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What can you do if your mobile phone was stolen? Usually, you will just sit back and even if you do file a complaint chances are you will never get it back (blame the poorly IT educated police for this). The least you can do is buy a new one!. Now, here's a trick that will show you how to block your phone from being used by any other person. Also, with this trick you can also (with the help of the service providers) track down the person trying to use your stolen mobile and then take the help of the police to get it back.
Here's How To Do It: (from our partner source: solidblogger.com)
IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identification. All mobile handsets are assigned unique IMEI numbers and no two mobile handsets share the same IMEI number, even by mistake! You can find your mobile handset’s IMEI number by typing *#06# on your mobile. Since this number is unique, it will help us in locating your lost or stolen mobile handset. For now, note down this IMEI number and keep in a safe place. You can also find your mobile IMEI number on your mobile handset packet cover.

How to block your lost or stolen mobile handset using IMEI number
When you switch on our mobile phone, your mobile SIM card tries to connect with any available network. Once it finds a supported network it tries to build a network connection between your mobile handset and the nearest tower. During this connection negotiation, your SIM transfers some internal information to the network operator such as your mobile IMEI number, mobile model, version etc. This means your mobile operator keeps the record of your mobile handset number each time you try to switch on your mobile handset and use their service

Now if you have lost your mobile handset or your phone has been stolen, you can contact your network provider to block your IMEI number. They might ask you to get a Police FIR copy first, do as they say and finally ask them to block your IMEI number. Mobile network providers use a shared hosting service for blocking IMEI numbers, which means if you have asked network ‘Airtel’ to block your mobile handset, it automatically gets blocked by network ‘VodaFone’, ‘Reliance’, ‘Idea Cellular’ and so on.

Now when that thief will switch on your mobile handset, no service providers will allow it to build any connection with them. It does not matter if he changes the mobile SIM card, since SIM card requests for the service with IMEI number and a blocked IMEI number handset will be ignored and the mobile will become an useless toy.

If you know someone from any mobile network, you can also ask him to find out the mobile number that’s being used that IMEI number. In that way you will get the mobile number that thief is using on your handset Take help of mobile number tracker to track any mobile number in India.

You can find more information about your mobile handset by entering your mobile IMEI no. Go to IMEI Number Analysis and know more about your handset model, manufacturing date and some internal informations for free.

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  1. I shall try this when i lost my mobile next time. but pray it won happen that :)

  2. I tried this and it helps. thanks for the post

  3. Hi,

    please check out http://www.theftaware.com. This is a great tool to get back a stolen phone.

    Also you can find a press release here: http://www.itagents.at/downloads/Catch-mobile-phone-thieves-with-GPS-the-new-Theft-Aware-software-for-Nokia-smartphones-is-invisible-to-the-thief.pdf

    best regards

  4. Sir yesterday night i lost my NOKIA5130c-music express mobile, i read above article but i am not very clear about how to get my mobile back from the person who is using presently, and also if i blocked my mobile means that mobile not to use anybody but my question is in this status how can i get back? I Kindly request you to please please...help me for this.

    Below is my detail
    Name:-Sandesh Kumar T A
    Lost no.:-8147620772
    Model No.:-NOKIA5130c (Music Xpress)

  5. yesterdy night somebody has stolen my cellphone from my room. actually somebody has gifted me that cellphone. thats y i request u to help me to find my cellphone. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    below is my details------

    name- Ashish kumar
    lost no.-- 8793143769
    model---- nokia 5233
    imei no.---- 356932033315056
    my email id--- ashish25sams@gmail.com

  6. Ashih...ava pawi thei de aw...tawngtai la nel....ei tawng hi chu ava rem chang de aw...Vai hai damna ding...

  7. vai pathienin a pek kir hmel khi ti.. hahaha..

  8. Haha...mak thei de aw...Ashish I hmu ta am? A hriet hmel naw khawpel....lol

  9. Ana Ashish chu a phone a hmu ta mani???? Ngaituo a um baka...

  10. bungheiin a la tawngtai zing ning a tih.. unaupa ashish chu

  11. name: jayesh rumde
    imei no.35993003056016800
    email id:amey8115@gmail.com

  12. Unaupa jayesh, nang khom ashish kuoma fe la, bungheiin va tawngtai ro.

  13. Sir,
    My name is gaurav pal my nokia 5800 xpress music phone is stolen my phone imei no is 358279038345000 pls help me to my phone which type of manner i can that. please help us
    Email Id: www.gaurav.alka@rediffmail.com
    Number using: 9997220439

  14. Sir, I lost my mobile Nokia MusicXpress today. How can I get the code and get back the phone? or willl i get back if i file police complaint by giving them the IMEI?

    Rakesh K

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Sir,
    My name is gaurav pal my nokia 5800 xpress music phone is stolen my phone imei no is 354182026381895 pls help me to my phone which type of manner i can that. please help us
    Email Id: douglasbanet@Hotmail.com
    Number using: 9994150582

  17. sir,myself's biplab nag who has stolen my mobile how can i get back it by imei no.

    Email-biplab.nag8@gmail.com plz plz plz & plz reply me in this email...

  18. sir my samsung star next was stolen tody it was just one month old ,plzzz,plzzzz   ...   . help me out
    my imei no:354420032104640

    my number in use:9038281552

  19. respected sir/mame i have lost my nokia c1 01 mobile phone on 9-04-2012                                                                                                                                       here my details NAME-S SHARATH CHANDRA                                                                                                                                         MY NO. -8125951994        please kindly help me sir

  20. sir smebdy stole my htc explorer ystrday so hw cud i get it back...i hav blocked d sim nd der is no tracker in htc explorer...plzzz suggest me some way....

  21. my imei no. is dis:359918044501229

  22. Pls help me find my lg p920 fone... IMEI:357116-04-158929-5

  23. Hi guys if your mobile is stolen/ lost and unfortunately you had not written/ taken your IMEI no. through phone then you can get it on the cell phone box. Yes! even I lost my phone and was having same problem but when I checked my cell phone box, IMEI no. was written on it ! Hope this helps some guys all the best!

  24. i lost my samsung galaxy note having IMEI 351823052227840

    can traced out.
    Rakesh Boina

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