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Bangalore, April 17: Shivajinagar MLA Roshan Baig and former Union Minister C M Ibrahim took charge of Sangliana's campaign in the Shivajinagar Assembly constituency.

They sent out a resounding message - 'a split in Muslim vote in Bangalore Central would benefit the BJP.'

The tired ex-super cop largely played second fiddle to Baig, the local favourite and Ibrahim, the master orator.

Urging his voters not to vote for the JD(S) Roshan Baig said "it is a straight battle between the BJP and Congress." And speaking to the predominantly Muslim merchant community of Shivajinagar, Baig extolled the virtues of Sangliana. He said that Sangliana was an honest ex-cop who stood for secular ideals.

Former Union Minister C M Ibrahim delivered a rousing speech outside Russell Market in Shivajinagar. He urged the Muslim community to vote for the Congress to prevent the BJP from coming to power. He branded the JD(S) as a minor power that will do well in only a couple of constituencies.

He told the crowd that had gathered there not to be confused by the candidature of Zameer Ahmed Khan. He said "Zameer Ahmed Khan is the MLA of Chamarajnagar and he should concentrate on MLAgiri. Khan's time is later and he should not try to get to the seventh step before climbing the first."

The former minister tore into Narendra Modi and said, "Although Varun Gandhi read the speech, the communal speech was written by Advani and Modi."

Meanwhile, a visibly exhausted Sangliana whose efforts to connect with the audience was well received, spoke about the need for a secular government. He said "religion must be kept within the confines of home and out on the streets we have one identity, an Indian identity." He added that the Muslim community must give priority to education and promised to help bring education to the poorer sections of the community.

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