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The Hmar tribe still adhere to traditional culture by observing those festivals connected with agricultural cycle and other community rites. Their traditions are best reflected in their folksongs and dances.

Marriage: The Hmars follow the patriarchal system of marriage. The practice of bride price is still prevalent and the youngest daughter usually gets an extra price called 'Nuzum'. The youngest of the male gets to inherit his family's home and is responsible to take care of family properties.

Religion: In earlier times the Hmars practiced animism. They believed in “Pathien” or "Khuonu" (mother goddess) and animal sacrifices were made to them.

Now 99.9% of the Hmar tribe are Christians. They received the Gospel in 1910 when the Welsh missionary Mr Watkin R Roberts arrived at Senvon village in south Manipur.

As of now they are numerous churches in each villages where religious rites are performed according to the tenets of Christianity.

Music: Khuong (drum) is their main musical instrument. It is still used in their worship servises. Others include Pheiphit (whistle made of bamboo), Theihlea (bamboo flute), Darkhuong (gong), Darbu (set of small gong), Darmang (flat brass gong), Seki (set of mithun horn), Hna Mut (Leaf instrument), Perkhuong (guitar made of bamboo), etc.

Clans: According to the Hmar geneology, the following are the major clans:
Zote, Lungtau, Thiek, Khawbung, Pakhuong, Faihriem, Darngawn, Leiri, Ngurte, Khiengte, Pautu and Ngente.

(Last update on June 3, 2009)

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  1. what does 'khawbung' mean? my grandfather was khawbung, but was brought up in mizoram as an orphan, and did not know hmar. i used to ask him, but he could not say.

    also fascinated by "khuonu". i have heard of the mizo pathian, but never of a female diety. is there more information available on the old religions?

  2. @feddabonn, Khawbung is one of the Hmar clans.

    Please follow this link for list of the Hmar Clans http://inpui.blogspot.com/2008/11/influx-of-militants-vigil-along-border.html

    If your grandfather had a surname Khawbung then you belong to the Hmar tribe.

    As for 'Khuonu': Before Christianity came to the Hmar tribe in 1910 at Senvon village, a village on the border of present Mizoram and Manipur, the Hmars (One of the Mizo sub-tribes) used to worship nature and among them the main god was Khuonu (the guardian of the earth/or guardian of the village).

    As for information on 'old religions' i'm sure Pu L Keivom, our regular contributor, and others can help you out. Meanwhile go through this link http://inpui.blogspot.com/2009/02/traditional-institutions-of-hmar-tribe.html to see the functions performed by the priests in earlier times.

    Nahai Hmar

  3. much thanks, nahai. does 'khawbung' mean something as a word? i used to wonder if it was a combination of khua and bung (broken).

    are there any among the hmar still practicing the old religion? i will keenly watch for articles by pu keivom and others. i am very glad to have found this site!

  4. Hmar hai hi 1910 a Christian ei ni cho hi chu ka pawm thei naw a nih. Asan chu Manipur a Hmar hai cho hi Hmar hnam a ei tiem chun a fuk naw ding a nih. Mizoram a Hmar hai chun 1910 hma khan chanchintha an lo hmu tah. Chuleiin Hmarhai ti a hril ding chun 1910 hi hmang naw inla ka tih. Manipur a Hmar hai ti inla chu a pawi nawh.

  5. I thil hung hril chun ngaituona a chawktho tha khawpel. Hmar hai ei tamna le ei inbumna tak chu Manipur ani a; chuleiin kum 1910 a, Senvon a 'Chanchintha' hung lut hih Hmar hai Kristien eini tanna ei ti el ani awm ie. A then in 'Manipur sim-thlang a chanchintha hung lut kum', ei ti hih a lo indiktak naw dim anih?, chuonga ngaidan ei pawm ding ani chun.

  6. joseph v tuolor thuhril chu kei khawm ka pawm top,Manipura Hmar hai chu 1910 in kristien anni tan annaw len Manipura Hmar hai lai chanchintha 1910 in alut tran ti nisien....asanchu Mizorama Christien hmasatak kha kan pu HMAR KHAWZAWL KHUMA ani tlat....chun Meghalaya a um Hmar pahnam Biete hai khawm hi Mizoram kristien an um hma in baptisma chang anlo um dai tah....Khasi hai hi north east a tlangmi lai kristien hmasatak Welsh Mission an thawk anniha,chu hnunga chun an rawngbawlna anthawk Hmar Biete hai hin chanchintha anlo dawng ve anih,Gospel centenary khawm Mizoram in ahmang hma khan anlo hmang daih tah...N.C.Hillsa Hmarhai lem chu kum 2021 vel hin Gospel centenary kan hmang chau ding anih....


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