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We are happy to inform you, dear reader, that we have come up with another lesson on How to Speak in Hmar dialect.

This is the 4th Lesson in our series LEARN TO SPEAK HMAR and it covers some Interrogative Sentences, Pronouns and new vocabulary. We hope you have fun twisting your tongue a bit :)

Lesson 4: Interrogative Sentences

this (adj.)---------- hi/hihi
that (adj.) ---------sosoh/sawva soh

New Vocabulary: Pronouns
My/me--------------Kei/ Keima
Yours/You(polite)---Nangma, (Normal) Nang
His-----------------Ama pa
Her-----------------Ama nu

3.1 Framing sentences
3.a. Where is your pen?--------------- Khawlam i pen a um a?
3.b. Where is my book?--------------- Khawlam ka lekhabu a um lie?
3.c. What is his name?---------------- Ama pa hming iem a na?/ Iem a hming
3.d. Where is your house/home?------Khawm i in?/ I in khaw lam a ni leh?
3.e. Is my house/home here?--------- Ka in hihih an ta?
3.f. Is your name John? --------------- I hming John a ni?
3.g. His name is not John.------------- A hming John an nawh.

3.2: New Vocabulary:
1. I go/I'm going-------------- Ka fe/ Ka fe ding
a. He goes -------------------- A fe
b. You go --------------------- Fe rawh
c. Go to the room-------------- Pindan ah fe rawh
d. Go to work------------------ Sinthaw ah fe rawh

3.3: Verbs of Motion: Go
a. Where are you going?-------------- Khawlam i fe ding?/ Khawlam i fe?
b. I am going to the room------------ Pindan ah ka fe ding
c. He is going to the library-------- Library ah a fe ding
d. Are you going to work?------------ Sinthaw ah i fe ding?
e. I'm going to class---------------- Class ah ka fe ding.

3.4: New vocabulary: Come
come (imperative)----------- hung rawh
come (non-polite) ---------- hung ta
you come-------------------- nang hung rawh

3.5: Interrogative Sentences
a. Are you coming home/to the house/ ------- Intieng i hung ding?/ In ah i hung ding?
b. He is coming to my room ------------------ Ka pindan ah hung a tih.
c. Come home/to the house-------------------- In ah hung rawh/ Intieng hung inlawi rawh
d. Come here(non-polite) -------------------- Hi lai hin hung ta
e. That child is coming --------------------- Saw naupang soh a hung mek
f. This Japanese is going away -------------- Japanese pa soh a fe hmang ding an tah
g. I am coming to your house ---------------- In in ah ka hung ding

3.5: New vocabulary
a. Okay/Good-------------------------- Aw/ A thra
b. Go (polite)------------------------ Fe raw aw
c. Goodbye/Goodnight/Sweet dreams----- Mangthra
d. See, Look ------------------------- En rawh
e. Okay, I have to go now------------- Ni raw seh, ka fe a trul an tah

See you next time...... Vel nawk inhmu nawk ei tih aw.

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