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For Inpui

'In Ngaidam tuona' ti thupui hmanga kum 2009 calendar Hmar Gospel Centenary Committee in a isiem chu January thla a inthawk khan zawrsuok tan a lo ni tah. Hi calendar hi
Hmar Gospel Centenary (1910-2010) lawmna ding le inzawma 'fund raising' na ani nghal.

Manipur, Assam, Mizoram le Meghalaya ah hai thondar a ni bakah vairam khawpuilien New Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai le hmun danghai ah semdar a nih.

A man chu Rs 20/- anih.

Tulai chu Kristien Kum 100 lawmna prokram hmang dan ding ri in Tuithaphai a tuom vela. Unau tawng dang hmanghai khom nasataka hmang tumin an insingsa tan mek.

Gospel centenary hmang tuhai popo kuomah thiltha ropui tak a tlung ngei mi tamtakin an beisei thu an hril.

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