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Tuolte Vanglai a...
Lusei tawng thiem naw pa chu Lusei tawng a hmang zatin arte hruoi an tlankhwm zie hlak.
2. Kekawr insing tak chu a neitu pa'n a zuk bun a'n leh hnuoi a sir phak nawh an ti chu! Singa kekawr an ti twp. :) Mesak,B'lore
3. Bawngpui kawrpa chu a m***gah an zuk en a, a lu-ah van var an lang. By Laltuoklien(Pistol Puokruk)
4. Baulien tak nu chu a ngaizawngpa'n 'goodnight kiss' a hei pek a, a bau sirtieng in 'Mangtha' a la ti thei. Canan,TCS,Sielmat
5. Kungfu thiemtak pa chu a hming khwm an lam hman ngai nawh,a lo benthlak zung2 el!Hi hung thntu pa hming khom a lo ben thlk ve.

[Editor's Note: Tuolte Vanglai/Tuolte Tales are taken from the '1st Tuolte Vanglai Competition, 2008' organised by 'Hmars'- a free SMS service provided by Inpui-news&info admin]

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