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[INPUI News&Info Feature] The first and the only truly professional social networking site of the Hmar community Hmarrunpui.com is back!

Site administrator Pu Nelson Varte has done what few could even think of in bringing out this innovative, yet expensive venture. As we see it from here, at INPUI News&Info, the site could incur some hefty investments as most social networking sites used up a whole lot of bandwith. Despite this and initial glitches with the hosting companies Hmarrunpui.com seems to be the need of the day when we look at the rate at which members and comments have grown.

We, the Hmars, found it very difficult to maintain a decent website or newsblog as is seen from experienced. Hmar.net survived for about some 6-7 years, thanks to Tv Lalremlien Neitham and his never tiring enthusiasm. But due to some unforseen circumstances it has been shutdown.

At present we have active students' newsblogs like Delhi Thurawn(Delhi), Mumbai Tuisunsuo, Hmar Arasi(Bangalore) and Mihrang (Pune). All of them provide immense service in terms of dissemeination of information but up-to-date maintenance is lacking in some. Among them Mumbai Tuisunsuo has been the most active in recent months... and we looked forward to another day.

Coming back to Hmarrunpui.com, there are: (as of May 12,2009)
• 101 members
• 324 mutual friends

Among the members, we found was that most of them are youths in their 20s trying to reach out to friends and family members, using our own(Hmar) platform instead of popular networking sites like Orkut, Facebook, etc.

As we congratulate Pu Nelson Varte for not only bringing the site back but with lots of new features, our good wishes are with him too.
Keep running....and running.

To Sign Up at Hmarrunpui.com Click Here

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