Halloween party ideas 2015

Agriculture is the mainstay occupation of the Hmar. Most of them are engaged in jhum cultivation. Although they mainly cultivate rice in the jhums, they also cultivate other crops and vegetables like maize, castor, cucumber, watermelon, sweet gourd, watermelon, beans, etc in the jhums.

Thus they raise mixed crop in the jhums. If the rain comes in time they can reap a good harvest. In case of failure of the rain the crop also fail and the people remain half-starved. The Hmars are also good horticulturists. They cultivate fruit plants like pineapple, orange, lemon, etc. by terracing the gentle hill slopes. They sell their articles in the weekly market, but the price they get for their products is not reasonable at all.

Weaving is an important household industry in every Hmar family. Every Hmar women is an expect weaver and most of the domestic requirements of cloth are met from the family looms. They weave attractively designed cloths (PUON). Formerly they grew cotton from which yarns were spun. But nowadays, in most cases yarns are purchased from the market.

Besides weaving, manufacturing of cane and bamboo goods required for domestic use is also another important cottage industry of the Hmars.

Carpentry and black smithy are the two other trades followed by the Hmars.

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