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The 'mad' media is already predicting that the late 'King of Pop' Michael Jackson's funeral may be bigger than that of Princess Diana. Looking back, Diana's funeral saw a gathering of 250,000 people in London's Hyde Park alone, and it was watched on TV by 2.5 billion people worldwide, a record for any television broadcast. According to the Daily Express, hundreds of thousands of fans from around the world are expected to line the streets of Los Angeles for Jackson's funeral, expected end of this week. A televised funeral service is likely to be followed by a procession through the streets before a private burial at Jackson's Neverland ranch in California.

Even as the media predicted that Jackson "will triumph over Diana" at the graveyard (which i think is most ridiculous) i'm reminded of our own community. We too, are no different from the so-called 'bad press/media'. "I think today's funeral service was the most attended" or "No other funeral service would be as great as that of Pi Rimawi's..so and so.. There were so many people with so many gifts!" are common utterances/observations very common among Hmar women after a funeral service.

The greatness of a man or woman is not measured by the number of people who attended his or her funeral, but by the extent to which he or she has contributed to the life and thought and progress of the world.

Let's us wait and watch the outcome/result of this stupid human nature. Till then keep your fingers crossed...!

[The video is a TV grab of Princess Diana's funeral service. Elton John bids 'Good Bye' to 'England's Rose']

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