

Vote an hang tiem chun Pu VANLAWMA a tling tah a. Nawtieng nghaa thung pawl lai chun “Pu Vanlawma khan Chair seat la nghal se” an ti leiin Pu Vanlawma chu Chairman hmun a chun a hang thung tah a, ama chun “Kan hming tur enge? A hang ti a, tukhawm in an dawn nawh, Ama bawkin ”Lushai Federation” I ti mai dawn lawm ni ? a hung ti a, Putar deu pakhat , mipui tieng nghaa thung chun “Ngawite u, ‘Lushai’ kan ti hi kan ti mawi mai mai ani, ‘Lusei’ kan nia, atha manglo asin” a hung tia. Thungna hnung tienga thung kan nia, tum anih ti ka hriet nawh a ka kawla thung putar deu pakhat chun “Pastor Haudala anih sawh ata, a hming chu ka ziek nghala. Pu Vanlawma chun “A awmzia rawn sawi fia nghal la maw le” a hang ti a, Pastor Haudala chun hieng hin a hrilfie a:
“Hmanlai, kan pu pakhat hi Lasi nula nena inneih an awma, Lasi nula chu an hmel an tha hlawm sia, Chutia Lalsi nula nena an mut dun lai chu Hmar pa in a va hmu a, a mutpui, nula hmel tha deu anga lank ha Hmar pa mit hmu ah chuan Saphai (Rulpui) ani si ah. Ani chuan, “E.. ruolah, I va luk sei zerzawr de’ a tia, Chuta tanga ‘Lusei’ tih hi lo chhuak ani” tiin a hrilfie tah a. Chuphing chun lekha ka laka kan chik tah a. “Duhlian Organization” I ti ang a hung ti nawka, Chukhawm chu Pastor Haudala bawk chun “Chu pawh chu a lo chhuah dan atha vaklo asin” ati nawka. Chu khawm chu Pu Vanlawma bawk chun “Han sawi fiah leh nghal la, ati nawka hieng hin a hang hril fie a: 
“Nula pakhat khawhring neih a awma, chu nu chu tlangval pakhatin a rim thina. Nupa ang maia awm tawh an nia. Tlangval chhung tren an hria a, an hau ta vak maia, a rim ngam ta lova. Abial nu Nula chuan achah achan thinah;mahse a kal ta reng lovahh. Atawpah chuan a khawhringin a she ta ah. Chuta tang chuan chu tlangvalpa chu hmeichhe tawng in a tawng ta ah. Puithiam in a bawl ta ah. Anula hming pawh puithiam in a hre ta.

Chuve leh Ui-pa tha deuh in an bawl (thawi) a, Mipa zamawh lem kiu chen (ban tiat) an siama; an pea. Ani chuan a en vut vutah, a pai daih a, “ate em mai a thawl lutuk ang” a ti a. Ahran in Ui-pa liandeuh mai hian an thawi leh a. Mipa zamaw lem bawk kha malpui tiat in ban chen in an siam ah, chu chu an pe leh a. A en vut vut a “Hei zawng a tawt thap taw hang” a ti a a la ta ah, a kenga, pawn ah a chuah puia, a luk ka ah a bawkkhup in a tlu ah a paih dai a. Chu pa chu a dam ta ah. A thian nu chuan a chhuah san ta anih. Hun dang ah nupui dang neiin Fapa a rawn nei ve leh DUHLIAN an saa. Chuta tanga “Duhlian” ti hi lo chhuak anih” a hung tia. Chup[hing chun an dit nawk nawh a. Anleh, adang an ti nawka, “Zomi” niraw se, an ti nawka.

Chukhawm chu “imphal le Tedim inkar a khin ‘Zomi’ in ti an um” an hung ti nawka, an dit nawk nawh a. Pu Vanlawma bawk chun thurawt hung siem in “MIZO UNION” tieng ei ta chuchun hi po hi huom raw se” a hung ti taa,

Chu tuma an inhuomtir po chu:
1. Lusei, 
2. Hmar, 
3. Ralte, 
9.Falam hai hi an nih.

Zorama um popo huomin “Mizo Union” hi sak anih. Hmar ram chu “Block” ti an tuma, ei nuom naw leiin “Area” ti ko ei nit ah a. Manipur, Cachar le N.C.Hills po chu “Hmar Area” ti ani bika. Senvawn ah Assembly ko anih a, Chu tum chun mi thahnem tawktak Mizo-rama inthawk khawmin an hung thang vea. Ka la hriet zing a langsar deu hai chu Pu H.K.Bawichhuaka, Pu Pahlira le Nunghak Varziki hai kha an nih. Varziki lem chu ka Pa khan ‘naunu’ tiin vawk a lo that nghe nghe.

Khangkhan Mizo union chu lungriuoltakin ei thaw tlanga, Assembly vawili na vel Darlawn ah Pu Pahlirah chairman a hung nia, ei boruok a hung dang meta, asan chu tlungkim zan block tin in report an pek senga. Atawp natakah chairman in “Tunah kan unau Lam Hmar amiin thu han sawi ve sela” a hung tia. Senvawn palai Tawna a ngira, aruolhaiin a zakuo thla ah an kei thunga, ama chun “a mi ko ta chu tie” ata.

A ruolhai kan la nuom nawh a, inring deuh in “Lam hmar ami kan awm lo” kan hei ti raka. Ama chun a kut pahni phar in “Ka tawng sual ani eh, min ngaidam rawh u” ‘Hmar lam ami” a hung tia. Chuphing chun report ei pek ve chau ani kha. Chutuma inthawk chunei ni chu ei inhnuk naw deu tan ta a, mak hiel ei tuma ana chu malo dinga nasataka an mi ngenna leiin Agreement sign meuin ei la thang nawk a. 

Tuhin Lusei Hills chu pek an hung rem ti ding ana, “Kan unau Hmar lam ami ten an hmuh hma lo chu Lushai Hills chu kan la loving” in tin gam an gem? Tiin an indawna. “Thawkho kan nia, kan ti nak lovin” an ti leia ei la thang ve pei kha ana. Amiruokchu, Mizo District an hung pek khan chawhma khawm nep zo lovin an unau Hmar hai chu ngaisak talovin an lo lak tah anih kha. Chup[hing chun Mizo Uniona inthawka inhnukdawkna (Makna) lekha chu ei pek tah anih kha. Ana chu Mizo union kha mipuiin ei sawr emem ve anih ti ruok chu ei hriet atha.

Mizo Union leia Mipui phurrik sukbova umhai chu : 

1. Lal busung, 
2. Lal sadar, 
3. Lal thapui, 
4. Pawt le vet, 
5. Artui dawl, 
6. Dere dawl, 
7. Su kei man, 
8. Darh man, 
9. Ran khai, 
10. Vawk khai, 
11. Ar khai, 
12. Kel khai.

Hieng ran hai popo hin te an nei pha Lal-in a dit tak pakhat a lak pek tawl pei hlak a nih. Chuong popo chu Mizo union a inthawk khan suktawp a ni a. Tuhin chu tlangram a khawm ei pek ta ngai nawh.

By: Eden H Pena
Apple company a Steve Job chun an Garage (Motor siena) a inthawk bul țanin, chu chu an company ințanna bul tak a nih.

J.K. Rowling (Harry Potter) ziektu hi i hriet ve am? Nuthlawi, nau enkawl lai mek  le rethei ve tak a ni a, tukkhat chu coffee a dawna, to țawk țawkin an țhunga, chuonga an țhung lai chun a lungril ah thawnthu pakhat a hung ahung inlang ta thuta, Napkin (kut hrukna) ah chun a ziek tah a, sawtnawte ah chun lekhabu (Harry Potter) a hung suok tah a, tuhin chu khawvela nuhmei hausa an hril laia țhang ve ani tah.

Film star inlar le hlawtling tak tak hai khawm hi an hlawtling hma chun hlawsamna le beidawngna an palthlang nasa ve hle a nih. American film star hlawtling le inlar em em, Gene Hackman le Dustin Hoffman hai khawm kha an classmate ha'n lemchang khawvela hlawtling ngailo dinga an vote a nia, sienkhawm an pahni hin film star inlar le hlawtling ve ve an hung ni tah. Terrison Ford chu  movie executive pakhat in, "Anni hi chu film star ni dingin tlinnna reng reng an nei thlawt nawh" a tia, sienkhawm Airforce  one, Star war le Indiana jones series film hai chu khawvela film inlar pawl an nih.

Chuong ang bawkin hlasak mihai khawm anni tho, Beatles Band hai khawm kha recording company pakhat chun, "An awri le an music hi kan dit zawng ani nawh, hlawtling ngai naw nihai" an lo tia, sienkhawm an bei a dawng țhak nawh.

Khawvelin a theinghil ngai talo ding, 'King of Rock and Roll'  Elvis Presley khawm kha 1954 khan 'Grand Ole Opry' manager Jimmy Denny chun hlasak thiemlo a tia, an group member  a inthawk a bana, hieng hin ala hang ti zui nawk nghal, "Tlangval, khawlai tuiral khawm kai naw ti nih, fe la, truck va khal rawh" a tia, sienkhawm tuhin chu khawvelin Elvis Presley  hi tum a nih an hriet chieng em em tah.

Honda company chu Toyata company in alo hnawla, sienkhawm theitawp in an hang țhanga, an lekhel nghal a nih. Saichiro Honda chun hieng hin a tia, "Khawvel hi a um dan ang hin ka en nawa, sienkhawm ani thei dan dingin ka thlir lem a nih, ienglei am ti chun, kan company hi beiseina a indin lieu lieu a nih" a ti bawk.

Ford motor neitu Henry ford chun hieng hin a hril ve a, "Mi țhenkhat chu hlawtling ve ngei dinga pieng an um a, sienkhawm mi tam lem chu thutlukna nghet tak an siem leia hlawtling an nih" tiin a hril.

Greek thuvar chun, 'Thilțha i dit chun hmun danga zawng naw la, nanga khan a um a nih ti hre rawh' ati ve bawk.

Mi'n thawthei naw ti nih,  a harsa a nih, nang a ang thaw chi ani nawh, ti hai sienkhawm, ring naw rawh, i thaw theia, an thaw thei thei kha i thawthei ve tho a nih ti hre rawh.

Thomas Alva Edison khawm kha, "I thil siem suok tum hi bansan rawh, thawthei naw ti nih, nang a neka var haiin siemsuok an tum tah a, an thei ta naw hnung ani kha" an tia, Edison chun, '"Bansan naw top ka tih, a thei naw dan sangkhat chuong ka hriet tah a, athei dan chu ka hriet țep an tah" ati dei.

Hlawtlingna chun mihuoisen le taima a ditsak bik a nih. Hlawtlingna in a ți tak chu mibeidawng dit naw hi a nih. Thaw nasat le hlawtlingna hi an kawp a nih. Chun hlimna indiktak chu sin thaw sawlna ah hin a um ti hriet a țha. Iengthil khawm thaw inla, lungtil le titak zeta ei thaw chun sun le zan an zui ang pei hin hlawtlingna in mi zui em em a tih. Min an thawthei chu iengleia ka thawthei naw bik am ana?

Pathien hring bie, ei nia, ei Pathien hlak chun mi țhangpui a nuom em em sia, eini hin ei zir naw leia amalsawmna ei dawng naw mei mei a nih.

Thil pawimaw ei hriet ding chu, ei lungril tumru dan hi a pawimaw tak a nih. Ei hlawtling ding le ding naw chu thil  danga an nghat nawa, ei lungril ah an nghat lem a nih.

Ei thluok hi sâphai thluok le Japan hai thluok leh an ang chara, ei hmang naw lei le ei ngaituo naw lei mei mei a nih. Thil iengkim hi ngaituona a inthawka siemsuok vawng a na, chuleiin ngaituo rawh, ngaituo rawh, iengtin am ka thaw ding? iengtin am? Indawnna chun dawnna peng ati che.. Chu indawnna chun hlawtlingna ramah mi țhuoi a tih.

Mihai hin thil an thaw țan reng reng hin ropui tak le lien takin an țan bik ngai nawh. Inhnuoi taka inthawk le ho taka inthawkin an țan hlak a nih.

US President hlui, George Bush chun, "Bang insang tak in US hi inhuon suok vawng inla khawm, US hung lut tum hai chun an hung lut thei tho ding a nih. Iengleia ei ti chun, US lut tumin an lungril ah thutlukna nghet tak an siem lei a nih" a tia, indik vieu din ka ring.

Hlawsamna in a hnenaw pakhat hi a um a, chu pa chun hieng hin a hrila,
(1)  "Hlawtlingna sirbi suksang i nuom chun hlawsamna sirbi i suk tam a ngai a nih".
(2) Hawna ho deu indawn inla, iengtin am kan suk hmasawn thei ding? A dawnna chu, iengtik khawm hi zawna hi bansan naw rawh. Ka thilthaw bansan ka chaka inthawk hi zawna hi vawi sang chuong kan dawn a nih.

Hieng ang ti thei khop hin harsatna hi alo palthlang rawn reng bawka, chuleiin Abraham Lincoln hi miropui ninaw chi ani naw hrim a nih. A harsatna tuok hai hi hei en ei tih.

*1831 in State lagislator an chu vea, a tling nawh.

*1832 in sumdawngna abei țha nawka, a hlawsam.

*1835 in a hmangai6 em em a ngaizawngnu in a thi san.

*1836 in nervous breakdown a nei.

*1843 in congress member an chu vea, a tling nawh.

*1848 in congress member an chu nawka, a tling nawk nawh.

*1855 in Senate an chu vea, ala tling chuong nawh.

*1856 in US Vice President an chu vea, a tling chung nawh.

*1858 in Senate an chu nawka, a tling nawk nawh.

A tawp tawpa chun hlawsamna chun a hne ta ngang nawa, 1860 kum khan US President 16-na ah a tling ta a nih. Khawvel um sung chu Abraham Lincoln hi a hming bo ta ngai naw nih.

Unau dittak, khieng achunga thuhai khi ei lungrila vawng tlat inla, tu nghet inla, vawikhat/vawihni chu ei lo hlawsam ei thei tah, amiruokchu beidawng chuong nawng ei ta, eini neka lo hlawsam mi tam tak miropui an um tah ti hrieng ei ta, bei țal țal ei ta, bei nawn nawk ei te, nangkhawm mi hlawtling ding i nih ti ka hriet.

Dr. L. Dena

“A vanglaia Zawlkhawpui ‘Varpar Arasi’ ni hlak, a hmel enga vadung kawi sari khawm elvar thei khawpa mi hril Vanchunglaizuor sing zotu tluk hiela ka ngai hlak kha, tuhin chu tumbailawk tiet chauh a lo ni tah! Hringnun hang derdepzie hi aw!”- L.Keivom.

A chunga ka pu L.Keivom-in Tuithaphai Diary-5 thusep tawpna tak dawta a ‘Varpar Arasi’ a ti hi tu’m a nih a?  A hming hril nawng ka tih.HLUO LO LUNGDI ti el lem ka tih. A hmel thatzie hi kei khawmin ka hmu chienga, Zawlkhawpui mawitu chauh ni lovin, a hmel thatzie Kailam hnuoi tieng hahipa hril hril hat hat a tling a nih. Amiruokchu khang lai hun khan pawl sawm ekzam dinga inbuotsai lai kan nih a.

Vawikhat tleirawl hei inngaizawng hai hi innei an vang. Ka pu L.Keivom le a Lungdi khawm vawikhat hmangaina phul liemin kum sang dana insawn ngai lo le tuifinrieta lawngmi thlavaihai thuoitu Hmar Arsi-meuin biethu lo thlung hai sien khawm, khuonu tuorem lo, Pathien samsui lo an lo nih. Tuithaphaia pawl sawm ekzam dinga a fe kar a Lungdi hin pasal dang a lo neisan a nih. Chubaka Pu Keivom-in an chukna career a tan ding chauh a nih a. A lungdi’n pasal a lo nei el hi inthiem naw thei ding a nih nawh. Hi thu a zuk hriet char Muolvaiphei-a Nk Darthanglien-hai ina a lenglai Vai hla (…) thluk hmangin “Dawn ve la nunhlui thamrl hnung” LH No.128-na hi chawp le chilin Pu Keivom-in a zuk phuok nghal a nih. A chang tawpna tak zuk tarlang ei tih:

Lengdang tawna lunglai herin,
Ei tiem Hmar Arsi nghil la khawm;
Kei ka hringnun a ral hma chun,
Riengte’n thlir ka tih luoithli leh.

Ka hriet thiempui. Vawikhat tleirawl inngaizawng hai hi an nei an tam nawh. Pu Liankunga (IAS, Bihar cadre) chun hieng hin a lo ziek a:”Khawvela thilsut miha’n an inchuk le sut dan chun, tleirawl hlima inthawka nunghak tlangval chena inhmangai tak tak hai laiah zaah sawm vel chauhin an lungdihai an hluo a, zaah sawmkuo hai chun an hmangai le an thlakhla ngawi ngawi chu ‘Luah lo Lungdia’ an lo inchang ta lem” tiin. Angiel angina hril chun “Hluo lo Lungdi”nei hi thu le hla suktamtu le sukhausatu a nih hlauh. Khawvela inhmaingaina thawnthu ngainuom um ei ti hai hi “hluo lo Lungdi “ chanchin vawng an lo nih. Shakespeare drama Romeo le Juliet chanchin dam; ei thawnthua Tuolvung le Zawlpal chanchin dam, Tuoni le Neilal chanchin dam ngainuom an umna san chu khuonu tuorem lo an ni lei a nih. Pu L.Keivom khawmin “Hluo lo Lungdi” leia hla rieng inko, tienami tawi le thu le hla hieng zozai a phuok lei hin ei thu le hla a sukhausa pha a nih.

Tuta tuma Tuithaphaia a hung inzin zawk khan, a “Luah lo Lungdi’ leh vawihni an inhmuh a. Mi- u-hai tu-le-te nei hnunga hei intawng nawk thut chang dam a um hlak hrim a. Vangduoina leiin Zawlkhawpui Varpar khawm hi tu-le-tehai nei hnungin a pasal dit tak khawmin a lo boral san tah. Lua kelsam to le hahai mel hnung khawmin a tleirawl laia a lo hmangai em em chu a theinghil thei bik nawh. Natna khuma a zal lai khawm chun, inzak inphak dawn lovin a tuolbawmhai kuomah “U Muong hi ka thi hma’n vawikhat bek chu la hang hmu lang aw” a ti vawng vawng a. Chu thu chu tuta tum Pu Keivom kuomah an lo hril a.
Pu Keivom-in tum hni Zawlkhawpui Varpar hi a kan nghe nghe..A tum hnina chu March 24, 2017 Zirtawp zan ni’n ka hriet.

An inbiekna:

Tum I nil eh? Khawlaia inthawka hung che? (Muhai deuhin)
Lalthlamuong ka nih. I u Dari pasal. Delhi-a inthawka hung ka nih.

Ka U Muong kha maw? Ni thei naw ti nih. Awi um lo lo. (Khumbeta damnawa zal zing hung tho a nih).
Ni e, ka nih. Ka hungna a sawt rei tah a. I damnaw thu an mi hrila, ka hung kan vak che a nih.Thaw inchibai ei tih.
A na…tak tak maw. A va mak de!
Hi ni zantieng hin bu fa dingin ka Pu Keivom ka fiel a. Bufak hma’n Zawlkhawpui Varpar an hmupu thu a mi hril lai zingin, a kut khinghni’n a mitthli a hruk kuong kuonga, ka hriet thiempui hle. Ama leh hin lo innei pal hai sien, Pu Keivom-in tuta a ngirhmun hi tlung phak naw nih. Lungdi damnaw enna’n pawisa kutpar panga hmun nga a pek a, “I mamaw ang peiin mi hung hril la, hung thawn pei ka tic he” a la ti deuh deuh. A mak nawh. Upahai khawma ngaizawng hlui thilpek chu behnatawm khawm mi dang ta nekin a khin bik hlak an ti kha.
Khawvelah hin inngaizawng po po innei ngei ngei tina a nih kher nawh.Thu le hla le thil dang dang leiin innei naw thei a nih.

John F.Kennedy khawmin Jacquiline nunghak hmeltha le zei lo nei sienkhawm, hluo lo Lungdi Merilyn Monroe zuna a lo inuoi ve tho a nih. Pu Vankham, Mizo hlaphuok thiem khawma, “Ka thai changma lo la, Hmangaih, lung I dum phawt chuan lawm zel tang e”a lo ti thei a.

Innei innei naw thu chu thu dang nisien, mi thai mi nu an chang hnung khawmin inhmangai zing inla, ei theina kawng kawnga inthangpui zing inla, chu chu hmangaina indik tak a nih. Hmangaina naw chu tu iengkhawm bat lo dinga zirtir ei ni si a. Chuleiin, ka Pu L.Keivom hi, hi kawngah khawm hin role model (entawn tlak) a tling tak zet a nih.

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