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[From James Vaiphei, London]

In an effort to establish a common platform, a get-together for the people of the north-eastern states of India, who are currently residing in the United Kingdom, was recently held on the 17th of May 2009 at Greenwich, London.

In a memorable and fun filled afternoon, many people including families from different communities of the north-eastern states came together and openly shared a multitude of experiences and information among the individuals and as a group. There were families and individuals from the Mizo , Naga , Kuki ,Hmar , Meetei, Zomi etc. communities. Many of them residing as artists, professionals, businessmen, students, etc. were overwhelmed by how close these communities were and how much they could learn and understand from each other in just one evening.

Everyone was grateful to Mr Lein Gangte and Miss Sangke Konyak for initiating and organising such a memorable yet important event in the context of the north-easterners residing in the UK. Everybody agreed the importance of such gatherings at least every few months and is planning in the near future where families and individuals from the region can come together and share the many different culinary delicacies along with the colourful cultural items.

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