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Rochunga Pudaite (born in 1948) is the founder of Bibles for the World(1971). He is also credited for being the second person to translate the Holy Bible into Hmar language after Dr Thanglung. He studied at Allahabad University, India, and at Wheaton College, United States.

Pu Rochunga was introduced to the teachings of Jesus by his father Pu Chaanga who served as one of the missionarries under Watkin R Robert, the man who brought the Gospel to the Hmar tribe in 1910.

In 1959 Dr. Rochunga and his wife Pi Mawii Pudaite landed in Chicago to begin their journey of faith. The only money they took out of India was spent for a night's lodging in London. But God gave them a dream to translate the Bible for the Hmar tribe of Northeast India and provide education and training for them so that they might become "world citizens," as God intended them to be.

After they arrived in Chicago, God gave them men and women to serve on their Mission Board and people to support their ministry. This partnership has resulted in the establishment of many village schools and churches, a hospital and a seminary. And thousands of needy children have been supported and educated.

And in 1971, God gave them a new dream to give a free copy of the New Testament to all the families of the world in response to the commission of the Lord, "the Gospel must first be published among all the nations." They have sent over 16 million New Testaments to individual homes in over 100 countries.

Pu Rochunga now lives in the US with his wife.

Books/Films: Pu Rochunga's biography is recounted in James Hefley's book God's Tribesman: the Rochunga Pudaite Story Holman, 1977), Joe Musser's book Fire on the Hill (Tyndale House Publishers, 1998), and in the film Beyond the Next Mountain.

Pu Rochunga is the author of My Billion Bible Dream (Thomas Nelson, 1982) and The Greatest Book Ever Written Hannibal Books, 1989). He has also written a number of books in Hmar dialect.

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