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By Lalmalsawm Sungte
Inpui Feature Story
Bibles for the World president Pu Dr Rochunga Pudaite and his wife Pi Lalrimawi have jointly issued a call for the "re-unification" of the Hmar people under one church.

This is the third such attempt for re-unification among the Hmar churches in less than a decade. “The two earlier attempts had failed due to differences over how the properties of different churches should be settled,” sources said.

In their appeal published as a booklet, 'Hmar Kohran Inpumkhat Dinga Kona' (Call for unification of Hmar Churches) the US-based missionary couple said, "The Hmars have suffered much being divided... our social life had been the most affected... and to renew the kingdom of God and our tribe we need to remind ourselves the prayer of Christ: ‘So that they can be one again’…”.

Since the late 1950s, the Hmars have been divided strongly into denominational lines due to differences among their leaders. Many versions have come up as to why the Independent Church of India(considered the parent church of the Hmars) broke up. However, recent trends among the youth show that many are in favour of the Hmars being united under one church. As of now, the Independent Church of India and the Evangelical Free Church of India are the two churches having maximum members while there are others like the Evangelical Assembly Church, Assemblies of God, Presbytarian Church, Methodists, Reformed Presbyterian Church, Lutheran, Catholics and others with lesser members but not without strong feelings towards their respective denominations.

The 18-page booklet also traces (in Pu Rochunga’s own words) the events that led to the dismemberment of the Hmar church (Independent Church) and its effect on the Hmar community besides a response form for readers to send their opinions on whether they would like to see a united Hmar church again and how it should be achieved.

It is also learnt that the Hmar Students Association, General Headquarters has been entrusted with task of distributing the booklet to all Hmar inhabited areas, especially among the youth and to collect the response forms thereafter.

Pu Rochunga and his wife are expected to make a trip to India either in February or March 2009. "They will meet diverse sections of the Hmar leadership during their visit," sources close to the family said.

It may be noted that the Hmar tribe of northeast India will be celebrating 100 years of Christianity in 2010. The community received the Gospel of Christ back in 1910 under the patronage of Welsh missionary couple Watkin R Roberts and his wife.

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  1. Ummmm, sounds great but i think only the screen saver/ desktop is shown. If it is for the concern of the hmars, then why need to post in english? I guest this is meant for english-speaking people rather than the Hmars.

  2. @ Rh Why English? Please try to stick to the issue here and not stray around. Let's not divert our attention to to some thing else.

    Lawm takin,
    Inpui Admin

  3. This is not an easy task for any community who have divided from decades to decade. One doubtful thing is that, will Pu Rochung would sacrifice his Church? He did not mention in which denomination the Hmars should come together. In my opinion, if anyone call for something, they should mention their goal or proposal. The pros and cons. So that the readers can share their views vividly.

  4. The Roman Catholic Church is the only one true church of Jesus Christ

  5. Roman Catholic Church is not the only True Church of Jesus Christ. Protestant Churches have shamed The Church of Rome for its past wrong practices. Repent and be saved!

    Hmar Church coming under one Roof is not the real solution. Christianity allows people to worship God freely. If they want to come together under one roof the only possibility is to create an inter-denominational Church devoid of any denominations. B

  6. Pu Dr. Rochunga Pudaite hi Hmar hnam sunga kohran buoina le inthe darnahaia bulsutu a nih. A hmasatakin NEIG a inthawkin Independent ah an sawna, chu zoah Independent a keichen nenga EFCI a phun nawka, a kohran phun hin pawl danghai an kei chen nawk ngat ngat bawk. Hmar hnam sunga kohran pawl keichentu in pawl khata umnawk a hung rawt el hi mak tak a nih. A tar chau hnunga a rawt nekin a tira inthok khan hi principle hi lo chel det zing sienla chu tuta a thusuok siem khawm hi awium deu a tih. Hieng thil ei Inpui Website a post tlak khawm an nawh, la thla vat ro.

  7. project a nei ta nawa, project thar fund rise na ding a hung thawthar a hoi baka. pumkhat a um ding chu an hoi hmel ana chu "Cold War" American polisy a hung bei tum ning a tih. Americaah a um sawt ta em a..Chun "Methodist" ti hi hmar lai hin an um ngeia, ana chu hming tlak na kha a sawt ta vieuin ka hriet. "Wesleyan" ti a ni ta kha. Methodist ti le Wesleyan chu indang deu a nih. Wesleyan doctrine chu "Holliness" a nih. Entire sanctification of the believers a nih..

  8. what was he doing all this day? is he dream or just began to be born again, they is no such thing as this church or thats church, if he was really interested in unification of the Hmar, i guess its too late for him to clean up his mess for what he have done in the past, but dont tell me, "why dont you do it" coz i ll never do it since its the job of Christ to unified mankind but not Rochung, whoever he may be, atleast i am glad to hear that he strive to correct what he have done wrong in the past and if he really want to unified the Hmar churches under one umberalla , let live among the Hmars people in India but not dictate like Hilter from the US, lets not be cynical Hmar people , we are not what we are in the past anymore, we see , we think and give the right action this days , and we cannot be easy fool anymore and it goes to all the so called church leader, and i called you all "DUMP SHIT" and please stop playing your politic in the world of christianity if you want to play real politic, pleaseeeeeeeeeeee enter into the real world of politic, here i am not only against Rochung but it goes to all the people of Hmar, LET WALK UP PEOPLE and LET FIGHT FOR THE RIGHT CAUSE FOR OUR CHILDREN but not like our past generations .................

  9. agian i am not asking for unification of the churches of Hmar but all i am asking is pleasessssssss let walk up from our deep sleep and let not be easily be fool by the so called church leaders, God never choice them but out of stupidness our past people happen to choice them, so WALK UP THE HMAR PEOPLE this people ll never give you even a shit but all they can do is, make a big confusions among the Hmar people thats all, WHAT THEY HAVE DONE IS ALREADY DONE AND NOTHING CAN BE RECTIFIED ANYMORE AND HONESTLY THERE IS NOT NEED TO RECTIFIED THEM ANYWAY, they have got what they wanted and LETS GET WHAT WE WANT FOR THE HMAR PEOPLE, AND THAT IS .... LET FIGHT FOR THE RIGHT CAUSE FOR OUR FUTURE GENERATION ESPECIALLY IN TERM OF RELIGION.......


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