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[By Lalmalsawm Sungte, INPUI Feature]
[Photo: Tv Samuel Lalrozam Hmar receiving the Bible software on behalf of Sinleng Ruolcham in Bangalore on June 23 ]

Bangalore&New Delhi, July 1: The first mobile phone-based Bible in Hmar language was released for public use during the Hmar Christian Fellowship, Delhi, worship service, in New Delhi on June 28, 2009.

The Hmar Mobile Bible software, along with other Indian languages, was dedicated to Lord Jesus Christ at the Bible Mobile and Multi Media Conference, held in Bangalore, on June 23.

The free to distribute 'Hmar Mobile Bible' includes the Delhi Hmar Bible version of the New Testament. Psalm and Proverbs will be added in the next version, according to sources.

“Efforts are also on to include the Old Testament,” said Pu Lalchungsiem, Sinleng Ruolcham member, who is overseeing the conversion process.

Developed by Bangalore-based Go Bible, aka Christiansmobile.com, Hmar Mobile Bible can be installed on any Java-enabled mobile phones. This means your phone must have one of the following features — camera or video and MP3 player.

We at, INPUI, have tested it on Nokia and LG handsets. We have no problem reading the Bible.

The main features of Hmar Mobile Bible are:
  • Easily navigate through books, chapters and even verses.
  • You can send sms or mms as many verses as you want.
  • Comes with searching options.
  • Stores recent search results.
  • Has bookmark options.
  • Every time opens with the last chapter you was reading.


    (Aslo Direct download on your phone is if you have a GPRS connection. Just enter http://hmarrunpui.com/Thuthlungthar.jad on your mobile browser and click the Thuthlungthar.jad file after the download is complete)

    Two ways to install this application on your mobile phone.

    • First Option
    • 1. Unzip the downloaded zip file.
    • 2. Copy the files with the extensions ".jad" and ".jar" to your memory chip or your phone memory.
    • 3. Add the memory chip to your mobile.
    • 4. Open the file added to your mobile.
    • 5. Thats it.
    • Second Option
    • 1. Unzip the downloaded zip file.
    • 2. Install PC suite software comes with CD of your mobile.
    • 3. Install this bible application just like installing any games (Refer PC suite manual for detailed procedure), or just do copy paste.
    • 4. Goto installed location in your mobile(normally it will be Application folder or collections folder).
    • 5. Open the file.
    • 6. Thats it.
    If you have any suggestions or queries regarding installation, leave a message here and we’ll try to help you. Or, you can mail it to sinlengnews@ gmail.com.

    The University Grants Commission (UGC) has finally set up a 24 hour toll-free helpline for dealing with ragging. If you are abused or ragged you can call 18001805522 or send an email to helpline@antiragging.net.

    Immediate action will be taken within fifteen minutes by alerting appropriate authorities, be it the head of the educational institution, the district collector or the police. The monitoring of progress of follow-up activities will also included.

    The anti-ragging guidelines issued by UGC defines ragging in a broader way to consider all activities that constitute ragging. They are applicable to all educational institutions both in government and public sectors including transport facilities. The culprits may be 'rusticated' for four sessions or fined up to 2.5 lakhs.

    The Supreme Court had recommended setting up of such a helpline only in May 2009.

    The 'mad' media is already predicting that the late 'King of Pop' Michael Jackson's funeral may be bigger than that of Princess Diana. Looking back, Diana's funeral saw a gathering of 250,000 people in London's Hyde Park alone, and it was watched on TV by 2.5 billion people worldwide, a record for any television broadcast. According to the Daily Express, hundreds of thousands of fans from around the world are expected to line the streets of Los Angeles for Jackson's funeral, expected end of this week. A televised funeral service is likely to be followed by a procession through the streets before a private burial at Jackson's Neverland ranch in California.

    Even as the media predicted that Jackson "will triumph over Diana" at the graveyard (which i think is most ridiculous) i'm reminded of our own community. We too, are no different from the so-called 'bad press/media'. "I think today's funeral service was the most attended" or "No other funeral service would be as great as that of Pi Rimawi's..so and so.. There were so many people with so many gifts!" are common utterances/observations very common among Hmar women after a funeral service.

    The greatness of a man or woman is not measured by the number of people who attended his or her funeral, but by the extent to which he or she has contributed to the life and thought and progress of the world.

    Let's us wait and watch the outcome/result of this stupid human nature. Till then keep your fingers crossed...!

    [The video is a TV grab of Princess Diana's funeral service. Elton John bids 'Good Bye' to 'England's Rose']

    Must Read: How 'Moonwalker' Jackson's skin turns white

    [By Haroon Habib]

    DHAKA, June 27: U.S. Ambassador in Dhaka James F. Moriarty has urged Bangladesh and India to sit across the table and settle disputes over India’s Tipaimukh Dam Project. He, however, ruled out his country’s mediation in the water row.

    Addressing a discussion on U.S. President Barack Obama’s South Asia Policy, Mr. Moriarty said Washington’s special engagement with New Delhi would not affect its ties with Dhaka because of overlapping U.S. interests in all the countries of the region.

    He made the comment even as some members in the audience drew his attention to the controversial Tipaimukh Dam being constructed on the Barak river in Manipur.

    “I urge the people of Bangladesh, the government of Bangladesh to negotiate with India to settle this [Tipaimukh dispute].”

    However, he said he did not have data on the flow of water coming from upstream in India and the possible impact of the Tipaimukh dam on the hydro-electric project.

    About Washington’s special engagement with New Delhi and its possible implications for other South Asian countries, he said “Whatever we do with India, won’t be done sacrificing Bangladesh ... We have overlapping interests in many areas [which also] involves Bangladesh.”

    Negotiate disputes

    He said India would be “less threatening to its neighbours because of Washington’s overlapping interests.”

    The envoy advised Dhaka to work out a solution to bilateral disputes with India through enhanced negotiations and said U.S. involvement in such matters would only complicate the situation.

    “You should never say ‘never’ … What cannot be solved today can be solved tomorrow ... Pakistan and India too have made progress [towards improvement of their ties] and resolved several bilateral water-related problems,” said Moriarty.
    Team of experts

    The U.S. envoy also pointed out that “Washington was encouraged by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s pledge to fight terrorism at home and at the regional level.”

    He said South Asia was now at the ‘centre stage’ of the Obama administration’s new policy.

    He supported the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) strongly, but said his country had no stake in the water disputes in South Asia.

    Meanwhile, Ms. Hasina suggested that the main Opposition party, the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), send its own team of experts to visit the proposed Tipaimukh Dam site in India and report to the government.

    She told Parliament on Thursday that a Parliamentary team would visit the site soon and that her government would work for the country’s best interest.
    Blames BNP

    The BNP was asked to provide the names of their MPs to be co-opted in the committee, said Ms. Hasina.

    “But, they gave a list of experts instead. So we request that they themselves send an expert team to visit the dam.”

    She said the BNP wanted “to play games” without resolving the matter. “They had also been in power, but they left office without settling the Tipaimukh issue.”

    “The Awami League will never ‘sell out’ the country,” she said.

    Water Resources Minister, Ramesh Chandra Sen told Parliament that he would disclose all information about India’s Tipaimukh Dam Project plans. “The Opposition and some Opposition-backed media are campaigning against the government over the construction of the dam,” Mr. Sen said while delivering a speech on the proposed new budget in the Parliament.

    The dam, according to a section of Bangladesh environmental experts, may be catastrophic for Bangladesh’s greater Sylhet region.

    The project also faces opposition from Indian environmental groups.

    : The Hindu (Visit India's national newspaper for more news)

    [By Poornima Nataraj]

    BANGALORE: Its Jackson Mania out there! The shock over Michael Jackson’s death has triggered a huge demand for his music in the City.

    Fans displaying pictures of Michael Jackson during a candlelight memorial gathering at Indiranagar, in Bangalore on Friday. Across Bangalore, music shops are running out of his CDs. Old stocks that remained unsold for months have been bought in two days flat, and fresh stocks are expected only on Monday.

    A salesman at Landmark, Forum, confirmed the sudden spurt in demand: As soon as the news broke out of his death on Friday afternoon, there has been a mad rush for his CDs. The music section at Landmark had just around 35 MJ CDs in stock which includes CDs of King of Pop, Thriller and Dangerous. "Hundreds of customers have enquired for MJ CDs and have placed orders at our shop. We really do not know how much to order.

    We have just placed a bulk order to get the maximum".

    Ironical but true Jackson’s death ironically injected life into his CDs. As Manjunath from Temptations Music store says, "I had 30 copies of MJ CDs like ‘Dangerous’ and ‘Thriller’ kept in my shop for a long time. Now I have sold everything. I got around 50 customers asking for MJ CDs."

    Planet M on Brigade Road had just one CD 'Bad' left by Saturday evening. The shop’s floor manager, Sarvana had this to say: "We had around 25 MJ CDs and all are sold out.

    A month ago, we used to sell around three to five CDs a day. Now we are running out of stock," he said.

    Crossword Bookstore store manager, Steve said: "The demand was very high. We have taken orders from nearly 30 customers for Jackson CDs. Hopefully we will receive the supply tomorrow".

    Some music videos of MJs song released long back ran into censor problem and was not easily available in the Indian market. However Jackson’s death is expected to clear this hurdle as his music videos will soon hit the stands.

    The store’s sales executive in charge of Karnataka, Rajith Kumar said he had received huge orders from many music stores, "I used to normally receive orders from 5-10 clients. Now, I have received more than 50 orders from different music shops".

    Indian editions of the CDs, he said, will arrive on Wednesday. However, to import CDs and music videos from abroad, it will take nearly 45 days.

    The King of Pop had mesmerized a whole generation with his music. Tomorrow’s generation might not find that attachment. Yet, the music would live on. Here’s a quote from Shivangi, a third standard girl, for proof: “I know that girls used to faint at his concerts. Through his CDs and television, me and my friends should be able to appreciate his music.”

    Courtesy: Deccan Herald Visit Deccan Herald's website for more news!

    [By Pu L KEIVOM*, Inpui Columnist]
    Crede ut intelligas (Believe that you may know)
    - St. Anselm (1033-1109)
    Intellige ut credas (Know that you may believe)
    -Peter Abelard (1079-1142)

    Kum za hma khan ei pi le puhaiin RINGNA ti trongkam hi an nei ngai naw a, an lo khawsa thei tho. An Pathien biek le tuta ei Pathien biek khom a pangngai tho a la ni nih. Ieng leia tuta ringna hi ei hringna tluka ngai poimawa ei satpui rak rak am ni tang a ta? Ringna thu tiem, ringna thlai chi, ringna chabi, ringna maicham, ringna meiser, ringna ram, ringna long, ringna mit, ringna bàn, ringna ralthuom, ringna hrat, ringna chau, ringna mawl, ringna thla, ringnaa khuolzin, ringna, ringna, ringna… Ei thunon chu ringna a nih. An leh, ringna ei ti hi ieng am a ni hrim a? Ieng leia a bo chun seramu ei thur ta naw am ning a ta? A umzie tak hrie hi mi ieng zat am um ei ta?

    Kristien sakhuo tukvera inthoka thlir a, kristien inchuktirna hlam hmanga ei inkhi chun, mi tin, a chin a lien, hausa rethei, mi mawl mi var, a zo a vai nei thei le hmang thei ni si, Pathienin Ama le mihriem inzomna hrui le van ram kotkhar lut theina chabia ringna hi a hmang leia ei khukpui a nih ti hi a donna tawi tak niin ka hriet. Sienkhom, ringna le a bebawm hi a tam em leiin hi donna khom hi a umzie inril tak sîr hrang hranga inthoka thlirna ziek ding chun hrilfiena bupui ziek a la ngai ka ring. Hi artikul khom hi artikul dang anga ziek thlak zung zung ka tuma chu a bebawm a tam leiin lutna tieng tieng sui ding a lo intieng khup pei a, artikul pakhat chauha inchawi tawka rem khawm chu a harsa kher el. Tuta ka hung thur suok po khom hi eini hriet thiem thei zawng dinga ka ngai anga voi nga lai ka thrum tah hnung a ni a, ka ziek nuom hmun thuma threa hmun khat khom a ni phak nawh.

    Chabi poimaw
    Isu Krista chun Ama ringa baptisma chang chu sandam a ni ding thu le a ringnawtu chun thiemnaw a chang ding thu a hril a (Marka 16:16). Hnuoia a cheng sunga mi a sukdam taphot deuthaw kuomah “I ringna hi i dampui a nih” tiin a hril deuh zie bok a. A thilthawtheina kut sukchetu chu a dongtu ringna a nizie thu a hril nuom lei a nih. Kong danga hril chun, Pathiena inthoka luong suok malsawmna hnar zomna chu ringna dawt a nih. A puon hmawr chauh khom thema dam inring tlat nuhmei thi put chun damna a chang throt nghal a nih. Isu rongbawlna chanchin ei tiem chun, Ama ring nawtu khuo chun a thilthawtheina ra dong dingin lungril kot an hong nuom naw leiin thilmak a thawpek naw el a nih. Ringna chu Pathien le inzomna chabi poimaw a nih.

    Hebrai 11:6 a chun ringna naw chun Pathien suklawm ruol a ni naw thu ei hmu a. Tirko Paula chun lunginsietna zara sandam ei ni thu le chu sandamna chu ringna hmanga ei dong thei thu a hril bakah ringna chu Pathien thilthlawnpek a ni thu a mi hril bok (Efesi 2:8). Ringtuin a ring chu a ring tak tak ngeizie hriet theina chu a thilthawa inthok a nizie Jakob chun a uor a, ringna hi thilthawin a zui naw chun thil thi a ni thu a khekpui thung (Jakob 2:26). Hi thu hi kohran sunga khom ei fepui dan a khuongruol naw a, Roman Catholic le Protestant inkara chadan inthuk tak siemtu a nih. Ringna lei chauha thiemchang ei ni thu uortu Martin Luther trong invetin Jakob lekhathon hi “Bupawl lekhathon” (Epistle of Straw) a ti hiel a, Baibul bua inthrangtir lo khom a nuom hiel a nih. Hi hi Jakob thukhawchang a man fie naw lei a nih. Jakob-in a hril tum tak chu ringtu indik le ringtu tehlem hriet theina chu an ringzie thilthawa an inlangtir le inlangtir lo danah a nih. Ringtu inti chun ringtu a nizie a nungchang le thilthawin inlangtir a ta, an langtir si naw chun ringtu tehlem mei mei a nizie a hril lem a nih. Chu chu ringtu intihaiin inkhinaa ei hmang rop ding a ni hrim a nih.

    Chun, ringna hi Baibul inlet sukharsatu laia pakhat khom a ni bok. Hi hi Baibul inlet sin ka tran hnunga ka hmu suok ve chauh a nih. Entirnan, Galati 2:16 Filipi 3:9 hi Version tam lemah “faith in Christ” tia an inlet a ni laiin King James Version chun “faith of Christ” tiin a sie leiin ringna hril fie dan thuah inselna tawp lo a cho suok a nih. Krista ei ringna amanih, Kristaa ringna ei innghat (faith in Christ) umzie le Krista ringna (faith of Christ) ti chu thil danglam daih a ni leiin, KJV inlet dan anga hril fie pawlhai chun mihriemin ei ringna ni loin Isu ringna chu Pathien suklawmtu a ni leiin, chu ringna intrawmpuitu ni poimawzie chu an hril uor. Chu khêla fe threnkhat chun ringna chu lunginsietna thilpek a ni leiin peka umhai chauh naw chun nuom thua pawng ring ngot thei a ni naw thu an inchuktir bok. Chu thu chu hi artikula hin ei chai hman naw ding a ni leiin hun remchanga bi dingin la khêk ei tih.

    Hmu thei lo hmu chiengna
    Hebrai 11:1 a chun ringna chu thil beiseia chiengna le la hmu lo thil hriet chiengna tiin a hril fie a. Chu chu la them phak lo le la hmu phak lo, sienkhom a um ngei tia hrila um chu awi a, pom a, chu taka innghat hmakna chu a nih. Hi thu hi Delhi Version-a footnote-ah hrilfiena kan sie bakah a hranin artikul ‘Hupostasis’ ti February 21, 2004 khan Delhi Thurawna insuo dingin ka ziek tah nghe nghe. Rom 8:24-25 a chun, “Beiseina leia sandam ei ni a, sienkhom hmu tah zing beisei chu beiseina a ni nawh. Hmu tah zing chu tuin am a la beisei zing ding. Ei la hmu naw ei beisei chun ei nghak fan fan hlak a nih” tiin Tirko Paula chun beiseina le ringna chu tangka mai hni angin a hril. Chun, ama bokin, “Hmu thei hin a mi thruoi naw a, ringnain a mi thruoi lem a nih” (2 Kor 5:7) a ti bakah hmu thei thil chu bo el ding a ni a, hmu thei lo thil ruok chu chatuon dai ropuina a ni thu a hril bok (4:16-18). Hi lei tak hin Hebrai lekhathon ziektu chun Mosie ringna thu a hrilnaah, “Hmu thei lo chu a hmu leiin sel takin a tuor a” (11:27) a lo ti a nih.

    Ringna formula, hmu thei lo hmu thei ni tlat bok si chu mihriem thil sut dan pangngai chun thil inkawkal tak a nih. Chu chu a nih a makna le dangdaina chuh. Chu chun mihriem hin mit pahnih, taksa mit le thlarau mit, kong danga hril chun puo tieng mit le sungril mit ei nei thu chieng takin a mi hril. Taksa mita hmu thei lo, sungril mit chauha hmu chieng thei thil a um thu le taksa khawvel le thlarau khawvel a um thu a mi hril sa bok a nih. Chu khawvel pahnihai chu tangka hmai hni anga thil inzom tlat an ni leiin thre hrang tum chu thutak hnawl tumna ang a nih. Peter lekhathona chun a lunginsietna ropui tak leia Pathienin mithi laia inthoka Isu Krista a keithona zarin, hmu lo khoma Ama ringtuhai chu beiseina hring nei dinga nun thar a pek thu dam, an sandamna buotsaia um tah chu ama an ringna leia Pathienin a thilthawtheinaa a hum tlat thu dam le ringna ra, sandamna chu an hmu mek leia hlimna hril seng lo khopa nasaa an sip thu dam a hril a (I Pet 1:3-9). Hi taka hin lunginsietna, sandamna, ringna, beiseina le hlimna ei ti hai hi thil intringmit le inzom tlat vong an ni thu ei hmu bok a nih.

    Pei le puntir inkop
    Ringna ei ti hi Pathienin a mi sandam theina dinga ama suklawmna dinga thil ei thawpek a ni nawh. Kros-a Isu Krista thina khan mihriem tu khom sandamna sin chu hlen zoin a um a, “A kin tah” tia hnena hlado a’n sam khan Pathienin a lunginsietna zara mihriem sandamna lampui a thlawn lieu lieua a buotsai chu kumkhuoa dinga zo fel a ni tah. Mi po po suol phurtu le an ta dinga thia thilthawtheinaa ropui taka keitho nawka um chu Isu a nih. Ama chauh chu Pathien lungsenna thawi dam theitu le mihriem chunga hremna tlung ding khom la kieng theitu a nih. Sandamtu che chu i ringna ni loin Krista thisen a nih. Kristaa chun hringna a um a, chu chu mihriemhai ta dinga hringna var a nih. Chu hringna var chu nei dinga Krista kuoma mi thruoitu chu ei ringna a nih. Kristain intlanna sin a thlawna a lo thaw zo tah chu dong dingin ringna chun Krista tieng a mi’n pantir a, a sandamna thilpek dong dingin kut a mi’n phartir a nih. Chu ringna chu iem a na?

    Iengkim Siemtu Pathien pakhat chauh a um ti ring hin Baibula ringna a hril tak hi a kawk phak nawh. Ramhuoihai khomin chu chu an ring a, an hriet a, triin an inthin hlak (Jakob 2:19). Hnuoia Isu a leng lai khan rala inthok khoma tu am a nih ti hre nalh theihai chu ramhuoihai an ni a, anni soisa lo dingin an ngên chul hlak a ni khah. Pathien thu hriet hi a poimaw bek bek a, amiruokchu, hrietna ringota innghata ring si lo chu thil thlawn a nih. Hriet le ring kop a ngai. Hrietna chu ringna lampui mi’n pantirtu sirbi poimaw hmasa tak a nih. Ei ring ding chun ei ringna ding san hriet hmasak phot a ngai. Hi lei hin Tirko Paula chun, “Thu an hriet naw chun ieng tin am ring thei an ta? Thuhriltu um loin iengtin am hrieng an ta?....Ringna chu thu an ngaithlaka inthoka hung um a na, thu hrila um chu Isu Krista thu a nih” (Rom 10:14,17) tiin a lo hril a nih. A tontira Abelard thu hril ei tar lang Intellige ut credas (Know that you may believe) ti kha “I ring theina dingin hre (hmasa phot) rawh” tiin inlet inla; Anselm hril Crede ut intelligas (Believe that you may know) kha “I hriet theina dingin ring (hmasa phot) rawh” tiin inlet bok inla. Thu inkawkal hoi hle sien khom a ni nawh. Pathien ring ding chun a chanchin thra hriet hmasak phot a ngai thu le Pathien hriet ding chun ring phot a ngai thu, ringna kailawna hraw ngei ngei ding sirbi poimaw pahnih hrilna a nih.

    Thuthlung Thar huna ‘ringna’ ei hril hrim hrim hi Isu Kristaa intran le Isu Kristaa tawp vong a nih. Habakuk 2:4 a “Ringnaa mi fel chu hring a tih” ti thu Paulan Rom 1:17 a a hung tar lang hi thil thuhmun ni si, a kawk khom inang, sienkhom a hmangna inang chie lo a nih. Babulon sala intang Judahai, zawlneihai thu lo hril lawk ringa zawmtuhai chan ding Habakuk-in a hrilna a nih. Paula ruok chun Isu Krista ringtuhai chan ding a hrilna a ni daih thung. Isu ngeiin, “Kei hi lampui le thutak le hringna ka nih; keimaa fe naw chu tu khom Pa kuom an tlung ngai nawh. Kei mi hrie ni unla chu ka Pa khom hrieng in tih. Tu hin chu in hriet tah a, ama khom in hmu ta bok” tiin a zirtirhai a hril a ni kha. Filip ruok chu a la chieng naw fan leiin, “Tu khom a mi hmu chu Pa hmu a nih. Ieng leia Pa chu mi’n hmutir rawh i la ti rop? Kei Paah ka um a, Pa keimaaha a um ti hi in ring naw a ni?” (John 14:1-14) tiin a kawk-zil a nih. Pathienin fela a ruothai chu a tirh Isu Krista ringtuhai chauh an nih.

    Ringna le a bebawm hi a tam êm êm a, hril zo seng chi khom a ni nawh. A ieng zawng khomin hril hril inla, a thu inthlungna ban chu Pathienin Isu Krista hmanga a lunginsietna zara a thlawna mihriem sandamna lampui a hung buotsai thu le ringnaa chu lampui chu hraw lo chun Edena suola lo tlu tah mihriem tu khom ta dingin sansuokna lampui dang a um der naw thuah a tawp vong a nih. Ringna hrim hrim Isua intran le tawp a ni naw chun a fuk naw vong.

    Pei hlawk
    Ringna ei ti hi pei le puntir inkop ang a nih. Negative side le positive side a nei a. A pei tieng (negative side) panga chun, sandamna dinga mania inringtawkna le mani thilthaw thrata innghatna po po pei thlak vong a, “Suol kop keima mihriema hin thil thra hrim a chêng nawh” (Rom 7:18) tia mani inhnawl fai thrak a phut. Isu ngeiin, “Tu khomin a mi zui nuom chun mani insie hmangin, ni tin a kros putin mi zui raw se” a ti a nih. Tlangval hausa, Dan zawm kima inngaiin sandamna chabi zonga Isu a hung pan trum khan, “Keimaah thil thra hrim a chêng nawh” ti nêkin, “Chuong po po chu ka tleirawl tîra inthokin ka zawm dap vong a nih” tiin mani inringzo tak le insuong takin a hril a, a Dan zawmna leiin Pathien hmaah thiem chang dinga inngaina a nei a, a tlak nawzie le mi suol a nizie a hmu thei nawh. Chu chu Israel thla, a hnunga Juda mi hung intihai ngirhmun a ni tlangpui. Insie ruok thrak a, a nei po po pasiehai kuomah pe a, ama zui dinga Isun a hang ti zet chun Juda tlangval hmel kha van innim angin a hung thûm el a nih (Marka 10:17-23).

    Hi ei thil hril hi tu laia ‘tlak fai’ ei ti vet leh hin thil thuhmun a ni el thei. ‘A ni el thei’ ka tina san chu a thu kawk umzie a fie naw lei ni loin, a taka ei nuna ei phur suok dan le inmil lo a tam lei a nih. Tla fai dera inhril, “Kha hmaa chu chu kha kha khah ka ni ta nawh” tia inhril tam tak hi ei hang bel chieng a, ei zing thoa ei ek tum che thlak bak chu ieng khom einia inthoka tla hmu le hril ding a vang khop el. Isu lo hmuoktu le a ina intlungtirtu Zakai ruok kha chu a hnunga a chanchin pei ei hriet ta nawa chu, Luka rikawta inthoka ei hmu dan chun, a tla fai chieng khop el. Isu hung hmutu tlangval hausa ei hril tah leh khan a letling char an nih. Zakai chun a nei zatve pasiehai kuoma pe ding le tu thil khom indik lo taka a lakpek taphot chu a let lia rul dingin thu a thlung top el a nih. Ringnaa Isu pomtu tak tak inhrietna chu suol inhrietna, insirna le simna nei a, ieng kim chàn huoma Amaa an tluklut el hi a nih. Chu chu ringna formulaa hril chun ‘tlak hlawk, ruok hlawk, pei hlawk, kiem hlawk, inhmang hlawk’ ti ding ni awm tak a nih. Chu chu a nih “inhmang hlawkah ei tiem, tuorna lawmnan ei tiem” tia hlaa ei sak hlak hih. Tla fai si, sip liem bok si chu a taka hretu le changtu ni lo, bohmang mekhai ta ding chun thu inkawkal le invetthlak tak a nih. Ringnaa changtu ta ding ruok chun thilthawtheina a nih.

    Belh hlawk
    Belh tieng (positive side) a chun, Pathiena ringna neitu tak tak chun Krista thutak chu pomin a hlut hlak. Sandamnaa thruoi lut thei ringna (saving faith) neitu chun mani thratna le inringzonaa innghat loin, mi suolhai sandam le hum theitu um sun Isu tieng a ngha a, a bèl hlak. Ringna neitu chun Baibula Krista nina, Pathien Naupa le Mihriem Naupa a nina puonga um, Pathien ni bok, Mihriem ni bok, felna tienga famkim, mi po po suol phura hemde a nina leia voi khat thia Pathien thil tum intlanna sin hlen suoktu, tlanna sin a hlen zoa Pathienin ropui taka a keitho le Pa chang tieng inthrunga chatuona Pathien le rorel le hun bi a kim phaa mihring le mithihai Roreltu dinga la hung nawk ding chu a thuphung el ni loin a tak takin a ringzo a, innghatna dingin a pom hmak hlak. Chu thutak chu a nih Pathien thu, Chanchin Thra ei ti tak hi a nih. Chu thutak ringtu, awitu le zawmtu chu ‘Pathien thu awi’, ringtu, kristien ei tihai hi an nih.

    Ringna hlawk
    Baibul (NIV) pumpuiah ‘ringna’ ti thu mal hi voi 268 ei hmu a, Thuthlung Hlui (TH)-ah voi 16 a’n lang a, chu lai chun ‘ringna’ (faith) ti tak ruok chu voi hni chauh hmang a ni a, a dang chu ‘trust’ (ringzo) le ‘believe’ (awi) tia hmang an ni a, sienkhom ‘ringna’ tia inlet vong a nih. Thuthlung Thar (TT) ah voi 252 hmang a ni a, a hmang inrim tak chu Tirko Paula a nih. Thilthawhai tiem sa loin, a lekhathona ringot khom voi 137 a hmang a, Hebrai lekhathon hi ama zieka ei pom lem chun voi 173 a hmang a nih. A hmang rawnna tak Rom lekhathonah voi 40 zet a hmang. Chuleiin, Rom lekhabu hi ‘Ringna Bu’ ti hming put tlak a nih.

    TH huna ringna hung inlang tran hun chu Pathienin Abraham kuoma thu a thlunga inthokin a nih. “Abram chun LALPA chu a ring a, chu chu a felnaah a pompek a” (Gen 15:6) ti ei hmu a. Abraham inlang hma daih khan Pathien thu zawm mi, mi fel, Pathien mit tlung (Gen 6:8) Nova bakah Abel le Enok hming ei hmu a (Heb 11:4-7). Nova chun kum 120 tâl top mi nuizatbur hlaw khopin long a tuk tlut tlut a, tuiletah a sunghai leh an him pha a. Hebrai lekhathon ziektu khomin, “a ringna chun khawvel thiem naw a’n changtir a, ringna leia thiem inchangtirna rochungtu a lo ni tah” tiin sartifiket insang tak a pêk a nih.

    Ringnaa mi huoisen lo fe tah hai, chung tienga inthoka sumpui anga mi’n huol veltu le mi thlirtuhai chanchin ei tiem chun, ringnaa kalchawituhai chu (a) Pathiena innghat mi, a thu zawm mi le a ditzawng thawtu (Luka 17:5); (aw) Antram mu tiet khom ni sien ringna hring neitu le damtea zung keia inthranglientirtu (Luka 17:6); (b) Krista sinthawa innghattu (Rom 5:1-11) (ch) Tuorna, hnawchêpna le hnengdena tuor fan fantu (d) Harsatna an tuok rawn po leh tuorsel deu deu mi (Rom 5: 3-5; Heb.11:1-40; Rom 8: 12-30, Gal. 3:10-13)); (e) hmu thei lo hma tieng hriet chiengna neia beisei taka pan trang trangtu (Heb. 11:1) le (f) chieng faka ringzona neia ngai sukngam hmaktu (John 20:29) an ni vong.

    Ringna hlawk lo
    Ringnaa sartifiket hmu sang tak ni hiel ding Abraham chu a nuhmei Sari ringna inphet leiin, ram tiem Kanan an lut hnung kum sawmah a che buoi a, chu buoina kakhawk chu voisun chen hin a la sosang pei a nih. Abraham kuoma Pathien thuthlung chu sukpuitling vat vat a nuomna luotah ama remruotna hmangin Sari chun a umpui Aigupta nunghak Hagar chu a pasal kuomah chi thlatu dingin a pek a. Nau a hung paia inthokin sul hnienghnar Hagar le sul thlaler Sari inkar thu chu a hung buoi nghal a. Ismail a hung pieng chun a thaipui nau ni ta lo chawk chu, a nu leh ina inthoka hnot dokin an um a. Kum sangli deuthaw liem tah hnung khom hin Abraham nau ve ve, a thaipui Sari thlahai le a hmei Hagar thlahai chun inchemhar an la ma nawh. Sari ringna telhelin Pathien remruot nghak loa ama lung tlukna a hmang khan khawvel a chokchawrawi hne khop el. Khawvelin buoina tam tak a tuokhai hi Pathien remruot nghak pei loa Sari anga mani lung tlukna zuia baw rok rok mihai thilthawin a kakhawk a ni nuom khop el.

    Buoinain a mi nang pha leh ringtu tam tak ringna inphetin a chi-ai hlak. Ama an ring theina dinga Pathienin thilthawtheina mak tak sawm zet hmanga Faraw a hrem hnungin Israelhai chu Kanan ram panin an suok hum hum a, an hlimin an pheikhai khom a zâng. Amiruokchu, Tuipui Sen kamah Faraw le a sipai ruolin an hung nangching zet chun fiein an um a, “Aigupta rama khan thlan ding a um naw leia thlalera hin thi dinga i mi thruoi a lo ni maw!” tia chi-aiin, hani tlum tlumin Mosie an suosal mur mur el a nih. Ringna nghet nei, hmu thei lo hmutu Mosie ruok chun, “Tri naw ro. Ngir nghet unla, voisuna LALPAN sansuokna a hung intlunpek ding cheu hi thlir ringot ro. Voisuna Aigupta mi in hmuhai hi hmu nawk ta ngai naw ti niu. LALPAN dopek a ti cheu; ngaingam takin um trok trok ringot ro” tiin mipui chu a zâp dei a, ropui taka sansuokin an um tah hrim a nih. Ringtu inti seng seng si hi fiena ei tuok pha kâr a lo hla nuom khop el.

    Chun, inthlakthlengna um lo ringna hi ringna trangkai lo, ra insuo ngai lo a nih. Chuong ang ringna chu Isu ngeiin grep kaupeng, ra insuo ve lo leh a tekhi a, “Tu khom keimaa um zing naw chu kau sat thlak angin an peihawn a, a hung vuoi a, an rùt khawm a, meiah an pei a, a kang hlak” a ti a nih. Ringtu indik tak chu fe suoka ra insuo ding le insuo zom pei dingin ama ngeiin a mi thlang thu a hril bok. Beiruol le kemping ei thaw changa piengthara inhril tam tak hai lai hin lung sukno zawng thu hmanga thu hriltuhai chil perin a deng thluk, huou huou thlarau chang, simna (repentance) le thu zawmna (obedience) thrang loa hmaithinghawnga ringna hmang tum pawl tam tak ei um a, chu chu ei thrangmawbawk laia pakhat a nih.

    Baua ring, a hril chauha tlak tum, a taka thaw pei si lo ringna chu ringna thlawn le umzie bo a ni bok. Chuong ang mi, ringtu inti sihai chu an nih Isu unaupa Jakob-in “thilthawa suklang si loa ringna i nei dan chu mi’n entir la, keiin ringna ka nei a nih ti thilthawin inentir ka ti che” tia inkungfu dinga a cho tawl chuh (2:14-26).

    Chun, ringnaa kal ei chawinaa hin ei pheikhai a’n ruol naw dingzie hre chiengtu Tirko Paula chun, “Ringnaa mi hrat naw chu a ngaidan inselpui kher loin, lawm lut el ro” (Rom 14:1) tiin infuina thu a ziek a. Mi pakhat ta dinga hriet thiem el thei kha mi hrat naw ta ding chun hriet thiem thei lo, a kalchawi sukbahlatu le a ringna sukphettu a ni theizie thu chieng takin a mi hril a nih. Fak le dawn le Sikpui Kut hmang thua inselna um rop khom hi chuong ang thil lei chu a nih. Pipu thil hrim hrim ban vong dinga inzirtirna indik lo an lo intu, tu chena ringtu tam tak ringna la zar buoi zing khom hi a nih. Ieng anga Pathien thu thra khom ni sien, tlanglam zaia ei sak chun Setan thuomhnawa ngai nghal pawl ringtu inti lai hin a tam lem ei ni ka ring. Chuleiin, mawlnaa innghat ringtu chun taksa le thlaraua a mawlna khel a tlung thei der nawh. Tlunga a’n ngai a ni chun ama le ama a’n hlèm a nih. Chuonga mani le mani inhlem, a thua hla tak tlung, a taka tlung phak si lo chu hmu ding ei tam.

    Ringna infie
    Tirko Paula chun, “Ringnaah in um le um naw inen chiengin, mani ngei infie hlak ro” tiin Korinth kohran kuomah a ziek a. Ringnaa an um le um naw infiena dinga a hril chu anniah Krista a um le um naw inen fie a nih. A um ti an hriet naw chun an ringna chu a lem chauh a nizie thu a hril nghal bok a nih (2 Kor 13:5).

    An leh, ei ringna a hrat le hrat naw iengtin am fie thei ei ta? Peter-in tui chunga kea lawn Isu a hmu chun a lungphûr thutin, “Tui chunga i kuoma hung thu mi pe rawh” a ta, a pêk a, kein tui chunga chun Isu panin a fe ve el tah a. Sienkhom Isu hmel en zing loa thli le tuifawn a en phing leh a tri a, a pil tran tah a nih. Tritna, ringhlàna, beidongna le lungzingna hai hi ringna hmelma an nih. Chu chu ni tina buoina thlipui le harsatna tuifawn so buon buon chunga ringna longa intawl ringtuhai hin ei nun senga ei thil hmasuon zing a nih. Sienkhom, Peter chun santu dingin Isu ko nachang a hriet a, a hei ban nghal a, “Ringna tlawm, ieng dinga i ringhlel am a na?” ti pumin Iengkim Lalpa chun a sanhim tah a nih. Hi chanchina hin ringna umzie dam, ringna chu ienga innghat ding am a na ti dam, ringna hmelma le ringzona lungril sukphettu chu tritna a ni thu dam le sansuokna chu khaw laia inthoka hung am a ni a ti chieng takin ei hmu a nih.

    Ni khat chu zirtirhaiin Isu kuomah, “Kan ringna mi sukpungpek rawh” (Lk 17:5) tiin an hni a. Chun, pa pakhatin Isu sukdam dinga a naupa, ramhuoi man a hung thruoi khan a ringna a’n sit leiin, “Ka ringhlàna hi mi hnèpêk rawh” (Mk 9:24) tiin a hni bok ti ei hmu a. Hienghai hin an hni fuk hle a nih. Ama chu ei ringna bulpui le sukfamkimtu a ni leiin Ama en tlata ringnaa ei intlansieknaah hma tieng pana sel taka tlan ding ei nih (Heb. 12:2). Thil dang po po neka ringtuhai hni rop ding chu ei ringna mi sukhratpek hi ni tlatin a’n lang. Chu ding chun ringna indik put a ngai. Ringna indik put ding chun Pathien thu hriet fie le hriet rawn a ngai. Mihriem hrietna khela Pathien thuruk inthukzie mi hril fie theitu chu Thlarau Thienghlim a nih. Ringna hi khawvel hnea ngamna (1 John 5:3), thiemchangna le Pathien le inremna (Rom 5:1), Pathien suklawm theina (Heb 11:6), Pathien felna inlangna (Rom 1:17), chatuon hringna nei theina (John 3:16) a nih. Chuleiin, khukpui naw ziezang ei ni nawh.

    [*Editor's Note: INPUI-news&info columnist Pu Keivom is a retired Indian foreign diplomat and respected Hmar Mizo litterateur. This article was written by him on June 26 2009.]

    Following were the main jobs in 'Employment News' dated June 20-26.

    1. Central Bank of India requires 1275 Probationary Officers, Agriculture Finance Officers and Law Officers.
    2. Purvanchal Gramin Bank requires 98 Officers Scale - I and Office Assistants.
    3. Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Limited requires 688 Junior Executives, Senior System Analyst, Station Controllers, Junior Engineers and Office Assistants.
    4. Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited, New Delhi requires 62 Management Trainees/Executive (Accounts).
    5. The Indian Army invites applications form unmarried male candidates for grant of permanent commission in the Army in all Arms/Services.
    6. Council of Scientific and Industrial Research notifies Combined Administrative Services Examination, 2009.
    7. Union Public Service Commission notifies Geologist's Examination, 2009.
    8. Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited, Kolkata requires 27 Stipendiary Trainees.
    9. Staff Selection Commission declares the result of Sub-Inspectors in Central Police Organisation (CPOs) Examination, 2008.
    10. Union Public Service Commission declares the result of Combined Defence Services (II), 2008 & Combined Defence Services (i), 2009.
    11. Union Public Service Commission declares the result of Engineering Services, 2008.

    For Details of these jobs please buy your copy from your newspaper vendor.

    Many people have the impression that the late 'King of Pop' Micheal Jackson underwent a plastic surgery to change the colour of his skin from black to white. Even you might have heard the same story told over and over again over some gossips. But the real story is completely different- Micheal Jackson had a severe skin disease called Vitiligo. This disease results in loss of pigmentation and thereby turning a part or whole of the body white!

    Michael suffered with the disease for more than 20 years and to look tasteful he would use makeups and sometimes plastic surgeries. Watch this video on Vitiligo and how Micheal tells Oprah Winfrey and the world with a heavy heart that he really suffered from the dreaded skin disease. We hope with this video would bring awareness about this skin disorder and also clear our doubts on how Micheal's skin turns white.

    May his soul rest in peace!

    Read: Jackson to triumph over Diana, is madness!

    LOS ANGELES, June 24, 2009: In a twisted case of destiny, Michael Jackson, one of the most influential figures in modern pop culture, died of a sudden cardiac arrest just weeks before his much awaited comeback 'This Is It'. However, the exact circumstances of his deat h will be known only after the autopsy.

    Jackson, known as 'King of Pop' by fans and often derided as 'Whacko-Jacko' by the media, was 50.

    The 'Thriller' hitmaker, who won 13 Grammies in a careers spanning more than three decades, died last night after collapsing at his home in Los Angeles.

    The singer was taken to Ronald Reagan UCLA medical centre here by the fire department paramedics after they failed to revive Jackson.

    Lieutenant Fred Corral, of the Los Angeles County Coroner's office, said Jackson was pronounced dead at 2:26 pm (0256 IST) local time.

    His mother, brothers including Jermaine, Tito and Randy and sisters Janet and LaToya, had raced to be at his bedside.

    “It is believed he suffered cardiac arrest in his home, however, the cause of his death is unknown until the autopsy results are known. Our family requests that the media please respect our privacy, it is a tough time for us,'' Jermaine Jackson, brother of the singer said.

    Jackson was dogged with reports of worsening health with rumours of skin cancer and a reported lung failure.

    Reports said that the singer had been very frail as he struggled to prepare for his much-hyped 50-date comeback in London, which were due to start on July 13.

    RIP Michael, tweets the world
    As the world woke up to the news of 'King of Pop' Michael Jackson's death, everyone from Indian politician Shashi Tharoor to California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger took to Twitter, the micro blogging website to convey their shock and sorrow.

    Tharoor who is on his first ever overseas assignment to the Gulf remembered his meeting with the pop icon. 'MJ's songs and impact will of course outlast the recollections of his oddities. Met MJ once in my UN hat. Musical genius, but distinctly odd (like Mozart?) Wanted to be a UN goodwill ambassador but we couldn't recommend it,' wrote Tharoor.

    Superstar Mariah Carey wrote a poignant message saying that Jackson can never be replaced. 'My prayers go out to the Jackson family,and my heart goes out to his children. Let us remember him for his unparalleled contribution to the world of music, his generosity of spirit in his quest to heal the world & the joy he brought to his millions of devoted fans throughout the world.

    'I feel blessed to have performed with him several times & to call him my friend.No artist will ever take his place. His star will shine forever,' wrote Carey.

    'We lost a great entertainer and a pop icon. My thoughts and prayers go out to Michael Jackson's family, friends and fans' wrote California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

    Oscar winning actress Jane Fonda wrote, 'I am stunned, my friend Michael Jackson is dead. he lived with me for a week on 'Golden Pond' set after Thriller.'Bollywood actress Mallika Sherawat too payed obeisance through a small tweet, R.I.P. MJ. Gravity singer John Mayer wrote, 'I truly hope he is memorialized as the '83 moonwalking, MTV owning, mesmerizing, unstoppable, invincible Michael Jackson.Dazed in the studio. A major strand of our cultural DNA has left us. RIP MJ.'

    Srilankan born Oscar nominated rapper MIA wrote, 'Michael Jackson, the first 2 English words I ever spoke, the future sucks!'

    Ardent Twitter followers Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher both requested the media to respect the privacy of the grieving family.

    'I plea to the public to refuse to consume media that does not respect the anonymity of Michael's children. I plea to the press to respect his wishes of maintaining the anonymity of his children,' wrote Kutcher.

    Upcoming singers Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift wrote about the huge influence the star had on their music. 'michael jackson was my inspiration. love and blessings,' wrote Miley Cyrus while Swift tweeted, 'It just doesn't feel real.. Everyone is walking around backstage saying 'Have you heard?'

    Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz wrote, 'I have never felt this before in my life. I could measure my childhood 2 now on an MJ growth chart. RIP. The last legend.'

    Michael Jackson,50 had died of a sudden cardiac arrest last night here, just weeks before his much awaited comeback.

    Courtesy: PTI Click here to visit their site for more news

    NEW DELHI, June 26, 2009: Hung tlung ding June 27th, 2009 (Inrinnni) anthawk khin Delhi Hmar Premier League-II (2009) chu Central Secretriate ground, Vinay Marg (Opp. Nehru Park) a tan ning a tih.

    Chanchin ei dawng danin team pali in the a ni a, inhoi taka hi hun hi hmang an tum.

    Nu le pa hai khomin thalai hai an lo phurpui ta hle, ni’n an hrilsa bawk.

    Chanchin chienglem chu Delhi Thurawn next issue a hriet thei ning a tih.

    [By Pu L.KEIVOM*, Inpui Columnist]

    Khawvel histawri chîk taka ei bi chun ram hrang hrang le hun hrang hrangah, a mihriem chenghai ngirhmun le inphu ang peiin, hmun poimaw bika Siemtu ruot tia hril thei a um hlak a. Chuong ang hmun chu hmun khàn thra, infe pawna le châk lâkna remchang a ni rop hlak. A thren chu sawtnawte sunga ngirhmun poimaw hluo an um a, a thren ruok chu ieng lai khoma poimaw zing an um bok. Manipur sim thlang, Mizoram hmar sak le Barak phai thruta chênghai ta dinga chuong ang hmun khàn thra le poimaw kum hlun hluotu laia pakhat chu sim tienga inthoka Cachar phai zuk lutna kotsuo Lakhipur hmun hi a nih.

    Chuong ang hmun chu nunghak hmel thra, lêngtu le beiseitu hau tak ang a ni leiin hmangruo chi hrang hrang hmanga nei le pumbil tuma inchuthlak tumhai kha hun danga chu hnam dangin an hlu suok a, an dîp hmang dai a, an hlimthla khom hmu ding a um ta nawh. Chu chu tuta truma ei nunghak leng khom hin sun le zanin a hmasuon zing a; a ngirhmun suknghet le sukphuisui dan zongin ei hung inkhawm a nih.

    Nina le ngirhmun hriet
    Rangkachak le lunghlu chi tinreng umna muol le tlang neitu le hluotu chun a hmun hluoa khan thil hlu a um ti a hriet si naw chun a thil nei kha ieng tina khom a ni nawh. Thil hlu a um ti a hriet khomin a lak suok dan le hmang hlawk dan a hriet si naw chun umzie nei tam bok naw nih. Khawnvartui dil chunga inthrung Arab ramhai khomin an thil nei le a sor dan hmang khawthlang mi thiemhai zara an hriet hma chun rethei mong tola thrung mei mei an nih.

    Mihriem hin mani theina zawng chitah talen ei kol seng a, ei kol zat ruok chu an chen naw thei. A poimaw tak chu hmang hlawk a nih. Talen tlawm lem neitu khan a talen kol poimawzie a hriet a, hlawk taka a hmang chun talen hau tak, sienkhom a talen kol hmang pei lo amani, a hmang dan khom hre lo le thiem lo nek chun trangkaipui lem dai a tih. Isu tekhinthua talen koltu ang el khan, talen hi phûm hlawk ding ni loa hmang hlawk dinga pek ei nih. Mani talen rûla raw nei a, zalpui le inthrungpui ringot hi suol a nih.Israel ramah in zin chun, tlang khat hluo seng seng Judahai chengna chin le Arabhai chengna chin chu thim le var ang deuthawin a danglam a nih. Judahai hluo chin chu a hring dup a, Arabhai hluo chin chu a trawlin a thring bor bor el. A hnuoi, a ruotui dong, sik le sa le thil dang iengkhom a danglam nawh. A danglamna chu a neituhai lungril puthmang a nih. Pakhat chun a ram nei sun a nih ti a hriet a, a hmangai a, a duot a, tuoi thar tumin a theina po po leh a thrang a; pakhat ruok chun chuong ang lungril chu a put ve nawh. Ram siemnaah hi thuruk hi hriet a poimaw khop el.

    Eini khomin, ei ram hluo, ei hmun le hmahai hlutzie le poimawzie ei hriet chieng a, a hausaknahai huot suok dan le hmang hlawk dan ei hriet chau ni loa ei thiem a ngai takmeuh a nih. Ei ram naw hi ram dang ei nei naw leiin, duota, ei cheibawl a ngai.

    Hmathlir nei
    Hmathlir nei thra an um nawna hmuna chun a mihriem chenghai chu thimtham hnuoia inmai ang an ni leiin ram le hnam a tlu se hlak. Fena ding tong khat khom hmu lo le thlir phak loa kalchawitu le hma tieng fie taka hla tak hmu theitu kalchawi dan chu an ang thei nawh. Darkar khat, ni khat, kar khat, thla khat le kum khat dinga thil hisaptuhai hma lak dan chu an hisapna sei le tawi dan dungzuiin inang naw nih. Kum khat chaua dinga thil hisaptu le thrang khat dai dinga hisaptu hma lak dan khom an ang ngai bok nawh. Kum za tam tak la hung pei ding ngaituoa thil thawtu hisapna lem chu a danglam dai a nih. Hmathlir neihai chun hma tienga ram le hnam damna ding thil thra, mit lawnga hmu thei lo chu lungril mitah an hmu tlat leiin, an hnot trâng trâng a, an tuor fan fan hlak a nih. Chuong ang mihai chun, ram le hnam damna ding chun sungkuo tin ngirhmun siem nghet hmasak phot a poimawzie khom an hriet chieng hle hlak.

    Sulsutu hai hmathlir
    Lakhipur khawzawla ngei chuong ang hmathlir hla tak neihaiin hniekhnung poimaw le hmai ruol lo an lo maksan dan chu hma thar lak ei tumnaah phûrna thar le tha thar mi petu a ni beiseiin, a trobula inthokin a tawi thei ang takin hang thlir ei tih. Hi hi ei ngirhmun inen chiengna dinga darthlalang thra tak a ni bakah hnam damna thu a ni leiin, ngaithlakna dinga na neihai chun ngun takin ngaithla raw hai se.

    Kum 1910 February khan Welsh tlangval, kum 24 mi, Watkin Roberts, hming lema ‘Saptlangval’ an lo ti, a hnunga a rawihaiin ‘Pu Tlangval’ tia an hung inza ko ta pei chun Senvon khuoah Chanchin Thra meiser a put lut a, enkol tham Kristien an hung um tak leiin kum 1914 khan Zo misawnari hmasa tak R.Dala chu optu dingin Senvonah a tir a, Thado-Kuki Pioneer Mission (TKPM) chu an din tah a nih. Chuong lai huna Mission hrang hrangin biel an insem danin Manipur tlangram po chu American Baptist Mission (ABM) biela an lo sie tak leiin TKPM chun harsatna a tuok tran nghal a. Zalen tak le hlawk taka rong an bawl theina ding, insaisangnahmun remchang an hang dap vel chun an mit chu Lakhipurah a fu ta tlat el a nih. A san iem ning a ta?

    Saptlangval misawn phun TKPM, a hnunga North East India General Mission (NEIGM) tia an hung thlak chun Manipur tieng Churachandpur Biel le Tripura tieng Jampui tlang dungah hmun a khuor hmasa tak a. Kohran an hung pung pei tak leiin a op khawmtu ding mingo misawnari sie thrain a hriet a. Manipur le Tripuraa sie chu an Renghaiin an phal si naw leiin Assam ram sunga um ni si, khaw tieng tieng khoma a lawilên remchangna taka an ngai Lakhipur hi hmunpuia siem dingin an hung rel thluk tah a nih.

    Lakhipur an thlangna san chu, biel zauh an tum pei tawnna dinga khàn thra nia an hriet lei a nih. Kum 1920 khan misawnari ropui le hmingthang Edwin Rowlands (Zosapthar) chun TKPM a hung zom a, Saptlangval leh hma lak dan ding ngun taka phanin survey an thaw tran nghal a. Mission ngelnghethaiin ram thim an nornaa an ngaisak ve phak lo, mi kara tla zep, Manipur, Tripura, Cachar, Chittagong Hills, Arakan le Chin Hills biela hmun kilkhawra Zo hnathlak khawsahai chu Kristiena siem a, hmun tinah mania inenkol thei ding kohran indin a nih. Chu bakah chun Naga ram thlang tieng, Angami Naga, Kacha Naga le Kuki an um polna Henemaah hmun khuor an tum bok a. Chuonga an thaw chun Zo hnathlakhai chu rut kim deu vong thei dingin an inring a nih. Chuong hmun kilkhawrhai po po chu Lakhipur hmunpuia inthoka kap êng an tum a nih.

    An hmathlir chu bawzui dingin Edwin Rowlands a hung suok a. Silcharah umhmun khuor hmasain, chu taka inthok chun June 21, 1921 khan Lakhipura Mission hmunpui relna dingin Cachar Land & Loan Corporation-a inthokin kum khat peiah bigha khatah Rs. 4 pei haw man pek dingin hmun a lâk a, chu hmun chu tu chena Mission Compound ti hung ni ta pei hi a nih. Hebron khuoa Abrahamin ram an chawk hmasa tak ang el khan, hi Mission Compound hi Saptlangval Mission chanchina ke nghatsan remna dinga ram a lak, sorkar rikawta chuong hmasa tak a nih. Chu ni, Mission-in ke nghatsan a phum tran ni chu, eini tieng panga chu, Lakhipur khuo khoma in ban ding a phun tran nia ngai thei ning a tih.

    Sulsutuhaiin Lakhipur hmun an thlangna san dang chu Bible School indinna dinga khàn thra nia an hriet lei a nih. An hmathlir dan chun, hi taka Baibul thu inchuktuhai hin an thu inchuk, Pathien silaimu hrat tak chu hmangin an hma bul ela ramthim inzar khup el chu an kâp dar ding a nih. Kong danga hril chun, Bible School-a a thua an inchuk kha an hma bul ram thimah a tak ngeiin an hmang nghal pei thei ding a nih. Chu chungthua Kemmendine, Rangoon-a inthoka May 20, 1926 a Edwin Rowlands in Watkin Roberts lekha a thona chun thil dang tam tak bakah, “the ideal position would be one where on one side the students had the fields- the Christian churches behind them, which would be an inspiration, a perpetual inspiration within reach and call; and on the others, an unevangelized region where the students could be poured into, if only for short periods” tiin an hmathlir dan chu a lo ziek a nih.

    Sulsutuhaiin Lakhipur an hung thlang san dang poimaw em em el chu tuta Seminar/Workshop le inzom thil hi a nih. An rongbawlna thiltum chu mihai thlarau sandam chauh ni loin an ni tin khawsakna sukchangkang a, an intodelna ding lampui zongpek a nih. Chu ding chun lekha inchuktir le fak zongna ngelnghet indinpui a nih. Watkin Roberts thiltum laia poimaw pahni chu (1) nasa taka sumdawng a, a hlawka Mission enkol le ramthim nor le (2) ringtharhai chu fakzongna ngelnghet zongpui a, anni thawlawma kohran enkol thei ngirhmuna siem a nih.

    A tum pakhatna hi sukhlawtling tumin Calcuttah sumdawngna company a siem a, chu ruol chun India rama trong lien tham po po deuthawin ram thim nornaa le ringtharhai chawmna ding Pathien thu a sut a. Chun, ama hi Chemist a ni leiin damdawi iemani zat a hmu suok a, thuok sam (ashma) damdawi a siem lem chu a thra hlea hril a ni nghe nghe a. Company lien tak leh inthukopa khawvel hmun tina thon suok dinga siem a, a hlawk zaa sawmkhat ringot khoma a Mission phun chu chawm hne an beisei a. Amiruokchu, a hun tongin a zir ta naw a. Indopui Pakhatna a hung suok bakah sawt nawte hnungah Great Depression an tiin a hung nang a, khawvela sumdawngna a hung tlu se ta ruop el leiin a thiltum pakhatna chu a hlamzui tah a nih.

    A thiltum pahnina hi sukhlawtling tumin kong hniin hma a lâk a. Pakhatna, a ram suok thing le ruo le thil dang dang zorna ding le a zor hlawk dan ding nasa takin a dappui a. Pahnina, kum hlun thil, sum hnâra inchang thei thil inchîngtir a tum bok a nih. A kaiza vengtu mi var le ringum, sumdawng thiem, Aizawla dawr ropui nei hmasa tak, Tripura biel le a se vel sut engtu dinga Jampui tlang, Tlangsang khuoa a sie H.K.Dohnun chu hieng ang thila hmalatu poimaw tak a nih. Kum 1917 khan Mission-in serthlum kak phun ding inchawkna dingin lal iemani zat sum an pek a, sienkhom a tol suokna ding hmangruo le lampui a remchang tawk naw leiin tam an tol tlung thei naw a. A kum nawk chun Tlangsang lal Hrangvunga le lal dang iemani zat Calcuttah an tir a, jija (jute) an ching nuomna ding le ruo (bamboo) an tol nuomna dingin jija siemna le lekhapuon siemna (jute & paper mills) le thil siemna hmun hrang hrang an fangpui a. Chun, pat an inchîngtir a, Calcuttaah a zorna hmun an zongpui a. An tum tak chu a ram tharsuok hmanga sum hnâr nghet siemna lungril nei thei dinga an lungril mit sukvar a nih. Chun, fak le dawnah an intodel chun kohran hung intodel a ta, ram thim khom hrat takin an nor thei ding a nih ti an hriet bok a nih.

    Rengthei, Rengthei
    Manipur Biel enkoltu Field Superintendent R. Dala chu January 11, 1922-a a thi tak thut leiin Mission hmunpui chu 1922 khan Lakhipurah son thlak a ni nghal a, Edwin Rowlands bakah mingo misawnari pahnih R.Edwin Roberts le D.T.Morgan an lak sa bok a. Mission field po enkoltu dingin H.K.Dohnun khom Tlangsanga inthokin Lakhipurah an son thlak a. Ama hin Rengpui Ram (Tripura) a inthokin Lakhipur vela thra nuom dinga a ring thei chi a hung hawn lut a, an chîng a, a thra nuom em em el a. An lak lut hlim chun chu thei chun hming a la nei naw a, Rengpui rama inthoka an lak lut a ni leiin ‘Rengthei’ (Maharaja’s Fruit) tiin an ko a, chu hming chu a hung put song tah a nih.

    Chu thei chu a hnung peiah Lakhipur le a se vela eini mihai damna thei a hung ni ta pei a. Chu damna thei chun voisun hin Lakhipur-Hmarkhawlienah a mi thruoi khawm tawl a nih. Hi hi India ram pum huopa eini khawzawl ngeia Rengthei Seminar ei nei hmasa tak a na, ei thunon khom rengtheiin a sip a nih.

    Ngirhmun inbi chiengna
    Ei thupui tak chu rengthei a ni lai zingin, rengthei neka thil poimaw lem a um a, chu chu a chîngtu, hieng lai rengthei khawzawl hluotuhai hi ei nih. Saptlangval le H.K.Dohnun hma laknaa inthok khan kum 80 zet a lo liem ta a, hi sung hin mel ieng zat am hma ei sawn ta a? An hmathlir kha ieng chen am ei sukpuitling ta a? Ei ram, ei hnam, ei sakhuo ta dingin ieng ang bulthrut nghet am ei rem ta a? Ei la rem naw a ni chun ieng tin am ei rem ding a na? Chuong thilhai chu hril tlang dingin Seminar ei ko a nih. Ei thupui chu hma tieng pan a na, engthawlna ram ei tlung theina dinga ei thunon chu ‘Pên khat bekin, pên khat bekin’ ti a nih.

    Chu chu ei thaw theina dingin, rengthei khawzawla chenghai hin ei ngirna hmun hi ei ram le hnam damna ding le thruoi suokna hmun dinga ‘hmun thienghlim’ a nih ti hre a, retheina le hnufuolna pheikhok hlîp a, hmasawnna pheikhok bun ta lem ding ei nizie ei inhriet hmasa phot a ngai. Chu chu ei hril lei chun ei chepkhai pheikhok pei a, Reebok/Nike pheikhok ei bun ding tina a ni nawh. Ei hril chu intodelna pheikhok, Paula khoma a hlutsak êm êm, kha a nih. Pheikhok boin khawsa inla khom mani ei intodel phot chun inza ei phur tho tho. Iengkhom thaw mumal nei loa rethei mong tola mi thaw sa ringa trongtrai trongtrai nekin lungril taka sinthawa Pathien biek le chawimawi a hlu lem. ‘Làk nekin pekin lukhawng a nei lem’ ti a ni kha.

    Lungril thar put
    Mihriema kansar trium tak chu lungril zeng, iengkhom thaw thei lo anga insiena, dol zor anga inngaina, chèpa anga awk ta laileng chu intâl suok thei ta lo ding anga inruotna lungril a nih. Chu chu a tawi zawng chun mani inngaihnuoina lungril put a nih. Hi lungril hi mi tam tak chun mani inngaitlawmna leh an ngai pol hlak a, sienkhom thim le var anga danglam an nih. Inngaihnuoina chu hrat nawnaa inthoka suok a na, inngaitlawmna ruok chu hratnaa inthoka suok a nih. Entirna chieng tak chu Isu Krista mihriem nun kha a nih. An ngaitlawm a, sienkhom an ngaihnuoi ngai hrim hrim nawh.

    Ringnan iengkim thaw thei a ni thu ei inchuktir nasa hle. Chuong ang bokin, eini rawi khom hi khawvela hnam var le thilthawtheia an hrilhai ang boka Pathienin thluok thraa a mi siem vezie le mihaiin an thaw thei chu ei thaw thei vezie hi ring ngam dingin inchuktir ei tiu. Mani ei inngaihnuoi chun a min dintu khom ei ngaihnuoi tina a nih.

    Chun, ringna hi thilthaw thrang lo chun thil thi el a ni thu hi hril uor ei tiu. Ringna ang bokin thilthaw thrang lo chun tumruna hai, thrahnemngaina hai, tlawmngaina hai, hmangaina hai le thil thra tinreng ei hluthai hin umzie an nei nawh. A thua hril le a taka thaw inkar hi van ram le hremhmun angin an hlat a nih. Mi hlawtlinghai hrim hrim le ram le hnam changkanghai hi an thil hrilhai a taka thaw mi an na, an hril le an thaw an thlop tlat hlak a nih. Ei thaw tum hun ni loin ei thaw tak tak hun khan thu a hril chau a nih. Ei thaw ngei ding a ni chun thaw tumin umzie a nei a, inpuochana hun a nih; ei thaw si naw chun thaw tumin umzie a nei der nawh. Tum chun lampui a um vong a, sienkhom lampui tak sut kawtu chu thilthaw a nih. Ram hnuoia thingtum chu i put si naw chun ama ringotin i thukah hung inhlum lut naw nih. Eini laia kalchar thar ditum lo tak chu mani zawm le zui ding ni loa mi zawm le zui dinga thu hril le ngaithlak ei chîng hi a nih. Chun, thil thra thaw ding hre a, a hril hril hril sia thaw si lo hi suol a nizie khom hriet chieng a thra bok. Thil thra thaw ding ei hriet ei thaw naw sung po po hin suol ei thaw a nih.

    Chuleiin, hma thar ei lak ding chun lungril thar ei put a ngai. Ei thluok hin hnam dang thluok a chen a, miin an thaw thei chu eini khomin ei thaw ve thei ti hi ring ei tiu. Hi khawvel hi intlansiekna ram a ni leiin, Bethesda dila zeng ang khan iengkhom inpuochana nei mumal loa damna nei beiseiin nghak ringot nawng ei tiu. Chu khawvela damna chang ding chun hun remchang an hong phaa an chawm lut hmasa tak ni dinga inbuotsai a ngai.

    Chun, ei kut ngeia ei thaw thei khom thaw thei lo anga inngai a, Sura pelte lo tum anga, a ra them phak zing khom, “Nahai chu ni sien, hieng hin a hang lo el ding a na” ti ta nawng ei tiu. Saphai amani vaihai amani chauh thaw theia ei lo ngaihai kha eini khomin ei thaw thei ve vong a nih ti hi hrieng ei tiu.

    Pathien angna neiin
    India ram thim sut dinga Gospel meiser sita sul hung nêr hmasatu misawnarihai laia a hming theinghil ni ta ngai lo ding mi pakhat chu William Carey a nih. Pheikhawk siema inhlaw, sikul khom kai mumal lo ni sienkhom, ‘Father of Modern Missions’ ti hiel nina inzaum put phakin sin a thaw a nih. A hlawtlingna thuruk chu, ama bau ngeia a tlanginsampui, “Pathiena inthok thil ropui beisei unla, Pathien ta dingin thil ropui thaw tum ro” (Expect great things from God; Attempt great things for God) ti hi a nih. Hi a kam suok hin ram thim nortu ding lieu lieu pawl pakhat, Baptist Missionary Society (BMS) a cho suok a nih. Ama ngeiin chu thu chu hlen suok dingin India ramah a lu a hung phum top a nih.

    Reformation hun lai khan Europe ramah zirtirna poimaw tak a hung suok a. Pathien hi a ropui a, a nauhai chun a nau ni phu khopin taksa khawsak thila khom an changkang ding a nizie thu an hung uor a. Mawlna, lungril tum inhnuoina, thabona, tlakranna le hnufuolna thil hrim hrim chun ram le hnam le mi mal le sungkuo a chawimawi naw ang bokin Pathien khom a sukmuolpho leiin chuong thilhai chu hnung son tuma thrang la dingin nasa takin an infui a. Pathien laka an beisei an sang ang phuin Pathien ropuina dingin nasa takin sin an thaw a, thilthawa Pathien an sukropui nasat po leh anni khom an ropui el a nih. Pathienin a min tlan suok hin ei thlarau chauh zalen dingin a min suo naw a, ei taksa khom zalen tak le hrat taka ama rong bawl dingin an tlan sa nghal a nih.

    Thlarau a zalen naw chun taksa a zalen thei naw a, taksa a zalen naw chun thlarau a zalen thei bok nawh. Pathienin thlarau tieng le taksa tienga hausa le hnienghnar dingin a mi dit a nih. Mi rethei chun Pathien hnai bik ding anga ngaina le mi hausa chun Pathien hlat dinga zuk sie tumna le chuong ang chu ni dinga inzirtirna hi Setan changkam a nih. A hausakna ren ruol lo tlàntu ei inti si chun, a tak ngeiin thlarau le taksa tieng a hausakna chu ei tlân ngeizie mihai hmu theiin ei nungchang le khawsakah tar lang ei tiu. Pathien nauhai ei inti chun ama angna nei tum ei tiu.

    Mission hmunpuia Lakhipur hung siemtuhai hmathlir chu hrat taka sukpuitling a hung ni tran mek charin mingo misawnarihai le sorkar hotuhai ngei chu Setanin hmangruoa hung hmangin innghirnghona chi a hung tu a, chu chu remchanga hmangin a tawpah H.H.Coleman-in a hung vuok dar a, Watkin Roberts sun mang le hmathlir chu buoina sumpui chun a hung chîm buoi a, voisun chen hin a nghong ei tuor zui ta pei a nih.

    Tukhom hin hmathlir sei tak neiin thil riruong inla khom, inthuruolna thra tak um loa a khel se nuom pawl ei um chun mani inse kheknan hun hmang zo ei ta, iengkhom puocha thei naw mei nih. Dimokrasi hnuoia hlawtlingna bulpui chu, mi tam lem damna le thratna ding maichama mi mal hlawkna ding chauh hisapna po po inhlan fai vong a nih. Chu chu tlawmngaina ei ti vet zepui hi a nih. Tlawmngaina an lalna hmunah inthuruolna a um naw thei nawh. Inthuruolna le hlawtlingna chu nupa an nih.

    [*Editor's Note: INPUI-news&info columnist Pu Keivom is a retired Indian foreign diplomat and respected Hmar Mizo litterateur. This article was written by him in 2003.]

    It's that time of the year when there is a mad rush for admissions to various universities and colleges across the country, Inpui-news&info brings you a state-wise list of fake universities, as declared by the UGC, on 18 January, 2009.
    1. Maithili University/Vishwavidyalaya, Darbhanga, Bihar.

    2. Varanaseya Sanskrit Vishwavidyalaya, Varanasi (UP) Jagatpuri, Delhi.
    3. Commercial University Ltd., Daryaganj, Delhi.
    4. United Nations University, Delhi.
    5. Vocational University, Delhi.
    6. ADR-Centric Juridical University, ADR House, 8J, Gopala Tower, 25 Rajendra Place, New Delhi - 110 008.
    7. Indian Institute of Science and Engineering, New Delhi.

    8. Badaganvi Sarkar World Open University Education Society, Gokak, Belgaum, Karnataka.

    9. St. Johns University, Kishanattam, Kerala.

      Madhya Pradesh
    10. Kesarwani Vidyapith, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh.

    11. Raja Arabic University, Nagpur, Maharashtra.

      Tamil Nadu
    12. D.D.B. Sanskrit University, Putur, Trichi, Tamil Nadu.

      West Bengal
    13. Indian Institute of Alternative Medicine, Kolkatta.

      Uttar Pradesh
    14. Mahila Gram Vidyapith/Vishwavidyalaya, (Womens University) Prayag, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh.
    15. Indian Education Council of U.P., Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.
    16. Gandhi Hindi Vidyapith, Prayag, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh.
    17. National University of Electro Complex Homeopathy, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh.
    18. Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose University (Open University), Achaltal, Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh.
    19. Uttar Pradesh Vishwavidyalaya, Kosi Kalan, Mathura, Uttar Pradesh.
    20. Maharana Pratap Shiksha Niketan Vishwavidyalaya, Pratapgarh, Uttar Pradesh.
    21. Indraprastha Shiksha Parishad, Institutional Area,Khoda,Makanpur,Noida Phase-II, Uttar Pradesh.
    22. Gurukul Vishwavidyala, Vridanvan, Uttar Pradesh.
    Note:- The matter of recognition of degrees like B.Ed/M.Ed.etc. awarded by the Bhartiya Shiksha Parishad, Lucknow and also its recognition is still subjudice.

    For more visit UGC website

    DHAKA, June 24, 2009: Bangladesh Nationalist Party chairperson and leader of the opposition leader Begum Khaleda Zia on June 24 wrote a letter to the Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh informing him of Bangladeshi people's concern over the proposed Tipaimukh Dam.

    "BNP dispatched the letter to the Indian high commissioner in the capital on Monday," Rizvi Ahemd, office secretary of the party told the journalists.

    He said that Khaleda Zia has informed the Indian prime minister about the possible environmental disaster if the dam is built.

    TUITHAPHAI, June 24, 2009: Hmar Students Association, Tuithaphai Jt Hqrs., Summer Sports Meet, 2009 Opening Ceremony chu tarik 24/6/2009 zantieng dar 2:00 khan Saidan khelzawla nei a nih. Unit tina Office Bearers le memberhai an tam hle thu dawng anih.

    Fixture chu a hnuoia ang hi a nih.
    Opening: 24-06-2009
    Venue: Saidan Khelzawl
    1st Round- Saidan V/s Saikawt (A)

    25/6/2009: 3:00PM
    Venue: Muolvaiphei
    1st round- Delhi HSA (FC) V/s Tuiring
    2nd Round- Khawmawi V/s Lamka HSA

    26/6/2009: 3:00PM
    Venue: Saidan Khelzawl
    1st round- Muolvaiphei (A) V/s Muolbem
    2nd Round- Rengkai Unit V/s Saikawt (B)

    27/6/2009: 3:00PM
    Venue: Saikawt Khelzawl
    1st Round- Valpakawt V/s Hmarveng
    2nd Round- Ramthar V/s CCPur College Unit

    29/6/2009: 3:00PM
    Venue: Rengkai Khelzawl
    Ramthar (B) V/s Muolvaiphei (B)


    TUITHAPHAI, June 24, 2009: A hlasakthiem leia Zoram pa haiin an i 'ngaizawng' huoi huoi, pasal a nei tak leia hun iemani chen hlasaka rawngbawlna tieng lo chawl tah Pi Lalruotmawi chun NEREFS hotu Pi Remsiem hlaphuok hai iemani zat sak ve dingin tulai hin an buotsai mek thu dawng anih.

    Champhai Kahrawt bieltu Pastor Rammawipuia nuhmei, naunu pakhat thla ruk mi pawm mek Pi Lalruotmawi hi hlasak nawk dingin min an ngen sup sup a. Doordarshan ngei khawmin hla record dingin an fiel a, hla thar hei sak el ding a nei naw leiin an fielna a dawn thei naw a; hienglai tak hin Pi Remsiemi'n a hla thar sak dinga a hang fiel hi an nupain mak an tiin an lawm takzet a, an pa khawmin a phurpui hle a ni, ni'n an hril.

    Pi Lalruotmawi hai nupa hi Tuithaphai-ah an inzin mek a, hi album-a mi ding hla recording a nei ding ni'n an hril bawk.

    A hlasakna album hi August ni 4 an naw leh tarik ni 5 pha leh Aizawla tlangzar an tum.

    From HT
    NEW DELHI, 23 June, 2009: Hun iemani chena inthoka lo buoipui, Mobile Phone a inthoka Hmar Bible tiem thei dan ding - Thuthlungthar, Sam & Thuvarhai po chu voikhat zo fel ani taa voisun 4 PM hin Bangalore a Bible and Multimedia Conference an nei hun a tawng dang danga Mobile Bible an siem ve Tamil, Telegu, Marathi...etc hai leh Pathien kuoma tawngtaia inhlanna hunser nei ning a tih.

    Tum dan chun Pathienni 28th June'09 khin HCFD inkhawmna a tlangzar tum ani a, tlangzar a ni zo pha le semdar le awlsam taka download thei dinga sie tum a nih. Hi Bible (Delhi Version), Mobile Bible a siem dinga Inlettu Pu L Keivom a inthoka copy right hmu dan angin, hihi Thalai hai lai rongbawlna a ngaiin a thlawn lieu lieu a semdar ding ania, semdarna kawngah hawkna lo beiseia sumdawngna hmang ruo a lo hmang chu phallo anih.

    Chun Bangalore HSA in a buoipui E-Bible le khan hriet pawl awlsam deu ania, hriet pawl lo ding anih. Tuta mi hi Hmar Bible, Mobile phone version ania, Bangalore hai buoipui kha E-Bible, Computer a install a uluk taka hmang chi anih. Mobile phone version hin Delhi Vesion thaw ania, E-Bible ruok chun Hmar haiin Bible ei nei popo Delhi Version, BFW, BSI hai a thun vong tum anih.

    Ziektu: Pu Lalmalsawm Sungte

    Khawvel hlimhlawpna, inhawina le hausakna hnawtin nitin sin nasatakin ei thaw a, ei hrietnaw karin a mi siemtu Pathien ei lo theinghil rawp hlak a. Chuongsa khomin, Pathienin a hmangaina tawpintai neilo chun a mi chenchil zing hlaka, a mi theinghil ngainawh.

    Taksa ramah harsatna ei hung tuoka Pathien hnai nek hmanin tawngtai takngiel khawm ei pei naw chang a tam hlak. Ringtu inti han hlawsamna lampui ei hang hraw zet chuh, Pathien thilthaw theizie theinghil in, ‘Pathien khawmin a mi hrietfuk ta naw ning a tih,’ ti’n ei chier chang a bo nawh. Lo sinthawtu haiin fak khawp an thlo dawknaw changa mawsiet ding an hau ang bawkin, khawpuia sinthawhai khawm hlangkaina (promotion) le hlaw pung (pay hike) dinga ei lo in ngai lai zing, ei ti naw ang thil ei tawng chun hlawsamah ei in ngai hlak. Ei hotu le chunga roreltu han ei sinthaw thatzie le taimakzie hmunaw hai sienkhom an chunga um Pathien, muvanlai anga mi thlirtu, chun a lo hmu vawng a nih. Hlawsam anga ei in ngai lai hun tak hi ngui le chau a um ding nek hmanin ‘khawhe! muol ka suo tep an tah, la hei thang tal tal ka tih,’ tia thang thar hlak ding ei nih.

    Rachel in nau a vawn theinaw lai a unaunu Rea chun Jacob chu nau a nei pek zut zut a. Nisienlakhom, Pathienin Jakob kuoma a thuthlung: ‘Chi tam takin siem ka ti che...’ a ti chu a theinghil naw a; a hun takah Rachel sul chu mal a hung sawm zet chun an thlahai thla chenin rochan tha an hung nei pha hiel a ni kha.

    Chuleiin, ringna nghet tak neituhai chu Pathien thatna le thununna an hrietthiema, sawl lovin an tlan hlak. Pathienin ‘ka siehlaw khu dawmkang/malsawm tang ka tih’ a ti hunah chu khawvela thuneitu Pharo anga lungril ngar a ei i hriethai khawmin an dang zo ngai nawh, ti hi ei lungrilah vawng zing pumin thangla hlak ding ei nih.

    Zawlbuk, June 13 Issue

    [Inpui-news&info feature]
    The Bangladesh parliamentary team is to visit the proposed Tipaimukh dam site in India this month, said Ramesh Chandra Sen, water resource minister of Bangladesh, on Wednesday.

    The Bangladeshi team will have no representative from the main opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party, which have voiced objections to the controversial mega-hydropower project.

    What the Bangladesh team probably don't realized is that a visit to Tipaimukh dam site (in Hmarram) could be extremely dangerous. The area is the a stronghold of many heavily armed militants, among them the Hmar People's Convention(D) and Hmar National Army.

    There are also talks of Minipuri (valley-based) militants trying to get back into Tipaimukh area after they were flushed out by the army some years ago.

    In Hmar society the father is head of the family, but often we forget the sacrifice of our fathers and the roles they have played in shaping our lives.

    It is 'very strange' and even rarer for a male child to even say 'Thank you, father' to their dads. Hmar girls are more open and even closer to their dads, while boys try to act 'manly'. You too might have witnessed that many boys after attaining a certain age-group, they would simply stop calling their dads 'Pa or papa (father)' until their deaths.

    For many of us who have been shy or reserved, it's time we let ourselves free from inhibitions. Father's Day gives us the opportunity to show and express our love and care to this man, who deserves our support most at least once a year!

    The Father's Day will be celebrated on 21st June 2009 and don't forget to make this day special day more special!

    Here's History of Father's Day (from wikipedia.org)
    The first observance of Father's Day is believed to have been held on July 5, 1908 in a church located in Fairmont, West Virginia, by Dr. Robert Webb of West Virginia at the Williams Memorial Methodist Episcopal Church South of Fairmont. The church still exists under the name of Central United Methodist Church.

    Sonora Smart Dodd of Washington thought independently of the holiday one Sunday in 1909 while listening to a Mother's Day sermon at the Central Methodist Episcopal Church at Spokane,[3] and she arranged a tribute for her father on June 19, 1910. She was the first to solicit the idea of having an official Father's Day observance to honor all fathers.

    It took many years to make the holiday official. In spite of support from the YWCA, the YMCA and churches, it ran the risk of disappearing from the calendar. Where Mother's Day was met with enthusiasm, Father's Day was met with laughter. The holiday was gathering attention slowly, but for the wrong reasons. It was the target of much satire, parody and derision, including jokes from the local newspaper Spokesman-Review. Many people saw it as just the first step in filling the calendar with mindless promotions like "Grandparents' Day", "Professional Secretaries' Day", etc., all the way down to "National Clean Your Desk Day."

    A bill was introduced in 1913, US President Calvin Coolidge supported the idea in 1924,[citation needed] and a national committee was formed in the 1930s by trade groups in order to legitimize the holiday. It was made a federal holiday when President Lyndon Johnson issued a proclamation in 1966.

    JUNE 17,2009: The Hmar Peoples Convention (HPC) which held its General Assembly yesterday in Aizawl said that they will continue with their demand for inclusion of HPC Demand Area under the 6th Schedule to the Constitution (read district council).

    The party also demanded proper utilization of fund allotted for Sinlung Hills Development Council and functioning of the Council at its Hqrs. in Sakawrdai.

    The new Office Bearers elected in this Assembly are: Pu. Lalrosiem as the President, Pu. HT Lalramzauva, Vice President, Pu. Lalbiakthara Zote, Treasurer and Pu. Lalvulsanga, General Secretary.

    BANGALORE: May 30-June 5, 2009 sunga 10th National Muaythai Championship (thai boxing), National Games Village, Koramangala, a inkhelna a khan Bangalore HSA member Tv Samuel Lalrozam Hmar le Tripura Hmar tlangval John Hrangkawl haiin State pahni an inrawia, an team han medal thahnem tawk an lak ve ve .

    Tv Samuel hi Karnataka team manager, official, referee le judge in a thanga, a team a mi 14 inkhel hai laia mi 11 in medals an dawng.

    Mizoram a inthawkin mi 12 an inkhela, mi 10 in medal an dawng ve.

    President of Muay Thai-India in Tv Samuel hi manager ding in a sie nin chanchin ei dawng bawk. Chun award an lak lai Sports Minister in, “Karnantaka a inthawk a hung dingin Kannadiga I angnaw taluo...” ti’n a lo lawm.

    Inkhelna a hin state 20 a inthawk mi 200 vel an thanga. Team champion chu Chhatisgarh an nih.

    Zawlbuk, June 13 Issue

    [Photo: This image made from video released by CNBC, shows President Barack Obama getting ready to smack a fly dead during an interview with CNBC correspondent John Harwood. Courtesy CNBC] Watch the video at the end of this post.

    United States president Barack Obama was once eligible to be 'Mr James Bond' in the run-up to the presidential poll last year. Mr Obama on Wednesday shows that he still have that 'killer' instinct, only this time his oponent was much smaller. It was the small fly, which disturbed the most powerful man on the universe when he was giving an interview to a television channel in Washington; and when he couldn't take the fly's game anymore, Mr Obama did what most US president had done- exterminate the enemy! :)
    What transpired between Mr Obama and 'The Fly' is given below:

    Said Obama to the persistent fly: “Get out of here.”

    But it didn’t.

    So Obama waited for the fly to settle, put his hand up and then smacked the fly dead in one try.

    Without missing a beat, the president said to CNBC correspondent John Harwood: “Now, where were we?”

    Well, maybe one more second to gloat.

    Said Obama: “That was pretty impressive, wasn’t it? I got the sucker.”

    The camera crew was still rolling in the East Room. Obama didn’t mind. He pointed to the vanquished insect on the ground and said, “You want to film that?”

    CNBC did. That fly is history.
    What a way to start? Mr Obama's next target could be someone of his own size - Mr Kim Jong-il of North Korea. :)

    By Tv Randolph Amaw
    Project I/C, Bangalore

    A hmasa in ei project chungchangah update ei nei vat thei naw leiin memberhai hrietthiemna ka hung ngen. Kar liemta hai khan BFTW version semdar a ni a, inhman remchang naw leiin duthusamin ei semdar thei naw leiin pawi ei ti takzet. Member iemanizatin an chan hai an zo tawl tah a, mani chan bak thaw nuom dam ei um a ni chun chu iengtiklai khawm ngen thei zing a nih. Chun chanvo nei hai khan ei chanvo hai ei zo ta chun chu submit nawk ni ta sien nuom a um takzet bawk.

    Chun BSI version ruok chu thuoitu tienga inthawk harsatna a la um leiin mi la nghak met dingin an mi ngen a, hi thu le inzawmin BSI data entry chu ei la chawl hri anih.

    An hmat thei anga hung thawn ngei an in beisei thu an hril bawk.

    Project estimated completion date hi May thla sung ei ti kha a ni a, sienkhawm hieng harsatna chite te ei tarlanghai lei hin completion date hi sawn a ni a, beisei dan chun July thla sung ngei zo hman ei tum a nih. Member hai a tharin thang la tlang nawk seng ei tiu a, mani chanvo a la zo lo hai khan zo seng tum tang ei tiu.

    Source: Zawlbuk

    By Anisur Rahman
    DHAKA, June 14 (PTI): Bangladesh will resolve through talks any dispute with India over the waters of common rivers, Foreign Minister Dipu Moni has said even as the opposition demanded international intervention to prevent New Delhi from constructing a dam at Tipaimukh in the northeastern region.

    "If the Tipaimukh or any other structure on upstream Indian regions threatens Bangladesh's interest, steps will be taken to resolve the dispute through talks," Moni told newsmen in the central Chandpur district.

    She said the Indian government, has "assured us that they will in no way act to harm Bangladesh".

    Moni's comments came as the opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) said they would seek support from the international community, including the UN, to hold back India from constructing the Tipaimukh dam on river Barak that threatens "exposing half of the country to desertification".

    "Construction of a dam at Tipaimukh would be a death-trap for Bangladesh. It is not an issue of mudslinging against (ruling) Awami League, it rather involves the very existence of the lives of the 15 crore people of the country," BNP vice president Hafizuddin Ahmed told newsmen yesterday.

    BNP's secretary general Khandaker Delwar Hossain said it was the government's responsibility to protest against such a project "but it appears they are not willing to protect the interests of the people as it came to power with the help of alien forces". PTI

    TUITHAPHAI, June 16: Hung tlung ding tarik June 20, 2009, zing dar 11 hin Silchar ah Assama Hmar-MIL ngirhmun ngaituona nei ning atih.

    "Assama Hmar-MIL ngirhmun le hmatieng fe pei dan ding thuah HSA Gen Hqrs in NC Hills le Barak Valley a HSA le Literature Society thuoitu hai meeting neipui ningh an tih," ti'n HSA general president Pu Dr John Pulamte chun Inpui-news&info a hril.

    JUNE 15, 2009: The Assam Public Service Commission (APSC) finally announced the results of the APSC Examination 2007-08, after the commission was blamed for “unfair practices” by some students.

    According to our sources, at least five people from the Hmar Mizo community were among the successful candidates.

    They are: Tv Vanlaldit Khawzawl, Tv. David Neingaite, Nk. Merylin Khawzawl, Tv James Songate and Tv Lalringum Sanate.

    We, at Inpui-news&info, congatulate and wish them a very successful career.

    The first Public Service Commission was set up on October 1st, 1926. However, its limited advisory functions failed to satisfy the people’s aspirations and the continued stress on this aspect by the leaders of our freedom movement resulted in the setting up of the Federal Public Service Commission under the Government of India Act 1935. Under this Act, for the first time, provision was also made for the formation of Public Service Commissions at the provincial level.

    The Constituent Assembly, after independence, saw the need for giving a secure and autonomous status to Public Service Commissions both at Federal and Provincial levels for ensuring unbiased recruitment to Civil Services as also for protection of service interests. With the promulgation of the new Constitution for independent India on 26th January, 1950, the Federal Public Service Commission was accorded a constitutional status as an autonomous entity and given the title – Union Public Service Commission

    Constitutional Provisions
    The Union Public Service Commission has been established under Article 315 of the Constitution of India. The Commission consists of a Chairman and nine Members.

    The terms and conditions of service of Chairman and Members of the Commission are governed by the Union Public Service Commission (Members) Regulations, 1969.

    The Commission is serviced by a Secretariat headed by a Secretary with two Additional Secretaries, a number of Joint Secretaries, Deputy Secretaries and other supporting staff.

    The Union Public Service Commission have been entrusted with the following duties and role under the Constitution:
    *Recruitment to services & posts under the Union through conduct of competitive examinations; *Recruitment to services & posts under the Central Government by Selection through Interviews;
    *Advising on the suitability of officers for appointment on promotion as well as transfer-on-deputation;
    *Advising the Government on all matters relating to methods of Recruitment to various services and posts;
    *Disciplinary cases relating to different civil services; and
    *Miscellaneous matters relating to grant of extra ordinary pensions, reimbursement of legal expenses etc.

    The major role played by the Commission is to select persons to man the various Central Civil Services and Posts and the Services common to the Union and States (viz. All-India Services).

    To Duties & Role of the Commission
    Under Article 320 of the Constitution of India, the Commission are, inter-alia, required to be consulted on all matters relating to recruitment to civil services and posts.

    RECRUITMENT is made by one of the following three methods:
    *Direct Recruitment;
    Direct Recruitment is conducted broadly under the following two methods:
    Recruitment by competitive examination.
    Recruitment by selection through interview.

    Recruitment by Competitive Examination
    Under the Constitution one of the functions of the Commission is to conduct examinations for appointment to Civil Services/Posts of the Union. In addition, competitive examinations are also held by the Commission under arrangements with the Ministry of Defence for entry to certain Defence Services, through the National Defence Academy, Indian Military Academy, Naval Academy, Air Force Academy and the Officers Training Academy.

    The Commission usually conducts over a dozen examinations every year on an all India basis. These include Examinations for recruitment to services/posts in various fields, such as Civil Services, Engineering, Medical and Forest Service, etc.

    For an overview of examinations regularly held by the Commission. See "Overview of Examination" under this Chapter.

    At present the Union Public Service Commission conduct their examinations at numerous venues spread over 42 regular centers throughout the country.

    Recruitment by Selection
    Recruitment by Selection is made by the following methods:
    By Interview Only
    By Recruitment Test Followed By Interview

    By Interview Only
    Where the number of applicants is very large, it is not practicable to call for Interview all the applicants who fulfill the minimum eligibility conditions prescribed. The Commission, therefore, shortlist the candidates to be called for the interview on the basis of certain pre-determined criteria related to the job. A large number of recruitment cases is handled by the Commission by the method (1) above.

    By Written Test followed by Interview
    In this category, there are two types of procedure followed:

    An objective-type written and/or practical test to test the skill of the candidates followed by Interview, the final selection being decided by Interview, aided by the performance of the candidates in the written test and/or practical test.

    An objective-type written and/or practical test to screen candidates to be called for interview, the final selection being decided by Interview only.

    Appointment By Promotion And Transfer On Deputation/Transfer
    In accordance with the procedure decided by the Government, in consultation with the Commission, Chairman or a Member of the Commission presides over the Departmental Promotion Committee Meetings to consider promotions from Group B to Group A and from one grade to another within group A, where promotion is to be made by Selection.

    The Recruitment Rules for a number of posts provide for appointment by Transfer on Deputation (including short term contract) and Transfer. When the field of consideration consists of Central Government as well as State Government officers, prior consultation with the Commission is necessary for selection of an officer. When the file for consideration is made more broad-based and consists of not only Central/State Government officers but also officers from Non-Government Institutions, the selection has to be made in consultation with the Union Public Service Commission.

    The All India Services Act, 1951 and Rules and Regulations framed thereunder regulate the recruitment and conditions of service in respect of the All India Services viz. Indian Administrative Service, Indian Police Service and Indian Forest Service.

    As far as direct recruitment to the Indian Administrative Service and Indian Police Service Examination are concerned, it is done through the Civil Services Examination and for the Indian Forest Service through the Indian Forest Service Examination held by the Commission.

    The relevant Rules and Regulations provide that 33% of the vacancies in the IAS/IPS/IFS should be filled by promotion from amongst the officers of the State Service in consultation with the Commission. The Selection Committee presided over by Chairman/Member of the Commission consists of senior Government representatives of the Central Government and the State.

    Mechanisation - Project Sampera
    The Commission have recently undertaken a project called "SAMPERA" (Screening and Mechanised Processing of Examination and Recruitment Applications). A simplified single sheet common application form for all the examinations has been devised which will be scanned by using OMR/ICR technology. The implementation of this project will mainly help in high speed scanning of data from forms eliminating manual entry. Other benefits will be accurate and faster generation of Admit Cards, Attendance lists with photo replica and signature facsimile of each candidate, and Error-free list of doubtful cases. The main aim of this project is to cope with the increasing volume of applications through innovations and mechanised handling so as to reduce the processing time and send communications faster to minimised errors. The cases of impersonation/malpractices will also be eliminated and wasteful expenditure will be reduced.

    In accordance with the provisions contained in Article 320 of the Constitution read with the provisions of Union Public Service Commission (Exemption from Consultation) Regulations 1958, Recruitment Rules of all Group ‘A’ and Group ‘B" posts in various Ministries/Departments of Government of India are required to be framed in Consultation with the Commission. Consultation with the Commission is also necessary for framing/amending Recruitment Rules for certain categories of posts under the Employees State Insurance Corporation, The Delhi Municipal Corporation, The New Delhi Municipal Council, Employees Provident Fund Organisation etc. under the relevant Acts made by Parliament in pursuance of the provisions of Article 321.

    All proposals for framing/amending Recruitment Rules are examined keeping in view the cadre structure of the organisation and the circulars issued by the Govt. from time to time. After approval, the Commissions’ advice in the matter is communicated to the Ministry/Department concerned. More than 14000 Recruitment Rules have been framed/amended so far.

    To Duties & Role of the Commission
    Under Article 320(3) of the Constitution the Commission are required to be consulted on the quantum of penalties in cases affecting a person serving under the Government of India in a Civil Capacity.

    Article 321 also empowers the Parliament to extend the functions of the Public Service Commission to any local authority or other body corporate constituted by Law or by any public institutions.

    In order to exempt some posts which for reasons of National Security or some other reasons may not be required to be referred to the Commission for their advice, the Union Public Service Commission (Exemption from Consultations) Regulations were issued on September 1, 1958, under Article 320(3)(a) and (b) of the Constitution. These Regulations are amended or revised as and when the need arises.

    The Provisions as contained in Article 309 & Article 311 of the Constitution are also required to be read in conjunction with the provisions as contained in Article 320 of the Constitution.

    Binding nature of the advice of the Commission
    A convention has been established by the Government of India, that in the following classes of the cases referred to the Commission, the recommendations made by them shall be accepted, save in exceptional circumstances. Quasi-judicial cases.

    Selection for appointments of candidates. Appointment of a candidate on a higher initial pay than that of a minimum pay of the posts. Claims of expenditure incurred by the Government servants in defending legal proceedings instituted against him in respect of acts done or purporting to be done in the execution of his duty.

    The Commission have a duty, under Article 323 of the Constitution to present annually to the President a Report as to the work done by the Commission and on receipt of such report, the president shall cause a copy there of together with the Memorandum explaining, as respect the cases, if any, where the advice of the Commission was not accepted, the reasons for such non-acceptance to be laid before each House of the Parliament. Back to General Information

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