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[INPUI News&Info Feature] Today, May the 16th, is observed as Hmar Martyrs' Day in most places where the Hmar tribe lived. The day is set aside to pay homage and respect to those who had laid down their lives fighting for the social, economic and political rights of the Hmar tribe during the Hmar People's Convention movement in the Indian state of Mizoram and adjoining areas of Churachandpur (Tuithaphai) and Tipaimukh (Hmarbiel&Vangaibiel) areas.

In the late 80s, the Hmars in Mizoram cried out for justice as they felt that the government of the day was discriminating them on ethnic ground. They held p
eaceful demonstrations demanding their basic rights and to live with dignity. However, the Congress government led by Pu Lalthanhawla reacted with brutal police action to suppress the 'rebellion' (the term used by the government). Left with no choice, Hmar youths went to the jungles and returned with arms to meet government 'brutality'.

The police action and suppressive regime of the Mizoram government received not just widespread condemnation from the Hmars in Manipur, Assam,Delhi and elsewhre. A lot of sympathisers offered their support to the Hmar People's Convention cadres...who were trained and armed.

To cut short, the demand for justice turned into an all out battle between the HPC cadres and the Mizor
am Armed Police (MAP) led by Pu Lalchung resulting in the death of many Hmar youths and also from the state side. Some of the HPC cadres were also brutally executed by the MAP in public. The most dastardly act committed by the MAP's was the murder of V R Buongpui at Tuithaphai. Many others were also killed during the struggle for justice which later turned into a demand for a separate 'Sinlung Hills District'.

After failing to
failing to suppressed 'Hmar rebels' for five years and pressure coming from all sides, Mizoram government finally agree to hold peace talks in 1994. The end result was the creation of an administrative set up called Sinlung Hills Development Council. Since then there has been relative peace in Hmar inhabited areas of Mizoram even though some disgruntled 'revolutionary' groups are still there.

Politics aside, on this occasion, as we observed yet another Hmar Martyrs' Day, there's the need for reconciliation within our community. We must be ready to forgive not only one another but also be ready to entrust our faith in the new government in Mizoram to address other pending issues. This does not mean that we'll let ourselves be shot again like our brothers whose bravery we still admired and cherished.

We should be, as common people, prepared to tell the Government of Mizoram or for that matter any state governments that we mean business when it comes to protecting our civil and political rights granted to us by the Constitution of India.

We Salute You! O, Brave Sons of Hmars. May your souls rest in peace!

Thanks to:
1. Pu Z Varte and Tv Lalremlien Neitham for their respective photos.

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