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The Hmars are divided into several clans and sub-clans though there is no discrimination on the basis of such division in their society now. However, in earlier times there used to be clan wars with each clans occupying a separate village. It is for this reason that there are some Hmar villages which still retained their clan-village names. Eg. are: Khawzawl, Zote, Biete, Khawbung and Sungte villages. Following are the clans and sub-clans of the Hmar tribe.

In alphabetical order:
Betlu, Chongol/ Chungngol, Darnei, Fatlei, Hmunhring, Khurbi (Lienate), Nampui, Ngaite, Ngamlai, Puilo, Sawnlien, Tamlo, Tamte, Thienglai, Tlungngurh
3. CHANGSAN: Armei, Chailong/ Chaileng, Hranhnieng, Hrawte, Kellu, Ngawithuom, Ngulthuom, Thangngen, Zilchung, Zilhmang
4. CHAWROI: Langkai, Nisatarai, Saithuoi, Tuipai
5. CHAWTHE: Chamte, Chawndang, Chawnfieng, Chawnthik, Halte, Hawnsang/ Hawnzawng, Lienhna, Suonhoi, Tamva, Thaman
6. CHAWTHEI (HMARLUSEI): Chonzik, Hnechawng, Lamthik, Luophul, Neichir
8. DARLONG: Biete (Fatlei, Faihriem, Khawhren, Saihmar, Saihriem), Hrangchal (Khuolte, Rante, Tlawmte), Ngurte (Rante, Songate, Fatlei), Thiek (Chongkal, Hmante, Hnamte, Kangbur, Vankal), Zote (Chawrawl, Chonnel, Saite, Sie)
9. DARNGAWN: Banzang (Chawnghmunte, Famhoite, Fatlei, Khamchangte, Lamchangte, Sanate, Sinate), Faiheng, Pakhuong (Buongpui, Hranngul, Khelte, Khuongpui), Ruolngul, Shakum (Hauhmawng, Hauhnieng, Kilong), Shonte, Tlau
10. FAIHRIEM: Bapui, Dulien/Khawhrang/ Khawhreng, Khawkhieng, Khawlum, Khawral, Saihmar, Saivate, Seiling, Sekong, Thlanghnung, Tuimuol, Tuollai, Tusing
11. HRANGATE: Hrangate, Hrangdo, Hrangman, Hrangsute
12. HRANGKHAWL: Chawlkha, Dumkher, Penate/ Penatu, Phuoitawng
13. KHAWBUNG: Bunglung, Fente, Laising, Muolphei, Pangamte, Pazamte, Phunte (Siersak,Siertlang), Riengsete, Tente
14. KHELTE: Hmaimawk, Lutmang, Singhlu, Sierchuong, Thatsing, Vankeu, Vohang, Vohlu, Zahlei, Zaucha
15. KHIENGTE: Chawngte, Khello, Khupsung, Khupthang, Kumsang, Muolvum, Singbel
16. KHUOLHRING: Chunthang, Khintung, Leidir, Lozum, Lungen/ Lungsen, Midang, Milai, Peiltel, Rawlsim, Suokling, Thlaute
17. KOM

19. LANGRAWNG: Bawng, Kaipeng, Muolthuom, Pang
20. LAWITLANG: Chawnsim, Hrangchal (Darasung, Laiasung,Sielasung, Tungte), Parate, Sungte, Suomte, Tlangte, Tlawmte, Varte
21. LEIRI: Neingaite, Pudaite, Puhnuongte, Pulamte, Puruolte, Tlandar
22. LUNGTAU: Infimate, Intoate, Keivom, Lungchuong (Inbuon), Mihriemate, Nungate, Pakhumate (Khumthur, Khumsen), Pasuolate, Sielhnam, Songate, Sunate, Theisiekate, Thlawngate, Tamhrang
23. NEITHAM: (Also Under Zote) Chawnhning/ Chawnhring, Khawthang, Maubuk, Singphun, Thangleh, Thangngawk, Vaithang
24. NGENTE: Bawlte, Chawnghawi, Dosak, Dothang/ Dothlang, Kawngte, Laihring, Lailo, Laitui, Tuolngul/ Tuolngun, Zawngte, Zawhte
25. NGURTE: Bangran/ Bangrang, Chiluon, Parate, Saingur, Sanate (Pusingathla, Saidangathla), Traite, Zawllien
26. PAUTU: Fuongzal, Senlawn, Singate, Tluongate
27. RAWITE: Aite, Arro, Buite, Hnungte, Pieltu, Sawrte, Seldo/ Sehdue
28. SAKECHEP (SAKECHEK): Bawmlien, Keiphun, Keiphung, Khawlum, Neibawm, Sungtinpha, Telengsing, Thingphun, Thirau/ Thirsu, Vaichei/ Vaichai, Zeite
29. THIEK: Amaw (Chalhril, Hmunhring), Athu, Buhril, Chawnnel, Hekte (Chawnghekte, Ralsun), Hmante, Hnamte, Kellaite, Khawzawl (Lalun, Laldau, Saibung), Kungate, Khangbur, Pakhuomate (Khumsen, Khumthur), Sellate, Tamte, Thilhran, Thilsawng, Thluchung, Tuolte, Tuolawr, Tamlo, Taite, Vankal (Khawbuol, Pangote, Pangulte), Zate
30. VANGSIE: Dosil, Ivang,Theidu/ Theiduha, Tlukte, Vanghawi, Zapte
31. ZOTE: Buonsuong, Chawnghau, Chawngvawrtu/ Chawngvar, Chuonkhup, Chawngtuol, Darkhawlai/ Darkhawlal, Dawthang, Hrangate/ Hrangzote, Hrangdo, Hrangman, Hrangsite/ Hrangsete, Hrangsote, Hriler, Maubuok, Neitham (Chawnhnieng, Singphun), Ngaite, Parate, Pasuolate, Pusiete/ Pusieate, Saiate (Saihmang), Tlangte/ Tlangate, Thangnawk, Vaithang

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  1. SAKECHEP (SAKECHEK)Bawmlien, Keiphun, Keiphung, Khawlum, Neibawm, Sungtinpha, Telengsing, Thingphun, Thirau/ Thirsu, Vaichei/ Vaichai, Zeite
    Thanks for the tribe being counted,Corrections here Its SAKACHEP not sakechep or sakechek, and about the Sungtinpha Its not sungtinpha,its sumtinkha. thanks again for the post.


  2. 15. KHIENGTE... is it KHIANGTE or its completely different?

  3. To the Admin of the post.

    On the "JUNE 30, 2009 5:36 AM", I have commented on the SAKACHEP tribe to make the correction. I see it is still the same.
    I request you one more time. Please make the changes as you are putting the information in the World wide web and the information provided should be correct.
    Please take the suggestion and correct the blog..


  4. I guess nobody cares to correct the mistakes made here..that is bad..


  5. Thiek pahnam a Thilsong khi Tuolawr a mi a ni, Tuolawr inthedan chu hieng ang hi a nih- unau pathum an nih a, chuonghai chu hienghai hi an nih (A upatak a inthawk in)-

    A. Haupui (Khochung)
    B. Hrangsing
    C. Thilsong

    Lunginsietakin lo correct la lawm um hleng a tih, hi hi lekhabu ziektu hmasa hai khawmin an lo suksuol hlak reng a nih. Chun, sukdiknaw then thenhai khawm khi siemthat ni ngei sien. Sakachep hnam a "SUNGTINPHA" khi "SUMTINKHA" ding a nih. Chun, Thiek pahnam bawka,'PAKHUOMATE' ti khi 'PAKHUMATE' ti ding lem a nih.

  6. @Joseph, Inpui suk buriptu i ni a, lawm a um. Sukdik tul hai chu an hma tieng hung thaw ning a tih.

  7. the first comment for correction was posted on June 30, 2009 5:36 AM and the most recent on February 24, 2011 2:04 AM, still I see that nothing has been done to correct the mistakes. please note that these information might be used or referred to by someone as such, I believe you understand as an administrator of a popular blog, the gravity of a wrong information or a slight mistake made in a published material. i hope you will correct the mistakes eventually.

  8. the story remains the same......................

  9. FAIHRIEM le VANGCHHIA hai te ti unau an lo ni zing an naw maw?


    Vangchhia is the name of a town in the state of Mizoram, India.

    Vangchhia or Vangsie is also the name of one of the numerous clans of the Mizo tribal groups. Genealogically, they along with related clans like the Khawlhring, Pautu, Faihriem , etc. trace their descend from Chunthang, the son of Berhva. According to the Vaiphei tribe, Berhva / Chunthang is regarded as descended from Khauza (Buite). Khauza is said to have two elder brother viz. Khaute/ Khauva (progenitor of the Khaute, Ralte, Duhlian, Keivom, Neitham, Neihsial etc.) and Khaupho ( Hoinge, etc). And they are all said to be descended from Vaiphei, who was also regarded as the progenitor of the Suantak, Sizang, Thangkhal, Sailo, Thangluah, Rivung, Baite, Suante, Ngawn etc.

  10. Khiengte khi Khiangte nen a inang em?
    Khiangte ka nia ka va hre châk ve!Khiengte khi Khiangte nen a inang em?
    Khiangte ka nia ka va hre châk ve!

  11. @anony . .it is the same.

  12. All the major clan have many babies, but where does the major clan come from. eg lungtau, where does this come from. could you please tell me?

  13. I have notice that 'lal' want a correction by changing sakechep to sakachep.as a sakechep mi i like to remain it un -changed.since i notice that sakachep seem to be a surename.actually we sakechep community we never put our tribe or sub tribe after our name but we put by our clan name like lal sumtinkha etc not lal sakachep and we never know that sakachep is also a clan of sakechep subtribe.

  14. Clan-Villages ti a khin N.C Hills a khawm Leiri khuo a la um zing an naw Mani.

  15. Dont post anything about Sakachep tribe without knowing clearly. Don't created problem among us. Saithuvai/Saith clan is chief of Sakachep tribe but there is not in your posted and many more clans. We/Sakachep are not Hmar tribe. Hope you know my point. Thank you.

    1. @Atoz, I belong to Sakachep clan and my grandparents and parents are very clear about their identity as a Hmar tribe. For some of us, it is still a debatable issue. For most of us who lived in Curachandpur area we identified ourselves as Hmar people. So, please try not to create unnecessary diversion. I think we need get our history right.

  16. An va bengvar um sawt sawt ve.... Zote Singphun history me hrilthei um sien, lawm um ngawt an ti....

  17. Ginlallian SingphunAugust 22, 2014 at 8:36 AM

    Thanks for the post , Under Zote clans (singphun leh Neitham unau) an ni a, tum a upa lem?

  18. Dear All,
    I am not clear about who are bietes but I know who are BIATE.
    Since from our ancestors we are BIATE n we don't called ourself as bietes or any others.
    Biate is not Hmar and Hmar is not Biate but we considered ourselves as a family.
    We need to do proper and final research to post such information.
    Thank you

    1. You may or may not consider yourself Hmar, but history appears to suggest otherwise. Biete is the sub clan of the Hmar tribe.

  19. let us try to forget all this sub tribes and be just HMAR...ei inthuruol naw na bulpui tak chu chiterek rek a inthe hrang(groupism) ei chieng em a. HMAR ka ni ti a hin lungawi top inla a hun

  20. Neihsial are not Vaiphei nor the descendents of the KHAUA/KHAUTE.
    They are the so called NIVANG GUITE meaning related to GUITE through aunty.
    Neihsial are wrongly presented and described as the descendents of KHAUA without any evidence and proff in relations in it.

    However, mention may be made that the NEIHSIAL sub-clan DOLBAKH/Dawlbakh's was broned from the womb of JOUTE Chief daughter from(the Varte or Valte clan), second wife of the DOLBAKH'S clan of the Neihsial tribe. Joute chanu (daughter) bears a son named KHUPTONG to the DOLBAKH chief of the Neihsial tribe. Today the named reminds of the relations between the Neihsial and Joute of the past Glory.

  21. Anyone pliz history Ngaite/Ngaihte ?


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