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We are happy to inform you, dear reader, that we have come up with another lesson on How to Speak in Hmar dialect.

This is the 5th Lesson in our series LEARN TO SPEAK HMAR and it covers some Kinship terms. We hope you have fun twisting your tongue a bit :)

Kinship Terms
English--------------- Hmar
1. Mother-------------- Nu/ nunu
2. Father---------------Pa/papa
3. Grandmother--------Pi/pipi
4. Grandfather--------- Pu/pupu
5. Son------------------Nau pasal/naupasal/naupa
6. Daughter------------Nau nuhmei/ naunuhmei/naunu
7. Sister----------------Unaunu
8. Brother--------------Unaupa
9. Elder sister----------Unu
10. Elder brother-------Upa/U (pronounced as 'Uo')
11. Younger brother----Sangpa
12. Younger sister------Sangnu
13. Uncle (father’s elder brother)--------------Papui
14. Uncle (father’s younger brother)-----------Pate
15. Aunty (Father’s sisters) -------------------Ni
16. Aunty (Mother’s elder sister)--------------Nupui
17. Aunty (Mother’s younger sister)------------Nute
18. Nephew------------------------------------Lava
19. Kinsmen-----------------------------------Laibung
20. Chief---------------------------------------Lal
See you next time, Goodbye!--------------Velnawk leh inhmu ei tih, Mangthra!

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  1. A chung tienga digram a "shipship" inziek saw ka va hriet ngai naw de!! "Sibling" tina lem an naw maw! Marriage tieng deu le in-relate a hoi mei mei ka ti leiin "sibling" ni lem sien la a hoi. Or hmar tawng in "sibship."

  2. Dear Nahai,
    Thanks a lot for putting up this wonderful series of lesson on Hmar language. I hope you keep it on. :) Appreciate your efforts, you can't imagine how happy I'm to have discover your post.
    Thanks again.
    With regards,
    Lalit Kumar

  3. Lalit, lawm i um


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