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July 25, 2008

Inpui has reproduced the frank interview of Pu HT Sangliana taken by Tv Lalremlien Neitham, after the North Bangalore parliamentarian was expelled from his party, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), for "following his conscience" and voting for Indo-Nuclear deal in the July 2008 Trust Vote against the UPA government. Excerpts:

You voted in favour of the Indo-US Nuclear deal in the recently held Trust Vote against the UPA government. What's your take on the deal?
India, today, has attained reputation of super power status for right or wrong reasons. In reality, we are not yet fully fit to be tested and certified as such for various reasons of which acute Power shortage is most outstanding. In a situation like this it is absolutely natural to not only welcome but support meaningful move of the government such as the Indo-US Nuclear Deal which will give us free access to Nuclear Suppliers Group consisting as many as 45 of them from whom we will be able to buy our nuclear fuel requirements. Such an understanding will give us the long awaited infrastructure building capacity to meet our present and future need of power so that the next generation will not blame us for not taking required steps to ensure availability of sufficient power for them. This is why I stood for immediate materialization or operationalisation of the deal.

You said that you voted in favour of the UPA by following your conscience. Can you elaborate on the conscience?
The deal under consideration was initially started by NDA in which BJP was the biggest stakeholder. But for not being in power now and for fearing that UPA might take full credit for implementation of the deal that BJP wants to have it redrafted so that it will gain some political mileage to improve its image. This is pure politic which I do not like. It hurt my conscience. Undue delay of the agreement is likely to result in our missing the Bus and starting from the beginning again will surely be much costlier. Our own experts' and strategists' motive and patriotism we need not doubt and undo the present draft agreement un-necessarily. What is the need to have doubt on their integrity and say our sovereignty might be lost or trampled upon. This is all un-founded apprehension.

The BJP expelled you from the party as a result of your voting for the UPA government. Would you rejoin the party if it revokes your suspension?
No, I will not. I did not agree with BJP's stand namely re-drafting the agreement for taking political mileage, which is childish.

Some people say that you made a mistake when you voted in favour of the UPA, and that it was your political suicide. Any comments?
Like many others, my voting buttons did not work and I had to sign on a prescribed form meant for use in the event of such failures taking place. In fact, the event turned out to be a welcomed thing as both sides took great interest to know whom I was going to vote. Where is the question of suicidal politics in the process?

Would you have continued to stay with the BJP if your party had not expelled you?

What is your opinion on the BJP and its leaderships?
As a party it is as good or as bad as any other party. BJP leaders are also as good or as bad as leaders in other parties. However, their party manifestoes conflict with secular doctrines, outlook and practices. They give first priority to everything connected to Hinduism putting the rest behind back burners.

What is your view on the current politics and politicians of India?
The main problem in Indian polity today is too many regional parties resulting in horse-trading to capture power both in the center and states, which further causes perpetual instability resulting in selfishness and birth of personal/family agenda. Politics today is nothing but commerce/industry and you can make money by resorting to malpractices. Father/mother encourages his/her off springs to enter into politics rather encouraging them to take up regular jobs and make quick money. In every state we find such people whose priority is not peoples' welfare but selfish ends. Due to this corruption prospers and the poor continue to be poor; respect to law and good traditional practices disappear giving birth to selfishness. In fact, regional parties are the creation of either ambitious individuals who want political power or by disgruntled politicians who were not given ticket to stand as candidate in elections.

Aristotle said 3000 years ago that those in Democracy are mostly illiterate/not highly educated and as such their standard of leadership or governance could not be high. This is exactly what we see in our country today except a few intellectuals and highly educated who are in small minority.

In whose party ticket will you be standing for the next general election?
Not yet decided.

Do you have any political aspirations from your native State of Mizoram? If so, will you be entering into State politics?
Yes, I do but not immediately.

If given the reign, how would you handle the rampant corruption, dirty politics, and other peoples' issue in Mizoram?
I will, first of all, set clean personal example in austerity and economy measures will be ensured/ taken in every activity of ministers and government officials. Quality and speed will be insisted in every work. Punctuality will be strictly enforced in office attendance and for completion of every project. Conscious commission and omission of mistakes/ wrong things will be duly punished. Corrupt individuals will be trapped, prosecuted and dismissed from Government jobs. Poor standard of works will automatically disqualify a contractor for future bidding and will be blacklisted. Strict quality control/check will be enforced in each and every work. Vigilance commission will be instituted to contain corruption. Nepotism, favouritism, partiality and selfish act will not be tolerated. Church and NGOs will be requested to assist the Vigilance Commission in the fight against corruption.

(Note: As of Jan 26, 2008, Pu Sangliana has joined the Congress party and reports say the former super cop is hoping to get nominated for the Bangalore Central constituency on a Congress ticket )

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