Halloween party ideas 2015

BANGALORE, APRIL 7: Aiming at total quality constituency, HT Sangliana, Congress candidate for Bangalore Central Constituency on Wednesday laid out the slew of resolutions for the development of the constituency.

The retired IPS officer and former BJP MP said, “Total quality constituency is the mantra for all-round development of the city. I will be accessible to the citizens whenever required”.

The Congress candidate said that eliminating political interference in police administration was also part of his agenda. Clear distinction between executive and police, as per Police Reforms Commission recommendations was required.

On his cross voting for Nuclear Deal Agreement in the Parliament, which subsequently led to his expulsion from the BJP, Sangliana answered, “The party orders were not of concern, and in the nation’s interest I did vote for the Nuclear Deal. It was completely my own decision and I was well aware of the consequences”.

Source: Deccan Herald

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