Halloween party ideas 2015

By Japheth Darngawn
*Exclusively for Inpui

Following are some of the well known politicians from the Hmar Community in North Cachar Hills District of Assam, India.

1.Pu Chawnhau Khawthlang (1st Chief Executive Member) N.C Hills Autonomous Council 1952-57
2.Pu Haulung (E.M) 1957-61
3.Pu Lalvuana Hmar (E.M) 1962-67
4.Pu Lalvuana Hmar (E.M) 1968-72
5.Pu Lalvuana Hmar (E.M) 1973-79
6.Pu Laldothang Khawzawl (E.M) 1980-86
7.Pu Lalzawmthang (E.M) 1987-95
8.Pu Darbiekthuom Hmar (MAC) 1996-2000 (E.M) 2001
9.Pu lalzawmthang Hmar (E.M) 2002-2007
10.Pu Laltlansang Khawbung (E.M) 2008- Nilaizing

E.M means Executive Member.
M.A.C means Member of Autonomous Council

(Inpui Editor's Note: Thawsuol pal a um thei a. Sukdik thei ran anih)

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