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Bangalore, May 16: Pu Hmar Tlawmte Sangliana, a strong contender for the Bangalore Central seat, standing on a Congress ticket in the 15th Lok Sabha, was defeated by BJP's PC Mohan with a margin of over 35,218 votes.

The high profile contest saw lots of political maneuvers when the JD(S) fielded its own man Zaheer to counter Pu Sangliana. Former prime minister HD Deve Gowda who is known as "the jackal" in Indian politics had said that his party would not file any candidates had Sharief been in Pu Sangliana's place. But when the Congress high command finally decided file Pu Sangliana from B'lore Central and Sharief from B'lore East Gowda put up his own man, which resulted in division of Muslim votes.

As a matter of fact, Sharief too did not make it from Bangalore North with the BJP's BBC Gowda beating him by over 56,000 votes.

We, at Inpui-News and Info , have been following the campaigns of Pu Sangliana very closely and it is indeed "very painful" for his supporters here in Bangalore, many of whom were first time voters. It is now a matter of great concerned to them about his future: What role will he play now? Will he quit politics altogether or be given a 'suitable place' in the Congress central committee? Only time can answer them.

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