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TUITHAPHAI, APRIL 11, 2009: The second biggest township and the centre of contention for candidates in the Outer Manipur Parliamentary Constituency today witnessed a hectic political drama as a couple of candidates addressed the public in a separate rally while another candidate in the fray opened a subordinate office.

NCP candidate with the benefit of sponsorship from MDA, LB Sona today address a musical concert extravaganza at Rayburn College campus and called on the people to give him the chances to give them back as an MP, a dream which he said he had since he took initiative settling the Kuki-Naga conflict in the early parts of the 90's.NCP candidate LB Sona today arrived from Jiribam after a hectic campaign schedule across the districts that were within the outer parliamentary constituency.

On the other hand, BJP candidate Loli Adanee, meanwhile told the gathering at Rengkai village that he will address the grievances of the public with a promise that he would be a performing MP and not merely a sitting MP if he was given the chance.

'I am confident of being the next MP, not because I believe in myself but because I believe in people of Manipur who are hungry for food, justice, equal development and spiritual thirst,' Adanee told a handful of gathering here today.

Remembering the number of votes he received during the last election, Adanee said, 'I owe Churachandpur,' give me the chance to repay what I owe.

A subordinate office for PDA candidate Mani Charenamei was also inaugurated at Rengkai Village by Hmar Inpui President HK Joute.

Source: The Sangai Express

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  1. Thanks for Putting Tuithraphai in the title...Lamka, is a name of locality, Tuithraphai is the same of the Town, Churachandpur is the name of the district.

    This has been badly used by the reporters with Affiliations to their tribes...

  2. Right! We're are still waiting for 'Hmasawnna Thar' to use Tuithaphai in place of CCpur. Let's hope we get to see Tuithaphai from their next issue...


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