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Here are some of the best Tuolte Tales from last year's Hmars SMS 'Tuolte Vanglai Competition'. Have fun! (5 tales coming every week). Sorry no English version! Tuolte Tales are best told only in Hmar language.

1. Ke thu pa ch a mawza sungah nga an thun a ngathu'n an chang tawp - S.Hmar,Bangalore

2. Mansa hrui sei lwm2 kha ch a neitu pa bazar a thlung hnung khwma a mansa in ah a la um - Josh HKL

3. Hnar riesie tak pa kha ch a ma vek in ka va nghok deh a ti ch- Vala Khwbung,Diphu

4. Voungna vuong inhnuoi tak khm kha mankhawng in a lo del-Ch Darngawn

5. Bus 1st trip inhma tak chu a driver pa'n a nanghman naw a, a lo fe san dai - James LMS, Jiribam.

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  1. ** Tuolte vanglai a dung inhnuoi tak pa chu; law ngaina a hriet naw leiin a slipper khom a hung khum top.

    ** Kungfu thiem tak pa nawk thung chu; an practice lai a lo che inrang taluo met leiin a tilmu a pet koi palh a, a thi der.

    -William Darngon
    New Delhi

  2. Tuolte vanglai a lukham insangpa kha chu,a jal tawm zatn a pistol a hmum ze.....hehe!

  3. tuolte vanglai a motor tlan hrat tak kha chu,a driver pa khm a chuonghman nawh!


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