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By Lalmalsawm Sungte
Bangalore, Jan 9: Reacting to Inpui reports about the existence of a “suggestive” blog containing pictures of several celebs and girls from northeast India that were supposedly associated with a leading news portal, Sinlung.com on Thursday night hacked the blogger account of Northeast Pimps blog.

Earlier sinlung.com publisher Mr Patrick Infimate had denied having any links with the blogs that were published under its group name ‘Sinlung News’.

Issuing a warning statement on Friday Mr Infimate said the hacking is a simple reminder to folks not to play with Sinlung, Sinlung News or its sister sites. "I will go to any length that technology permits to bring you down. This is a simple case of a blogger, using blog: http://nepimp. blogspot. com," he said.

“I have taken ownership of the Google account (of the blogger) as well — which consists of 13 other blogs,” Mr Infimate added.

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