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Saktu: Lalramsuok
Album: Khethlei Bawkte-2
Featuring: George Khawbung and Monu Thapa
Music: Robert L Keivom
Choreography: Hezeki Intovate
Director/Camera: Lalsansuok Darngawn, Zara Zote le Krishna Chetri
Producer:Pu Lalrochan hai nupa
Year: 2007

Hi music album hih NC Hills a Hmar Love Song Video hmasatak anih. Pu LTL (Laltuoklien of Pistol Puokruk) ang deuin Lalramsuok hi a tulai tawng takin a 'ori' ve khopel.
Khethlei Bawkte-2 ah hin hla 12 a uma, enthlak vawng anih. A copy dit hai chun Ruolngul Recording Studio hai incha thei anih.

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