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Some readers of Inpui have complained to us that they had problems in viewing Inpui with Internet Explorer. We had suggested that readers use Firefox brower or Opera but many readers had few technical knowledge of how to get these browsers we at Inpui have come up with a new design for you.

As the process of adopting a new template takes time, we request our readers to have patience and offer suggestions. In the meantime, please fell free to offer any help especially in writing a story for Inpui. In this way we will be able to have one rich storehouse of materials concerning our community.

Thank You,
Inpui Team

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  1. We are also testing the comment box... Inpui.

  2. Great it's working now :) Dear readers you can speak out now!!

  3. www.xe3osc.blogspot.com this is how my blog looks like.


  4. Inpui.com enkawltu hi chu mi taimatak a ni ka ring thlat chu tie. Design hi a nal le hmang inhawi a dan ding lampui zawngin vel tam tak an siem suok pei el. Tuta December 2011 a mi khom hi a hun le inhme peiin a mawiin a hmang an hawi ka ti ve tawp. Inpui.com damsawt raw seh!  


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