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Source: The Imphal Free Press

Imphal, Jan 15: A meeting with the specific purpose of fostering a sense of fraternity amongst different communities inhabiting in and around the foothills of the Nongmaijing hills was organised today by the Komrem Ramthem Nongmaijing Area at the Thayong Village today.

The meeting was also participated by representatives of the United Committee Manipur and other prominent civil society leaders such as, Rev. Rehang Chothe, president HERICON and Joseph Hmar.

Secretary of the Komren Development Organisation, M Boiler said the Komrem community is one of the smallest in the state numerically speaking.

Not only is the population of the community small, but it is scattered in far flung corners of the state, making them even more vulnerable and weak.

He said because of these vulnerabilities, the community remains backward, and to this day the community`s presence in the state`s corridors of power is negligible.

He said there are also practically no bureaucrat worth the name from the community to ensure the community`s interest is reflected in the policies and plans of the state.

He said during the Naga-Kuki riots in the 1990s, the community was hit from both sides and many of them lost their belongings in the raging inferno.

And now, militants from bigger communities continue to harangue them with intimidation, extortion, kidnapping for ransom etc.

He appealed to everybody to not jeopardise the age old relationship between the fraternal communities inhabiting Manipur.

Speaking at the function, the president of the UCM, Langamba Meitei said it is extremely unfortunate that the small community of Komrem have remained neglected by policy makers in all this while.

He also regretted that certain underground organisations which have entered into a ceasefire agreement and later suspension of operation, SoO, with the government are still with impudence victimising the small and weak community.

He said the government should bear the full responsibility for this, and if extortion happen by organisations which have entered the SoO, the government should be made to give compensation.

Komrem Union, North East India president, Pu. L John, said the small Komrem community must remain united to give itself strength. In particular he said the nine Komrem villages in the Nongmaijing Chingkhong must act as one whenever any one of them come under threat from militants belonging to bigger communities.

Whenever one is attacked, they all must together fight back using whatever weapon in their command, he said.

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