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These lessons on Hmar, an INPUI featured, are designed to introduce the beginner to spoken Hmar.

***Lesson 1: Vocabulary***

English---------------------------- Hmar
This thing (this one)--------------- Hi hih, hi thil hih
That thing (that one) --------------Saw soh, saw thil soh
One -------------------------------Pakhat
Book------------------------------ Lekhabu
Window--------------------------- Tukver
Door------------------------------ Kawt, Kawtpui
Table----------------------------- Dawkan
Room----------------------------- Pindan
Cabinet, cupboard----------------- Thingrem, rel
What?---------------------------- Iem?, Iem ana?

Lesson 1.1: Sentences
1. What is this thing? --------------Hi hih iem ana?
2. What is that thing?------------- Saw thil soh iem? / Iem an lie saw thil soh?
a. This is a book--------------- Hi hih lekhabu a nih
b. This is a window------------ Hi hih tukver a nih
c. This is a door --------------- Hi hih kawt a nih
d. This is a table -------------- Hi hih dawkan a nih
e. This is a room -------------- Hi hih pindan a nih
f. This is a cupboard-----------Hi hih rel/thingrem a nih

4. What is that (thing)? --------- Saw thil soh iem a na?

a. That is a book----------------Lekhabu a nih
b. That is a window-------------Tukver a nih
c. That is a door---------------- Sawsoh kawt a nih
d. That is a table--------------- Dawkan a nih
e. That is a room--------------- Pindan a nih
f. That is a cupboard------------Rel anih

6. Which thing? ------------------------ A khaw him?/A ieng am?
7.a. Is this a (thing) pen?--------------- Hi hih pen a ni?
b. Which (thing) is a window?----------- Khawm tukver chuh?/ Tukver chu khawm ana?
c. Which (thing) is a door?-------------- Khawm kawt chuh?/ Kawt chu khawm ana?
d. Which (thing) is a table?-------------- Khawm dawkan chuh?/ Dawkan chu khawm ana?
e. Which (thing) is a cupboard? --------- Khawm rel/thingrem chuh? Thingrem chu khawm ana? f. Which (thing) is a pen? --------------- Khawm pen chuh? Pen chu khawm him ana?

a. This is (the/a) book.--------------- Hihih lekhabu a nih.
b. That is (the/a) room. -------------- Sawkusoh pindan a nih.
c. This is a pen.--------------- ------- Sawkusoh pen a nih.
d. That is a cupboard.--------------- - Sawkusoh thingrem a nih.
e. That is a table. --------------- -----Sawkusoh dawkan a nih.

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