Halloween party ideas 2015

Tuolte Vanglai a...
1. Mit damdawi thatak chu, mitdelpa kemitah an hang nal a, a mit a var el nilovin a kemit khwm a lo inkhap lap2- Japhet,Moulvaiphei

2. Thlipui in khuo pa1 a nuoi a,an kohran upa pa danpuoah a mut dok top.An zwngna torchlight 'rays' khwm a mut kwi zak2-JawnZoteRenkai

3. Thlipui hrattak chu inthlung pawng a mutkhur zot2,Satel bwklai a mut let top2 leiin Telphwk thli anti hlwlh-TVKhawbung,Rengkai

4. Naset tak pa chu a kawl el ah bamb a puoka, a kawla thung a ruolpa kwlah 'bai i voi mawh?' a ti chu- Solon Hrangate, GHY :)

5. Pipu dim lwm2 chu 1) Naupangte an tul a, a hungkir nwk chun a sam an tuok rak. 2) Putar an tul vea, bak sunde ang ngat tu a hung teu..

[Editor's Note: Tuolte Vanglai/Tuolte Tales are taken from the '1st Tuolte Vanglai Competition, 2008' organised by 'Hmars' free SMS service (Inpui admin)]

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