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Dear reader, Write a caption for the photo below, and you could win a book DERANGEMENTS by Rajorshi Chakraborti worth Rs 295 which is published by HarperCollins!

We at Inpui are giving away this book (as good as new) with FREE postage as well. We are sure you would want to take a look at the work of an internationally aclaimed novelist and commentator.

Reviewers say:
'A writer so promising and committed that one suspects he cannot help doing too many things too well.' The Statesman

'He seems to suggest that it is only through the prism of an absent identity that the world can accurately be described...for originality it's hard to beat.' Edinburgh Review.

Anyone in India can enter the contest. Leave your caption in the comments box/section. If you're not a Blogger member, you can comment anonymously and leave your name or your initials/nickname; when we announce the winner, you'll know if you won and all you have to do is e-mail us to claim your prize.

The deadline for captions/entries is Saturday, November 28, 2009, 11:59 PM, and it is one caption/entry per person. We will select the best caption at that time which will be final.

The lucky (ooppsss... most creative) winner will be announced on November 30, 2009. And Oh! Thanks to Mr Z. Varte for giving us this photo.

nerd All the best!!! All Comments in English peace

HERE'S THE BIG PICTURE. Give your best shot!!!

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  1. Ready to Martyr for India for any cause

  2. Guns and cigars blendes very well. :)

  3. The spirit remains.. but action no longer follows the vision...

  4. I'm not looking back to this anymore.

  5. Nearer to Death: A man sitting by the graveyard and smoking away his dreams.


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