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HSA Logo
The Hmar Students' Association (HSA), with its general headquarters in Churachandpur district of Manipur (India), was established in the year 1936. The HSA can be said to be a mother of all organisations of the Hmars since most of the new organisations that were later formed were needed with the changes and development taking place among the Hmars.

History: When the Christian missionaries arrived in 1910 at Senvon village in Manipur, they brought with them the idea of organized education. Within two decades, the need for a common platform for students to work together and develop themselves was recognized. To that end, the HSA was formed. The HSA was one of the first organizations dedicated to assisting the Hmar people in their dealings with the outside world.

Motto: The motto of the student organisation is “Sinin, Hrilin, Sanin, Thuoiin – Serve the Nation.”. The translation of which is “Work, Teach, Help, Lead – Serve the Nation.” As its motto states, the HSA seeks to serve the people by working hard, teaching, assisting those in need and guiding not only its student community, but also the Hmar people.

Insignia: L. Keivom, now a retired Indian Foreign Service (IFS) member, designed the organisation’s flag. The background of the H.S.A. flag is green in color. Inside the inner layer of a 2-layered circle, there is a 6-sided star in white, inside of which the abbreviated text of the organisation – HSA is inscribed, red in color.

Branches: The HSA has its branches spread over the whole of India as more students spread to other parts of the country for further studies. It currently have 6 joint headquarters stationed at Shillong, Imphal, Delhi, Guwahati, Hmarram and Cachar&NC Hills.

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