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- Tv. Ngurrivung

Mother Teresa kha rawng a bawl tir lai, khawvelin a hriet tak tak hma khan nau fahra chawmtu ding neinawhai tadingin Calutta khawpuiah kut a daw hlak a. Nunghak kut-le-ke kim threm thruom kut daw zel zul a um chu mi phat hin a ngaidan a ni naw hle ni’ng a tih. Mother Teresa’n kut adaw lai chun a kut a chun a chil a sak pek el a. Mother Teresa ruokchun, dawthei takin, ‘Hi hi ka chan ding nisien naufahra ka chawm hai tadingin’ tiin a kut a la daw nawk trawk trawk a nih.

Ka ngaituoa Mother Teresa khawm khan kut-le-ke kim thremthruom a kut hang daw chu mihriem nina taka chun inzak ve hle’ng a tih. Amiruokchu a kut dawna san kha a hriet chieng em a inzakna chang khawm a hrietnaw ning a tih.

Mother Teresa, mi thienghlim le ropui khawvelin a ngaisang hai leh hang inhrilkhi chi lem chu a ni nawa. Ei ram, Chanchintha Mansapui bangna ei ti, Tipaimukh biel ah MLA kan candidate-na le inzawm hin kut-le-ke kim ve si a, ruol-le-pai hai thrangpuina hang hni hi chu mihriem nina ngaituo chun inzakum ka ti ve khawp el. Amiruokchu ei hma zawn a thaw dinga um ei thaw a ni ve el a. Kei a tieng suong ding neinaw lang khawm, Pathienin hrilselna a mi pek a, ka thil thawna hai ah, ka kut-le-ke hmangin thei tawpin sin ka thaw ve hlak a, pawl 7 ka zoa  inthawk BA, MA ka chuk zo chen le LLB kan chukna a hai nu-le-pa, u-le-nau hai thrangpuina thrang thrak lovin ka kut a ka thaw suokin kan chawm puitling ve a nih.  Amiruokchu tuta election ding a hin chu ka thei tawpa ka thaw khawmin ka hratna le theinain a zo naw leiin Krista Thisen zara ka unauhai kuomah, inzak inphak khawm dawn lovin mi thrangpui dingin Pathien hmingin ka hung fiel cheu a nih.
Thei tawpa hnam tadinga ei penna a hin sum-le-pai iemani zat a lo ngai hlak a, ruol-le-pai lai thrangpuina hnia kut hang daw chu, iemani chang hin ruollai khawm ei meng ngamnaw vang hlak a nih. Iengpokhawm nisien kut ei daw nasan hi ei hriet chienga hnam tadinga rawng ei bawlna a hin thei tawp suoa thrang tlang dingin Pathien hmingin ei inngen tak zet.

Ei ram ei hnam in harsatna a tuok mek a inthawka ei suok theina dingin Pathien inpuongna thlakin ei hnam mipui hai hin Pathien ei bel am aw! “Mi fel tak kan nih” tia, Josefa kuomah a unauha’n an hril khan, Josefa kha an puong nawh a. Chun an pawisa hai a let hniin an hung chawi a, rim inhnik le khuoizu hai dam an hungchawi khawm khan an puong chuong le! Amiruokchu “I KUOMAH IENGAM HRIL TANG KAN TI LEH? IENG AM HRIL KAN TI A? IENGTIN AM IN HRILVENG TANG KAN TI LEH?” an hang ti zet khan chu, atira inthawka lo hre rantu/ hrezingtu,  an Unaupa Josefa, kha an puong chau anih.
Ei ram le hnam in harsatna a tuok mek a inthawka mi sansuok theitu ding chu Lalpa hnuoi le van siem tu chau hi a nih. Amiruokchu, mani felna, Pastor le Kohran upa ei nina hai suong a Pathien ei dawr sung hin chu ei ram le hnam damna dingin Pathien hi ei ni ah inpuong tak tak ngai naw ni a. Chun, sum-le-pai hausakna, ei nei rothil hai suonga Pathien ei dawr sung hin chun ei ram le hnam damna dingin ei niah Pathien in puong tak tak ngai bawk naw nih. Amiruokchu, “Lalpa i kuomah iengam hril tang kan ti leh?” ti a, inngaitlawm taka lungril le titakzeta

Pathien hma bul ah ei bawk khup chun Ami hai, a siehlaw Hmar nauhai damna dingin Lalpa chu inpuong ngei a tih.
Unauhai, Pathien inpuongna thlak ni dingin “I KUOMAH IENGAM HRIL TANG KAN TI LEH? IENG AM HRIL KAN TI A? IENGTIN AM IN HRILVENG TANG KAN TI LEH?” ti a, bawk khupa Pathien chibai buk thei seng dingin Lalpa’n mi thangpui seng raw se. Amen!

Here's the video trailer of the Manipur State Level Hmar Martyrs' Day 2016.

Hmar Martyrs’ Trophy Ogranising Board 
Dated: Oct 18, 2016

 Introduction: The Hmars are indigenous tribe among the scheduled tribe recognised by the Constitution of India in 1951. Their culture, folklore and way of living shows that they have an unique identity since time immemorial. Their geographical inhabitant covers mainly the North Eastern region of India. The Hmars are hard working and peace loving people who contributed their talents and man power resources through various discipline viz Civil, Police, Foreign Services and Central secretariat of India. There are innumerable numbers of the Hmars who are faithfully contributed their services in almost all the state government services of India as well as in multinational company.

Hmar Martyrs’ Day (16th May):  Inspite of the Hmar people contribution, the government of India as well as government of North Eastern states are reluctant to redress the grievances of the Hmar who are totally neglected of infrastructure development in their areas. Anyone could understand this fact if they happen to travel the Hmar areas in the north eastern region of India. After repeated appeal, prayers and democratic protest made by various civil organizations, more subjugation and suppression of their rights and dues are the only replied they got. This led to more intense agitation by way of taking local made arms to defend them self. Rather than understanding the plight of the Hmars, they are tagging as an arms group who are indulge in illegal activist against the state government especially in Mizoram, Manipur and Assam. This led to the lost of many innocent lives of the Hmars in their movement to uplift their society and dominated areas. Fortunately, due to the intervention of the Central government, Suspension of Operation (SoO) had been signed with the State government which resulted to lower rate of violence and lost of innocent lives. But neither amicable solution nor infrastructure development has been implemented especially in the Hmar areas till date. It is a hope for the Hmars that this step motherly treatment made by various state governments of the North Eastern States of India be a thing of the past at the earliest.

Hmar Martyrs’ Trophy Ogranising Board (HMARTOB):  In order to find an amicable solution of the Hmar Movement, the Hmar Inpui (Hmar Supreme House) consisting of 9 Hmar active organization affiliated to the HMAR INPUI viz. Hmar Youth Association (HYA), Hmar Students Association (HSA), Hmar Women Association (HWA), Hmar Artist Association (HAA), Hmar Christian Leaders Forum (HCLF), Hmar Literature Society (HLS), Hmar Art & Culture (HAC), Hmar Peoples Convention(Democratic)-(HPCD), Hmar National Union (HNU) set up a committee named HMARTOB to mark and show respect to the departed souls of the Hmars who laid down their lives for the upliftment of the Hmar society . In connection with this, 16th May of every year is celebrated as HMAR MARTYRS’ DAY.

In order to find more democratic way of movement as well as to inculcate a healthy environment among the new generation, the HMARTOB organized STATE LEVEL HMAR MARTYRS’ FOOTBALL TOURNAMENT at Saikawt Playground, Churachandpur since 2003. Marathon race, shot-put and various indigenous games are also included in the discipline of the games.  In this year 2016, the 13th STATE LELVEL HMAR MARTYRS’ FOOTBALL TOURNAMENT league match opening day was kick-off on the 12th April, 2016 and the grand final match will be play on the 16th May, 2016. The tournament is register and recognised by the Churachandpur District Sports Association (CDSA), Churachandpur District, Manipur. 32 clubs from the North East States were participated in this tournament and watch by more than 10000 fans every day. It is expected that more than 20000 will watch the grand finale which falls on the 16th May, 2016 at Saikawt Playground, Churachandpur, Manipur. Group Cultural Dance consisting of 500 dancers, various top Artiste from various communities will enthrall the gathering, Marathon race and final match of indigenous games will also be an entertaining part on this day.

Rengkai (Inpui): The Hmar tribe slammed the Manipur government and Manipur University for failing to address the concerns of the tribal students over the quota issue which affects not just the community but the entire tribal population in the state.

In a statement released on Tuesday, the Hmar Inpui, which is apex body of the Hmars, said that it was appalled by the attitude of the state government and the university officials.

"The pathetic attitude of the University authorities and the devisive declaration of the MU VC in-charge Professor Amar Yumnam that the reservation norms chosen by the Academic Council meeting on October 8 would be followed in Manipur University for the academic session 2016-17 which is in direct contravention to the Central Government directive has made an already fragile situation worse," the organization said.

The university's Academic Council had decided to cut the tribal students' quota from 31% to 7.4% from the 2017.

Below is the complete press release of the Hmar Inpui.


25th October 2016

The Hmar Inpui (Hmar Supreme House), an apex body of all Hmar Civil Society and Community Based Organisations has been observing the current Scheduled Tribe (ST) Reservation issue in Manipur University hoping against hope that the University authority in collaboration with the Government will bring an amicable end to the impasse by following the Central Government and University Grants Commission directives to implement the CEI (Reservation in Admission) Amendment Act 2012. This hope has however been dashed by recent events, the latest being the violent suppression of agitating tribal students in front of the Manipur University (MU) gate on 24th October 2016 and the actions of the Vice-Chancellor (VC) in-charge.

The apathetic attitude of the University authorities and the derisive declaration of the MU VC in-charge Professor Amar Yumnam that the reservation norms chosen by the Academic Council meeting on October 8 would be followed in Manipur University for the academic session 2016-17 which is in direct contravention to the Central Government directive has made an already fragile situation worse. As if this was not enough, the order of the VC in-charge to go ahead with admission process for Academic Session 2016-17 from 24th of October without any resolution in the reservation impasse have no other interpretation other than being scornful to the legitimate demand of the tribal students.

The Hmar Inpui condemns in the strongest terms the attitude of not only the University authority but the behaviour of some of the state forces to insidiously instigate and coaxed the otherwise peaceful but emotionally charged agitators to committing certain ‘mistakes’ so as to warrant a violent suppression. It is most unfortunate that the State Police, meant to keep the peace, are now skilful emotional manipulators just so they can exhibit their marksmanship and using agitators to hone their shooting skills! Arbitrary and unwarranted subjugation of a democratic voice in exercise of a democratic rights has now become a trademark of the State Government and unfortunately copied by the unlikeliest institution- A Central University which is supposed to be a centre of positive learning and the centre-point for imbibing democratic and responsible governance.

The Hmar Inpui strongly question why the state government and Manipur University authorities are so hell-bent in avoiding amicable negotiations and dialogues with agitators- past and present but at the same time so keen in the deaths of peaceful dialogues and negotiations.

There have been numerous debates on why the hills and valleys should not be separated or vice-versa. There have been countless seminars, consultations, conferences, workshops, et al discussing why Manipur is afflicted with inter-ethnic trust deficits. Why should there not be an acute trust deficit? Why should the tribal students of Manipur not be apprehensive about the intent and intention of the Manipur University authorities when they are deprived of even our legally sanctioned basic rights to free and fair education? When even such basic rights are blatantly hijacked, then it is no wonder that the state is inundated with tensions, mistrusts, fights, highly controversial Bills and Acts that infringe upon the rights of the tribal people both covertly and overtly. When justice cannot be served to just a few, justice served to the whole is just another harsh belie.

When certain radical sections of the University, probably influenced by some clandestine agendas, dares to dare the directive of the Central Government or the legal rights of a certain section of the people with impunity, it is no wonder the State is in this self-created predicament. For the shallow, short-sighted and selfish actions of a few individuals, it appears Manipur and its beautiful peoples are doomed to live a life of strife, distrust and painful separations.

The Hmar Inpui has seen through the devious plans and intentions of the University authorities with perhaps the tacit support of some communal groups and individuals. As such, we fully support the current movement spearheaded by the All Tribal Students’ Union Manipur (ATSUM) and its constituent members. For the sake of all, the Hmar Inpui also appeals to all that this movement and its support for it are never with a communal intent but rather for stronger distributive justice, equality and democratic principles. We also appeal to the Manipur University authorities to come to their senses and take positive steps urgently to avoid any further unfortunate incidences. Let them remember that their stubborn short-sighted and selfish actions have done enough harm and will likely do more irreparable harm to the tribes per se and to the people of Manipur in general.


Joint Secretary (Information & Media),
Hmar Inpui GHQ (Hmar Supreme House)


In view of the recent incidents that took place within our very own District - Churachandpur. The HSA CCPur Joint Hqtrs. condemn the inhuman act of kidnapping three Elcism High School students by unknown miscreants on the 13th of October, 2016. The HSA is dismayed to learn that this kind of uncivilized behaviour is still to be found in the heart of the District.

The organisation also condemns in the strongest  terms the raping of a minor girl on the 15th of October, 2016 within the town area  of CCPur District.

The Hmar Students' Association, CCPur Joint Hqtrs.requests the law enforcing agencies and the District administration to tigthten security measures in and around town and to keep a close vigil on the innocent citizens of the District.

The concerned authority should give a befitting punishment to the culprits so as to ensure that this kind of cruel and inhumane act will not be repeated ever again by whosoever in the future.

For the Society & HSA,

Secy., Info. & Publicity,
HSA CCPur, Joint Hqtrs.

Inpui News Service
Saikot, October 16,2016: The Saikot Sub-Division Demand Committee (SDDC) has called for total bandh in Tuithaphai valley (Churachandpur town) on October 19 from 6 am to  5 pm after the Manipur government “failed” to appoint and depute SDO staff to their place of posting.

In a statement, the SSDC said that they had submitted their demand for a full-fledged SDO in Saikot to the state government on September 23 through the Deputy Commissioner of Churachandpur.

“We informed the government our sincere demand through the DC of Churachandpur District and in that letter we mentioned that unless the it fails to act on it by October 15, 2016, we would be left with no choice but to start an agitation. The government did not even reply our letter where we expressed our genuine demands,” SSDC chairman Timothy Z. Zote and SSDC secretary R. Lalkaisanga said in a statement.

 The group said that since the government “failed to our demands seriously we felt the it is only interested in vote bank politics.”

“Many in the public are also asking whether we are  no longer part of Manipur state to deserve such treatment. As a result, the SSDC is calling for total shut down in Churachandpur town on October 19 starting from 6 to 5 pm,” the leaders said.

The group also appealed to the general public to cooperate during the agitation. “We appeal to everyone to cooperate with us to avoid any untoward incidents especially from our volunteers. Those having vehicles are also requested to respect the bandh and if any incident happens it should not be taken as communal by anyone,” the SSDC said, adding that it has instructed activists to strictly impose the strike.

“The public must be ready to meet any consequences from the state machinery as the government’s attitude shows it never cared about our development and welfare,” they added.

The SSDC’s agitation programme has been endorsed the leadership of major communities like the Kuki Inpi, Zomi Council, Hmar Inpui, Vaiphei Peoples Council, Mizo People Convention and the Hmar National Union. “Student organisations are also lending their moral support to our movement,” the group said.

The SDDC also said that the agitation is non-communal and it is for the “benefit of everyone” in Churachandpur District. “Our demand is for development of the area and not for any specific community. As such, we are getting massive support from community leaders and we expect the public to enforce the bunch effectively,” the SSDC statement added. Churachandpur township (also called Tuithaphai) is inhabited by the Zo tribes like Paite, Hmar, Lushai-Mizo, Vaiphei, Simte, Gangte, Kuki,  Zou and other smaller communities.

The press, water supply,electricity,medical, religious activities, airport drop & pick along with students’ transportation would be left out of the bandh.

“However, those schools within Saikot SDO area would be closed indefinitely from October 19. And if the government thinks that we are not serious, we are ready to even go on hunger strike, and boycotting of the upcoming election,”  the SSDC leaders said.
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