Halloween party ideas 2015

DAVANAGERE(KARNATAKA): The event which was scheduled to start at 10 am as per the announcement made by organisers with Sangeetha Katti's music program, it
started at 12.15 pm.

Only at 12.30 pm did many people rush into the the convention hall and occupy all the chairs, totalling up to one lakh.

A few Congress workers teams arrived at convention hall by blowing the trumpets.

Flags of NSUI were found hanging in the convention hall.

Seva Dal volunteers wearing white clothes and caps supervised and assisted the crowd.

Majority of the crowd stood up on the chairs and cheered with waving hands as soon as the helicopter of Sonia Gandhi landed on the ground at 1.15 pm.

R V Deshpande, Sonia Gandhi and Gulam Nabi Azad, Mallikarjun Kharge, D K Shivakumar, Siddaramaiah, Jaffer Sharief were seated on the high rise dais.

A sandalwood carving of lord Sri Krishna was presented to Sonia Gandhi as a welcome gift and a `kunch' was blown to mark the commencement of the LS poll campaign. At the end, a portrait of late Sri Rajiv Gandhi was presented to her.

Fans of Sangliana cheered as soon as he entered along with SPG men.

Film star Ambareesh was not seen at the convention. The event was over at 2.10 pm.

Watermelon shops were flooded with people. It was like a fair or market day just outside the convention hall, flooded with ice cream shops, sugar cane juice stalls, and other eatables stalls.

Over 300 buses, including lorries, tractors and hundreds of cars and thousands of two wheelers were found in the parking areas.

Source: Times of India

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