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Bangalore, Jan 13: Former parliamentarian and ex-super cop Pu HT Sangliana is one among the 160 international delegates to join US president-elect Barack Obama at his breakfast table on February 5.

Pu Sangliana will be leaving for the United States on February 2, according to sources.

The retired IPS officer will be in the US for about two weeks during which he alongwith the other delegates may be taken on a tour to important places across the United States.

According to sources Pu Sangliana has confirmed that he will join the breakfast event. For this Pu Sangliana went to Chennai on January 11 to collect his visa. It is said that the consulate has given Pu Sangliana a permit for continuous stay of upto 10 years in the US.

The Officer-In-charge at the consulate even told Pu Sangliana that the US wants people like him to stay in America, the source added.

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  1. ...continuous stay or is it multiple entree permit for 10 years?


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