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In view of the recent incidents that took place within our very own District - Churachandpur. The HSA CCPur Joint Hqtrs. condemn the inhuman act of kidnapping three Elcism High School students by unknown miscreants on the 13th of October, 2016. The HSA is dismayed to learn that this kind of uncivilized behaviour is still to be found in the heart of the District.

The organisation also condemns in the strongest  terms the raping of a minor girl on the 15th of October, 2016 within the town area  of CCPur District.

The Hmar Students' Association, CCPur Joint Hqtrs.requests the law enforcing agencies and the District administration to tigthten security measures in and around town and to keep a close vigil on the innocent citizens of the District.

The concerned authority should give a befitting punishment to the culprits so as to ensure that this kind of cruel and inhumane act will not be repeated ever again by whosoever in the future.

For the Society & HSA,

Secy., Info. & Publicity,
HSA CCPur, Joint Hqtrs.

Inpui News Service
Saikot, October 16,2016: The Saikot Sub-Division Demand Committee (SDDC) has called for total bandh in Tuithaphai valley (Churachandpur town) on October 19 from 6 am to  5 pm after the Manipur government “failed” to appoint and depute SDO staff to their place of posting.

In a statement, the SSDC said that they had submitted their demand for a full-fledged SDO in Saikot to the state government on September 23 through the Deputy Commissioner of Churachandpur.

“We informed the government our sincere demand through the DC of Churachandpur District and in that letter we mentioned that unless the it fails to act on it by October 15, 2016, we would be left with no choice but to start an agitation. The government did not even reply our letter where we expressed our genuine demands,” SSDC chairman Timothy Z. Zote and SSDC secretary R. Lalkaisanga said in a statement.

 The group said that since the government “failed to our demands seriously we felt the it is only interested in vote bank politics.”

“Many in the public are also asking whether we are  no longer part of Manipur state to deserve such treatment. As a result, the SSDC is calling for total shut down in Churachandpur town on October 19 starting from 6 to 5 pm,” the leaders said.

The group also appealed to the general public to cooperate during the agitation. “We appeal to everyone to cooperate with us to avoid any untoward incidents especially from our volunteers. Those having vehicles are also requested to respect the bandh and if any incident happens it should not be taken as communal by anyone,” the SSDC said, adding that it has instructed activists to strictly impose the strike.

“The public must be ready to meet any consequences from the state machinery as the government’s attitude shows it never cared about our development and welfare,” they added.

The SSDC’s agitation programme has been endorsed the leadership of major communities like the Kuki Inpi, Zomi Council, Hmar Inpui, Vaiphei Peoples Council, Mizo People Convention and the Hmar National Union. “Student organisations are also lending their moral support to our movement,” the group said.

The SDDC also said that the agitation is non-communal and it is for the “benefit of everyone” in Churachandpur District. “Our demand is for development of the area and not for any specific community. As such, we are getting massive support from community leaders and we expect the public to enforce the bunch effectively,” the SSDC statement added. Churachandpur township (also called Tuithaphai) is inhabited by the Zo tribes like Paite, Hmar, Lushai-Mizo, Vaiphei, Simte, Gangte, Kuki,  Zou and other smaller communities.

The press, water supply,electricity,medical, religious activities, airport drop & pick along with students’ transportation would be left out of the bandh.

“However, those schools within Saikot SDO area would be closed indefinitely from October 19. And if the government thinks that we are not serious, we are ready to even go on hunger strike, and boycotting of the upcoming election,”  the SSDC leaders said.

Inpui News Service

Saikot: The Saikot Sub-Division Demand Committee (SSDC) has reiterated that its planned agitation beginning October 15 stands, unless the Manipur government fulfilled its demands with respect to a full-fledged Saikot Sub-Division Office with required staff strength.

The resolution to go ahead with agitation was taken during a meeting at the Saikot Youth Club Hall on October 8, 2016.

“About 1000 people and representatives from VAs, HSA, HYA, HWA, YMA, MZP, MWA, Val Upa, SDP le SLA took part in the public meeting,” SSDC chairman Timothy Z. Zote said in a statement.

It may be noted that the SSDC had submitted a memorandum to the Chief Minister of Manipur on September 23, 2016 via the Deputy Commissioner of  Churachandpur demanding a “full-fledged Saikot Sub-Divisional Office” with all departments and posting of staff.

The leaders also said that they are planning to hold a press event at the state capital in Imphal and if the “need arise, we are ready to approach the Central government.”

The SSDC is keeping options open on its agitation list. The group said they may go for:

(1) Total bandh in Churachandpur
(2) Boycott of Assembly Election
(3) Hunger strike
(4) Sit-in protest
(5) Closure of educational institutions under Saikot Sub-Division.

“We appeal to the people of Tuithaphai valley to share our demands for development. As such we seek your moral support to make this agitation a success,” the committee added.

The committee also said its agitation plans has been endorsed by major tribe councils like the Kuki Inpi, Zomi Council, Hmar Inpui, Mizo People Convention and Vaiphei People’s Council.

- S. Hmar, Contributor
1.  State Government in ama state boundary sung le ama jurisdiction sung na na na chu, a nuom phawt chun, 6th Schedule neka provision tha lem a siem thei niin ka hriet.  Amiruokchu, chu chu an thaw nuom na ding san ieng khawm a um nawh (Vana ra anih).  Chuleiin ADC (6th Schedule) neka thalem chu a um theinaw ti el inla tha lem a tih.

2.  Chanchin ka lo hriet dan chun, ADC (6th Schedule) mi pek chu an nuom naw hul huola. Nisienlakhawm, Sinlung Hills District Council hnuoia mipui/hnam ta dinga improved provision tha tak tak (hnawl dinga inpam um tak tak khawm ani thei) an mi tiem ani awm.

3.  A chunga points no. 2 hi ei nuom chun ei pawm thei.  Ei lo pawm ding ani chun, “ACT” a pass ni ngei raw seh.  Chun, “Kum 3 dan or kum 5 dan or kum 10 dana (whatever) “ACT” passed a um chu review nei ni hlak raw seh” ti provision khawm a ACT a hin thangsa ngei sien.  Chu chu khela chun SHDC demarcation/boundary hi official taka sukchieng or sukfel ni ngei ngei raw seh.

4.  Points No. 2 anga agreement ei lo sign ani chun, 6th Schedule iengtik khawm ei hmu ring a um ta nawh (Underground thar ei indina tha thara thang ei lak ani ngat naw chun).  Asanchu, Underground activity le inthatna, etc., hai hi a ram mipui khawmin an nghawk ta bek beka, mipui (YMA) khawma inremna siem dingin Sawrkar nasatakin a nawr hrim anih; Sawrkarin ami lunginsieta ami ngaisak hrim hrim lei ani nawh; a mipui (YMA) in an nawr nasat lei ani deu tak niin an lang.  Amiruokchu, ei theinghil lo ding chu, mipui/YMA in Sawrkar kuoma “Hmar hai demand hi sukpuitling pek la, an hni hni pe el rawh, inrem takin um tang ei tiu” ati naw hrim hrim. A thudik chu, YMA hin SHDC 6th schedule a hlangkai ding hi 100% a opposed zinga, amiruokchu buoina le inremnawna hi a nghawk bek bek ta leiin sawrkar hin kawng iengtin takin mani ngaituo sienla, inremna hi siem hrim hrim ta raw seh ti hi an dit lem cho anih.

5.  Points No. 4 hi ngun taka ei ngaituo chun, tuta offer/intiemna an mi pek hai popo hi la hnawl hri inla a tha lem ka ring.  Asan chu, 6th schedule mi pe nuom naw hle hai sienkhawm, lo thei loa anmi pekna hun a la hung tlung ngei ding anih (hun chu a la lak met el thei).  Chuleiin, inhmaw naw inla a thatak ka ring.  Chu el khela chun, 6th Schedule chu Indian Constitution hnuoia provision ana, state in ieng kawng kawng khawmin a thleng dang lam thei naw hrim hrim.  6th schedule hnuoia provision/offer um hai hi chu khawvel tawp chen khawma  State sawrkar (a tu tu khawmin) in a tawk chang theilo le thleng dang lam thei lo ding hrim hrim anih.  Chun, point No. 1a ei tarlang ang khin, 6th schedule neka tha iengkhawm a um nawh.

6.  6th Schedule nilo State (Mizoram sawrkar) in Provision tha tak tak ACT a passed ngeia ami pek khawm ni sien, ama siem ani tlat leiin, iengtik lai khawm or an nuom hun hunah assembly member (MLAs) 2/3 majority support hmanga thleng danglam thei ani ding anih.  Chu chu dit a um nawh.

7.  Amiruokchu, ei tlangvalhaiin {HPC(D) sipai hai} ralthuom chelek le ramhnuoia khawsa kan nghawk taluo bek bek an tah, inremna siempui mama tang ei tiu ei ti ani ruok chun, hril thei iengkhawm ei nei nawh.  Chuong ani chun, Offer anmi pek ang ang chu ei pawm phawt (at least for the time bieng) mama chu a ngai ding anih.

8.  Points No. 2 le No. 7 anga ei che ding ani ro ro chun Bills (proposed act) hai lai “Hmar language is also a mizo language and in every aspects Hmar language will also be considered as Mizo language” ti hi thangsa ngei ngei sienla thang a tih, chun passed ni ngei bawk raw seh.  Chu chun, mizorama Hmar tawng hmanghai ta dingin a ram neitu nina le thawvengna le zalenna nasa tak a pek ngei ding anih.  Chu khela chun, sawrkar sin tam tak (a bik takin bank jobs le a dang dang) chu local tawng tiem le ziekthei hi compulsary eligibility criteria ani hlaka, chuleiin hi a chunga language bill hi passed ani ve vei chun, Hmar tawng thiem lei ringawtin Mizoramah bank jobs (Public sector) haia sin Hmar mi tamtakin an hmu pha ding anih.  Tuchen hin, khawlai hmun hmunah khawm local languages options a “Hmar language” hi ala um ve nawh.  Hieng – mizo, nagamese, khasi, garo, bodo, Manipuri, etc., hai a uma; ei ni Hmarhai thiem chi iengkhawm a um nawh.  Hi lei hin, eini mi tamtakin Bank jobs hmu harsa ei ti pha, a exam harsa ei ti lei hrim hrim nilovin; asan chu, exam lo passed inla khawm interview hunah local language exam (viva voce) a um hlak.
A HPC-D cadre at an undisclosed location stands guard somewhere in the Mizoram-Manipur border.
9.  Chun, chanchin ka hriet danin, Mizoram sawrkar palai haiin HPC (D) palai hai kawla – tienlaia inthawka Mizo inhnik hmasa chu Hmar hai anni zie dam, Mizo Union le MNF hun laia a huoi huoi le an pe zo zo chu Hmar mi anni zat zat zie dam, Mizoram in statehood a hmu hnunga sawrkarin Hmar hai an betray/ensan leia hieng hnam thila buoina popo hung suok ani ziet dam, Mizoram sawrkarin Hmar chunga suksuol nasatak a nei zie dam le an sir (regret) zie dam, etc. etc. ramtin an hril a ni awma. Chuong an tawngbau tha hai popo chu Mizoram mipui po po hriet dingin “Press Release” thaw ngei raw seh.  Chun, Mizoram mipui annaw le Mizorama ei unau danghai popo mi hmu dan le en dan hung danglam a ta; Kakhawk annawleh ra tha (fruit) tam tak an suo ngei ring a um.  Asan chu, Mizoram mipui hin (Mizo speaking Hmar hai chenin) Hmar – Hmar tawng hmanghai chu a kawi hrim hrim, in lak bing tum hrim hrim anga an mi hmu leiin a nih.

The peace deal could be even better than autonomous district council, says HPC-D delegate 

Aizawl, PTI: The Mizoram government on Wednesday held second round of peace talks with its only rebel outfit - the Hmar People's Convention (Democratic) - here in the state capital.

A senior government official who was involved in the talks said both sides were optimistic that the final outcome of the parleys will be positive.

"The talks were held under conducive atmosphere and mutual trust," Additional Secretary of the state home department Lalbiakzama, who headed the four-member state government delegation said.

"We discussed several important issues, especially the functioning of the Sinlung Hills Development Council (SHDC)," Lalbiakzama said.

The SHDC was constituted in accordance with the accord signed between the state government and the erstwhile HPC militants in 1994. HPC(D) was formed by former underground elements who did not accept the agreement and they are demanding a Hmar Autonomous District Council under the 6th Schedule of the Constitution.

While the four-member state government delegation led by Lalbiakzama comprised Joint Secretary for home Lalhriatpuia, SP, CID (SB) Rodingliana Chawngthu and OSD (Home) David H Lalthangliana, the HPC(D) delegation was led by Lalthalien, an Imphal-based prominent church leader.

Lalthalien had earlier told PTI the talks would mainly centre around the demands of the Hmar militant outfit seeking greater autonomy and more power to the Sinlung Hills Development Council (SHDC).

"Both sides would deliberate on making the SHDC better suited for the people of the area, may be even better than an autonomous district council under the sixth schedule of the Constitution," he said.
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