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[From Tv D. RALSUN*, for Inpui-news&info]

Sunday is the only day that we get together in the church to have fellowship with our living God; as well as with our friends. Especially for those of us who are in metropolitan cities or any city, we have no other days to come together in one place , having fellowship with God and our community but only on Sunday. For those of us who have no time, leave or holiday on Sunday here is a wonderful tips for us and I belief we can also glorify God through our own work station.

Church is not the only place where we can worship.

Worshipping our living God can happen wherever we are. Whether we are in church, workstation, market, school, college, etc.

Let’s not say that I don’t have time to worship on Sunday at church.

We can make our own workplace as church as we are given a freedom to worship not only at Jerusalem but everywhere.

So let’s start organizing a church with our fellow Christians in our work places.

We don’t need to have a preacher or sermon, but might be just a quite time, fellowship, bible study, group prayer or testimony or cell group.

Once we as a Christian show our faithfulness; what we are call for, then God would definitely increase our group in number.

We have to value or Christianity or no one would value for us.

We don’t need to ashamed of our identity when we know whom we belief, whom we trust.

The Muslim, when times come for them to bow down, they did and no one laugh at them instead we respect their religion.

We Christians we are ashamed of who we are instead of giving glory to God we divert our Christian ways and act like a non believers.

So let’s begin worshipping our living God in our workstation, not only at church.

Let’s not blame or say that I don’t have time, leave or holiday on Sunday for church.

You and I can glorify our God through our workstation too.

A Sunday God is not God at all.

May God bless...

[Editor's Note: Tv D. Ralsun is a Bible student pursuing his MTh degree at the Asian Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary in Manila, Philippines]

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