Halloween party ideas 2015

BANGALORE, MARCH 2: Shedding the remnants of saffron, Sangliana has shook the ‘hands’ for political gains. After being the BJP MP of Bangalore North, now he is the Congress candidate from Bangalore Central. He wants to create a ‘total quality constituency’ if elected.

How does he feel to take on Zameer Khan of the JD(S) and P C Mohan of the BJP, the party to which he belonged to for five years? The retired IPS officer said, “The BJP and JD(S) candidates are rich, while I am just a poor and honest candidate. But I have the credentials, visibility and the people know the kind of work that I have done. People need simple basic necessities and I will sincerely do my job with God by my side.”

Addressing a press conference Sangliana said, “The Bangalore North Constituency has been developed well during my tenure as MP.”

Source: Deccan Herald

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