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Bangalore, May 22: Pu HT Sangliana who lost from Bangalore Central constituency in the recently concluded Lok Sabha polls said that he would not retire from politics.

"I'm taking each day as it comes. I have no plan to retire from politics. I'll be involved in activities where the party needs me," Pu Sangliana told a daily on Wednesday (May 20, ToI).

Pu Sangliana also said on Thursday (May 21, Mid Day) that he had stood for a clean campaign and government, but many educated people "were disinterested" to cast their votes.

"This election was a fight between honesty and corruption and corruption won. My campaign was fine but there was very little time. Another problem was removing names from the rolls. Corrupt officials should be punished for this. I am collecting information on all the names that were deleted from the list. The Election Commission has to take it seriously without fear or favour. Also, people were disinterested. Educated people have to be blamed for not voting this time," Pu Sangliana said. (Mid Day)

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