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Today, we came across an e-mail posting regarding HIV/AIDSBotswana (remember it's Pu MK's land in Africa) and how they are trying to cope with the outbreak of AIDS.
The report says:
"Botswana has began a campaign to circumcise 460 000 men by 2012. Television and radio advertisements have begun airing, encouraging men to be circumcised at local clinics. Increasing safe male circumcision is expected to prevent nearly 70 000 new HIV cases by 2025. It is estimated that 43% of pregnant women in Botswana in 2003 were HIV positive."
Do you think this measure can work in countries like India?

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  1. well i am suggested to circumcise here in manila too. they told me it is not pain, and it takes just a few days to recover. but i am not HIV hahhaha. i know it is healthy for wife too....but i am scare guys!!!!

  2. How can it be healthy for the wife. There seems to be no logic behind this. The semen is what really matters in AIDS transmission.

  3. Work in India? Who says it will work in Botswana, when in at least seven African countries, more of the circumcised men have HIV than the non-circumcised? The scientists circumcised 5,400 men and after less than two years, 64 of them had HIV (compared to 137 out of 5,400 non-circumcised). Total number of men "protected" by all that circumcising, 73 (but no women). That's a lot of doctors' time and skill that could be better spent.

  4. It is actually a policy in Uganda supported by the US government already and one of my classmates is doing her thesis on this...a rap awm tawp as it conveys wrong message...95% of US men are circumcised and it is proven that circumcision actually prevents many diseases...MAHSENG AIDS kher chu a awih awm loh...in Asian and African countries, among the less educated people, this message gives them license to kill.......Do not forget that this policy has many implications as in getting Aid (money) from the US government...
    here is a link to WHO info http://www.who.int/hiv/topics/malecircumcision/en/

    S Kimi

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