Halloween party ideas 2015

Tuolte Vanglai a...
1. Ekzam questn intak tak hai:
-Ngathu raw sa le raw lo lim ziek rwh
-Nilaini lim ziek la,rwngsen in chei rwh
-Liena'n marbul 3 a nei a,Thanga'n ieng zam a nei a?
-Mi 3 lien deu2 an um a,chawk chin rawh.
Cher2 mei ah! :)

Frm David Ralsun,B'lore (Our prize winning entry)

2. Hatwk tak pa chu thil a fak hrim2 chun a chuk in a chuk hlak! KK Gangte,Tezpur

3. Khuo pakhat ah ricemill an zuk sitat a, naupang ruol ricemill in bangah an lo kwp thap! T2, Rengkai

4. Thlipui hrat lwm2 chu bahra khur kwm a mut khup twp2.Bawngpui ****g khm a mut ri hlur2 el a nih. James L. Muolvaiphei

5. Bus hrtnw lwm2 ch kondaktor in 'Pi hung chuong rwh'a ti a chu,Tarte chn Kan hmw em ke in lo fe lem ka tih' a ti ch-Solon,Ghy

[Note: Tuolte Vanglai/Tuolte Tales are taken from the '1st Tuolte Vanglai Competition, 2008' organised by 'Hmars' free SMS service (Inpui admin)]

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