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Source: Deccan Herald
Woman boxer MC Mary Kom has achieved the impossible by winning her fourth consecutive World Championship title. Basking in the twin glory of motherhood and success in the ring, she spoke about her struggles to Avishek Mukherjee.

This was your fourth consecutive World Championship title. What does it mean to you?
It was very important for me. No one thought I could do it again. But I wanted to show the world that nothing is impossible. I was completely cut off from the sport for nearly two years. It was very difficult for me to pick up the gloves after I became a mother. I am thankful to Jesus, who gave me the strength to do it again.

What was your first reaction when you won the title?
I didn't realise what I did. I wasn't expecting to win because before the World Championship I was struggling with my fitness. Despite not being 100 percent fit, I was confident about myself and that carried me to the final. I got a lot of support from my husband and family. After I won the title, I thought of my kids. It was tough staying away from them but they will have a reason to smile. After all, I have made them proud.

How difficult was it for you to make a comeback?
It was really difficult because I was not sure of what I was doing. I was coming to boxing after two years. I became a mother in August 2007 and in June this year, I first started practising. It was a crucial time, as I had to be close to my kids but staying away from them during practice hours was emotionally tough. My first international tournament was the Asian Championship in Guwahati in September where I lost in the final and failed to retain my gold. I realised that I needed to work on my fitness and in the National Championships in Agra in November I won the gold. From September to November I worked hard on my fitness but still when I went for the World Championship, I wasn't up to the mark. But self-confidence saw me through.

Did you get the recognition that you deserve?
From some quarters I did get and from some I didn't. I deserved more. Show me how many sportspersons in the country or the world have won World Championships four times on a trot. I am grateful to the central government, which honoured me with the Arjuna Award and the Padmashree. But I was hurt when I was refused the Khel Ratna Award (country's highest sporting honour) thrice. This year when I went to apply, Milkha Singh (chairman of the selection committee) said: who is Mary Kom? By saying that he insulted women boxing. That pained me a lot. But sports minister M S Gill has assured me that he will look into the incident.

Why do you feel women‘s boxing is neglected?
Women's boxing is neglected because it is not an Olympic sport. Had it been an Olympic sport I would have been an undisputed leader and perhaps could have been the first one to win India's individual gold. But unfortunately it is not.

What is your next target?
I am just waiting for women boxing to become an Olympic sport. The AIBA president has recently said that women's boxing will be included in the 2012 London Olympics. I want to fulfil my dream of winning an Olympic medal.

You are a role model for a lot of women in the country.
It sounds nice to be a role model. But I know the harsh reality I have faced in my life.

Do you want your sons to become boxers?
Not at all. I know my struggles to reach this far, and that too without any recognition. So being a mother how can I allow my children to go through the same!

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  1. I understand the ins and out of your boxing life Mary.Don't be discouraged, no matter what you are the legend of women bixing in this planet.


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