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[By Lalmalsawm Sungte, INPUI Feature]
[Photo: Tv Samuel Lalrozam Hmar receiving the Bible software on behalf of Sinleng Ruolcham in Bangalore on June 23 ]

Bangalore&New Delhi, July 1: The first mobile phone-based Bible in Hmar language was released for public use during the Hmar Christian Fellowship, Delhi, worship service, in New Delhi on June 28, 2009.

The Hmar Mobile Bible software, along with other Indian languages, was dedicated to Lord Jesus Christ at the Bible Mobile and Multi Media Conference, held in Bangalore, on June 23.

The free to distribute 'Hmar Mobile Bible' includes the Delhi Hmar Bible version of the New Testament. Psalm and Proverbs will be added in the next version, according to sources.

“Efforts are also on to include the Old Testament,” said Pu Lalchungsiem, Sinleng Ruolcham member, who is overseeing the conversion process.

Developed by Bangalore-based Go Bible, aka Christiansmobile.com, Hmar Mobile Bible can be installed on any Java-enabled mobile phones. This means your phone must have one of the following features — camera or video and MP3 player.

We at, INPUI, have tested it on Nokia and LG handsets. We have no problem reading the Bible.

The main features of Hmar Mobile Bible are:
  • Easily navigate through books, chapters and even verses.
  • You can send sms or mms as many verses as you want.
  • Comes with searching options.
  • Stores recent search results.
  • Has bookmark options.
  • Every time opens with the last chapter you was reading.


    (Aslo Direct download on your phone is if you have a GPRS connection. Just enter http://hmarrunpui.com/Thuthlungthar.jad on your mobile browser and click the Thuthlungthar.jad file after the download is complete)

    Two ways to install this application on your mobile phone.

    • First Option
    • 1. Unzip the downloaded zip file.
    • 2. Copy the files with the extensions ".jad" and ".jar" to your memory chip or your phone memory.
    • 3. Add the memory chip to your mobile.
    • 4. Open the file added to your mobile.
    • 5. Thats it.
    • Second Option
    • 1. Unzip the downloaded zip file.
    • 2. Install PC suite software comes with CD of your mobile.
    • 3. Install this bible application just like installing any games (Refer PC suite manual for detailed procedure), or just do copy paste.
    • 4. Goto installed location in your mobile(normally it will be Application folder or collections folder).
    • 5. Open the file.
    • 6. Thats it.
    If you have any suggestions or queries regarding installation, leave a message here and we’ll try to help you. Or, you can mail it to sinlengnews@ gmail.com.

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    1. Download link a hin error a mi pek "404 not found" a thar in hung update thei nawk chun lawm ngawt ka tih..... thank in advance

    2. @Hmara, Hmarrunpui.com website a down ta leiin hi download an thei naw a nih. Nakie leh..inpui.com in hi file host ei tum. I email hung pe la, upload pha hung hril a rem theina dingin.

    3. try here for bible----http://christiansmobile.com/mobileApplications/mobileBibleSoftwares/hmarMobileBible.asp

    4. http://christiansmobile.com/mobileApplications/mobileBibleSoftwares/hmarMobileBible.asp


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