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[Photo: This image made from video released by CNBC, shows President Barack Obama getting ready to smack a fly dead during an interview with CNBC correspondent John Harwood. Courtesy CNBC] Watch the video at the end of this post.

United States president Barack Obama was once eligible to be 'Mr James Bond' in the run-up to the presidential poll last year. Mr Obama on Wednesday shows that he still have that 'killer' instinct, only this time his oponent was much smaller. It was the small fly, which disturbed the most powerful man on the universe when he was giving an interview to a television channel in Washington; and when he couldn't take the fly's game anymore, Mr Obama did what most US president had done- exterminate the enemy! :)
What transpired between Mr Obama and 'The Fly' is given below:

Said Obama to the persistent fly: “Get out of here.”

But it didn’t.

So Obama waited for the fly to settle, put his hand up and then smacked the fly dead in one try.

Without missing a beat, the president said to CNBC correspondent John Harwood: “Now, where were we?”

Well, maybe one more second to gloat.

Said Obama: “That was pretty impressive, wasn’t it? I got the sucker.”

The camera crew was still rolling in the East Room. Obama didn’t mind. He pointed to the vanquished insect on the ground and said, “You want to film that?”

CNBC did. That fly is history.
What a way to start? Mr Obama's next target could be someone of his own size - Mr Kim Jong-il of North Korea. :)

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