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BANGALORE, APRIL 2: Hun iemanichen a inthawk ta khan SMSGupshup han an SMS service limit nikhat ah 4 in an suktlawm el bakah SMS thumal 100 chauh an hung thaw pei leiin an service hmang zingin HMARS SMS insuotu han adang an lo ngaiven a. Service dang danghai ensin a ni hnungin Hmars SMS channel thar HmarsAlert siem alo ni tah.

Voisun a inthawkin channel pahni HmarsAlert le Hmars hmangin SMS thonsuok ni tang a tih. Hmars zawm hai khan HmarsAlert zawm nawk seng dingin fiel in nih.

1. HmarsAlert iengtinam zawmthei ka ta?

ON HMARSALERT ti i mobile phone ah type la 9870807070 ah thon rawh.Awlsam tak a nih!!!

2. Aman um ani?
A thlawn a nih. I zawm phut hlimin Service i Activate na'n mobile SMS charge pangngai Rs 1,2 le 3 (Normal SMS charge depending on your plan) a um a. A dang chu sengna ding a um nawh. Hmars a inthoka SMS a FREE a i dawng ang tho kha a nih.

I ruolhai a zawm nuom an um chun hrildar pei thei a nih.

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