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Photo: Extreme left picture taken from Northeast Pimps blog shows Cindy Khojol's phone number (Inpui has defaced it for privacy reason).
By Lalmalsawm Sungte
Bangalore, Jan 8:
One of northeast top model and Hmar tribe's most well known professional model Cindy Khozol, based in Mumbai, and Mizo top singers Mami Varte and Mimi, have been featured as one of the Northeast's 'pimps' at North East Pimps blog.

Some readers have informed this reporter that the use of the term 'pimp' by a blog that is allegedly associated with one of northeast India's top news website Sinlung.com is "degrading" to the women of the region.

Publisher and administrator of Sinlung News, Mr Patrick Infimate, however, has said his network had no association with the said blog. "It could be the work of some mischief makers who wanted to tarnish the image of our brand 'Sinlung News'," Mr Infimate said.

Though the blog has no nude or provocative pictures it "clearly implies that 'The Best Girls From The Best Place~Northeast India' could be procured by those interested in an adventurous life," said another regular internet visitor.

"Using the term like 'pimp' which means 'someone who procures customers for whores' or 'sexual partners for others' and putting pictures of our girls in a blog or website is degrading," said one Manipuri blogger who do not want to be identified.

The blog started just a month back in December 2008 has pictures of some celebrities and girls from Assam, Manipur, Mizoram, Arunachal Pradesh and Nagaland.

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  1. Yea even I came across it a couple of days ago, and I must say the use of the word "pimp" is quite distasteful and shocking... And I never suspected "Sinlung News" would be associated with such a site in the first place. Its clearly the work of some attention seeking miscreant.

    To put our NE women up on display so as to let the rest of the World know who they are is a noble cause. But there are ways and methods of doing that, and it is important to get permission of the people in the picture too in the first place, for which I highly doubt the blogger did.

  2. We also notice that blog. Thank God Sinlung has hacked it.. :)

    Let's hope we can fight collectively such injustice met out to our girls online or offline.

  3. It is a cheap handy work of Sinlung. It is all his doing to get attention to his blog

  4. I like to inform you that it is a hoax a a cheap handy work of sinlung.com to get more attention to his blog.

    The blog http://nepimp.blogspot.com/ that publish the original article, now reads "HACKED BY SINLUNG.COM" on the whole page.

    Let me tell you one thing, How can anyone get someone username and password to publish that? ("HACKED BY SINLUNG.COM"). Only Google, the blog provider can ban a blogger blog.
    It is all the work of sinlung.com and he own the http://nepimp.blogspot.com/ too.

  5. I LOL'd at your comment Weblogian. What a Cheap Trick. I remember sinlung.com pulling off cheap tricks like posting all the articles on his site to digg.com so that his site would feature in a google alert.

  6. I kind of agreed with what Weblogian had posted. To know more about Hacking, you may download the softwares\guides from www.thepiratebay.org


    Sinlung Does Not Associate Itself With Blogger ‘NE Pimp’

    "Got questions from couple of Friends about Sinlung News and Sinlung in Blogger. An Id created by some user. This is our reply “Sinlung Does Not Associate Itself With Blogger ‘NE Pimp’

    This is in conjuction to our gmail hacked some time ago sinlung at gmail, when an email for Help with Money came from scammers in Nigeria.

    Of late we have also noticed the growing trend of this bloggers in flicking content and publishing it as sinlung news or sinlung. It first started with ‘news of northeast’ then whatever….whatever. To stop this we have disabled right click and selection on the content page.

    Anyway thanks to Inpui for noticing. I hope a more tasteful blog name is chosen to highlight our women."


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