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DIMAPUR, APRIL 1: A wave of anger is being felt in Naga civil society at the violence waged against Naga communities in Assam by a Dimasa militant outfit, the proscribed DHD (J).
Frontal Naga organizations from Nagaland and Manipur have warned the perpetrators that the patience of the Naga spectrum should not be tested as the community would not hesitate to act accordingly as the perpetrators did. The Naga Students’ Federation, Tenyimi People’s Organization and Zeme Council and from Manipur, the United Naga Council of Manipur, All Naga Students’ Association of Manipur, Naga Women’s Union of Manipur the Naga Peoples’ Movement for Human Rights (South) today issued separate press statements denouncing the violence against the community in NC Hills.

The Naga Students’ Federation took serious note at what it said is the unabated killings and ‘unwanted communal tension’ created against the Naga community. It said maximum restraint should be exercised by “any vested interest or group”.

The NSF in a message from its executive said many innocent lives have been lost and many more injured. “…the perpetuated conflict is totally uncalled and unwarranted act of any groups or community which has escalated untold misery and disturb cohabit amongst different ethnic community in the region” the NSF said. “…any vested interest individual or group should maintain maximum restrained” the NSF advised.

The federation has urged neighboring civil society to take the lead in resolving the present situation. Also, the NSF appeals to all to cooperate with the goodwill initiative of the Naga Hoho, inviting contribution of relief materials for the affected villagers. Also, a joint statement from frontal Naga civil organizations in Manipur cautioned that the aggression of the Dimasa elements would not be tolerated at all.

Naga frontals warn of retaliation
The aggression has the danger of like results, the joint statement implied in a veiled warning. “When the Nagas living in N.C hills are in deplorable situations caused by the belligerent attitudes of the dominant society motivated to grasp their land and properties through sophisticated and intellectual methods, the Nagas will not hesitate to act according to the gravity and plight of the our brethrens” the statement said.

Making an utter denouncement of the violence and “demonic culture” against the Naga tribal, the organizations said Dimasa civil society should do the needful as well to restore normalcy in the affected region. The organizations have urged for immediate measures from the Dimasa civil organizations, churches and students’ organizations, local administrative authorities of N.C Hills and the Government of Assam to prevent escalation of violence.

Political will should be exercised and adequate security arrangement should be made alongside suitable compensation to the affected innocent villagers, the organizations said. The organizations have appealed all in concern to generously contribute relief and also requested the neighboring governments of Nagaland and Manipur to be compassionate to the ordeals of the victims of N.C Hills.

Similarly, the Tenyimi People’s Organization said the act of the DHD (J) is not only an aggression but a direct challenge to the Tenyimi people and the Nagas as a whole. “We don’t see any other reason other then an attempt to grab our ancestral land why a handful of misguided and outlawed DHD(J) cadres with the help of certain vested interest would perpetrate such a barbaric act on the Tenyimi” the TPO stated in a note from its executives.
“The patience of the Tenyimi as a people of blood brother cannot be tested in this manner and the TPO will not tolerate such an invasion or aggression on our land and people” the organization warned.

The TPO however requested “our Dimasas brothers and sister particularly the leaders to come to good sense and immediately stop such act perpetrated on our Tenyimi before the matter goes out of hand which will be very unfortunate and the result very bitter”. The authorities are urged to intervene and stop the violence as well as punish the culprits.

The Zeme Council also, in a press release, noted the ‘repeated action’ committed by the DHD (J) against innocent people and said the government of Assam must exercise political will to deal with the matter. The council said the long silence of the state machinery specks volumes of its attitude towards the affected people. The state government is fully aware of the condition of the people of North Cachar Hills and still, the government remained with “a deaf ear”, without any justice for the people, the Zeme Council lamented.

In the event the state government of Assam fails to deliver justice to the affected people, “it must allow the Zeme Naga to decide its own future in the best interest of the people” the council said. The council has demanded compensation for the loss of lives and properties in the DHD militants’ attack. The displaced people must also be resettled, the council demanded. The Zeme Council has also appealed to the Dimasa community to settle the issue ‘amicably’ by recognizing the ‘age-old brotherhood and harmony’ between the two communities. The government of Nagaland and Manipur are also urged to take up relief measures and extend all possible help to the displaced people.

Nagas take refuge in Tamenlong
Guwahati/Imphal, April 1 (Agencies): At least 400 Zeliangrongs – collective name of Nagas belonging to the Zeme, Liangmai and Rongmei groups – have fled NC Hills since mid-March following an ethnic cleansing drive by the militant outfit Dima Halam Daogah (Jewel). The outfit, officials said, has also killed over 10 Zeliangrong people. Also known as “black widow”, the DHD (J) was formed in 2003 as a breakaway faction of the DHD which had declared truce that year. The militant group had also earlier targeted the Hmar and Karbi tribal groups in gruesome ethnic cleansing drives toward creating a so-called “Dimasaland” for the Dimasa ethnic community.

The victims of the latest communal frenzy have taken shelter in the adjoining Tamenglong district of Manipur. “It’s a desperate situation out here, and we are collecting the latest figures. Most of them need food and clothes as immediate relief” social worker Haimasuang said.
Other than NC Hills and adjoining Karbi Anglong district of Assam, the Zeliangrong people are scattered across Nagaland and Manipur.

According to the refugees, armed DHD (J) militants targeted eight villages near Haflong – headquarters of NC Hills district – and let loose a reign of terror last month. They were subsequently forced to flee to the safety of Mandeu, Njunkuak, Zenning villages besides Tousem sub-division in Manipur’s Tamenglong district.

The bulk of the displaced Zeliangrong villagers – around 345 – trekked over to Manipur last Saturday. The exodus almost coincided with BJP leader LK Advani’s election rallies in Assam, where he promised greater autonomy for NC Hills and Karbi Anglong if the NDA is voted back to power. Meanwhile, the Manipur Chief Secretary has written to his Assam counterpart to bring the situation in NC Hills under control. A reply is awaited.

Source: Morung Express

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