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The Hmar tribe traces their origin to Sinlung. Numerous poems, songs and tales about this place has been made and handed down from generation to generation. However, the exact location of Sinlung is still open to debate. Several theories and views regarding the origin and location has been forwarded, some of which are:

a) Sinlung must be somewhere in South West China, possibly in the present Tailing or Silung of Yunan Province of today's China.
b) It might have been Sining in central China.
c) It might have been derived from the Chin Dynasty of 221-207 B.C.
d) It might have been a derivative of the Chinese king Chieulung who ruled during 1711 A.D.
e) It might have been a cave, and because it was sealed with a huge stone, it was called Sin (seal, close) Lung (stone, rock).
f) Sinlung was located at Retzawl village in North Cachar Hills of Assam and was named after the rock fortress there.
g) Sinlung was located at Aopatong in the border of Burma and China. The town was named after the chief Silung during the erection of the Great Wall of China.
h) It might be the present Sinlung, located near the Yulung River in Szechuan Province of China.


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