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Dec 24, 2008: Manipur University a professor, Pu Lal Dena'n a i ziek British Policy Towards Manipur (1762-1947) chu khawl a sutzo a lo ni tah.

Hi lekhabu hih Prof Dena in a naupa Oliver Intoate hminga a siem anih. Tuhin Manipur University hnuoia BA sabjek pakhat a hmang nghal anih.

Professor Dena’n lekhabu a lo ziek ta pohai:
1. Christian Missions and Colonialism, 1894-1947;
2. History of Modern Manipur, 1826-1949,
3. William Pattigrew (A pioneer missionary in Manipur)
4. History & Society (A facilitation volume of Prof. Gangmumei Kamei)
5. Hmar Folk Tales,
6. History of Zawlkhawpui
7. In Search of Identity (Hmars of the North East India) le Articles tamtak a ziek tah.

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  1. Prof Dena naupa (L) Isaac Intoate ti lem ding ni awm tak.


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