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Dear reader,

This is to thank all those who have contributed articles, other materials and offered moral support to INPUI-News&Info (www.inpui.co.cc or inpui.blogspot.com)

In just seven months INPUI-News&Info now has over 260 posts of which around 85-90% are original works contributed by people like Pu L Keivom, Pu RTh Varte, Pu Malsawmthang Keivom, Pu Zarzosang Varte, Tv Lalremlien Neitham, Tv David Buhril, Tv Japhet Darngawn, Dr John Pulamte, Pu Darsiemlien Ruolngul, Pu Prof Lal Dena, Pu Challien Songate, Tv Lalringsan Hrangchal, Pu JL Malsawm, Prof Mustafizur R Tarafdar, C.Lalremruata,Pu Lalzadawla Hmar, Nk Esther Hrangate, Pu Zosanglien Zote, Tv Oliver Intoate, Tv David Amaw and other sources.

Sincere thanks also to all those who permitted INPUI-News&Info to upload or share their videos (even via youtube links) for the purpose of promoting Hmar music. It’s you who entertained us for the last seven months.

As stated earlier to some close friends, the main aim of INPUI-News&Info, was to collect, store and present the Hmarworld (history, culture, news, etc ) to audience worldwide, we have visitors coming from across all countries with some people even asking for more information about the Hmars. This clearly shows that INPUI-News&Info, with your contributions, have become a kind of online ‘reference book’ for people who want to know more about the Hmar tribe.

Sometime back, some of our committed readers have reasoned with us to use a dedicated web-host and domains like the dot coms, dot nets, etc., but going by experience and the longevity issue we have decided not to use it [nonetheless we have bought www.inpui.net but are strill sceptical to use it and is resting in peace :) ] For the time being, we are happy with the power of blogger.com and its sub domain inpui.blogspot.com.

Even as we give thanks to all those people, who contributed without expecting anything in return, we once again appeal for more materials — by materials we meant everything you can possibly think of. Knowing that with your contributions you can leave behind a ‘treasure’ for future generations please feel free to contact us anytime.

For Inpui-News&Info,
Lalmalsawm Sungte
lalmalsawm@yahoo.com or nahai@aol.in

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