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SHILLONG, JUNE 2, 2009: Hmarram (Tipaimukh) is once again caught in a problem that is putting the people, especially the children in fear and this time, it is not the Dam or insurgency issue. A study conducted by Sinlung Indigenous Peoples Human Rights Organization has revealed that a strange disease has been stalking and killing off Children in their dozens.

According to a memorandum submitted to the Chairman of National Human Rights Commission, dated June 2, 2009, SIPHRO appealed to the Commission’s attention to the deteriorating plights of the villagers of Tipaimukh and Thanlon sub-divisions in Manipur’s Churachandpur district. It said in its memorandum the sub-divisions are, once again, threatened by the outbreak of an epidemic-like disease that has tolled the lives of more than forty (40) infants recently. The total absence of doctors, nurses and other concerned health authorities is worsening the unabated situation. The devastated villagers called the disease as “strange disease”.

SIPHRO further lament that the unabated plights of the ravaged villagers who are left to fend for themselves as the strange disease continues to strike them. “The feared disease pose a serious threat to susceptible populations as it places severe burden on the public health system and socio-economic development of the marginalised constituencies that are also undergoing food-crisis caused by the gregarious bamboo flowering.” it said in its Memo.

It blamed the state government of being apathic and turning a blind eye to the sufferings of the people and hold it responsible for the deaths and the ongoing outbreak. “The ongoing outbreak continues to put the villagers of the vulnerable constituencies at immense risk. In the face of that, SIPHRO strongly condemns in its memorandum the insensitive and irresponsible attitude of the medical authorities of Churachandpur district as well as the Government of Manipur. Non-stationing of doctors and nurses has worsened the situation as the villagers were left with nothing to resort to. The State authorities did not even deliver basic health services and have been failing its people, which are costing lives. The preventable disease has spread because of the collapse of health services. The Government of Manipur should not shy away from the alarming evidences” it stated. It calls upon the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) to direct the Government of Manipur to immediately intervene to address and redress the epidemic-like situation that is sweeping human lives in the forgotten constituencies.

According to data SIPHRO has collected, the list of infants who died of the “Strange Disease” are:

Parvachawm Village:

1. Isak Lalthlamuon S/o Edward
DoB: 21: 09-2008
Expired date: 03-01-2009

2. Lalnghakmawi D/o Lalchunghnung
DoB: 02: 01-08
Expired date: 01-01-09

3. Edith Lalhuonmawi D/o Hrangchallien
DoB: 25-05-07
Expired date: 20-01-09

4. Jenny Laldawmsang D/o Sangneikhum
DoB: 24-01-09
Expired date: 28-04-09

Leisen Village:

5. Chawngsanglur S/o Lallukhum
DoB: 28-04-08
Expired date: 12-02-09

6. Hmingthramawi D/o Challienkhum
DoB: 31-03-08
Expired date: 17-03-09

Senvon Village:

7. Jehovah Lalhmathruoi S/o Buongchunhnung
DoB: 23-12-08
Expired date: 23-01-09

8. Remruotthiem S/o Lalditsang
DoB: 06-05-08
Expired date: 15-02-09

9. Elizabeth D/o Pensionthang
DoB: 13-01-09
Expired date: 17-02-09

10. Elis Lalrothiem D/o Kawlhming
DoB: 13-01-09
Expired date: 17-02-09
11. Donisia S/o HK Hlimpawlthang

12. Esther Ramtranmawi D/o Lalmawilien
DoB: 14-02-09
Expired date : 27-04-09

13. Omega Lalhmudik S/o Lalthutlung
DoB: 29-03-08
Expired date: 24-04-09

Tinsuong Village:

14. Seithanglur S/o Lienzuol
DoB: 25-04-08
Expired date: 01-02-09

15. Lallienzuol S/o Lalthanglien
DoB : 27-12-08
Expired date: 01-02-09

16. Krawsthang S/o Richard
DoB: 12-06-08
Expired date: 19-02-09

17. Lalhmingsang
DoB 16-12-08
Expired date: 27-02-09

18. Fimronghak S/o Lalhmathruoi
DoB: 02-03-09
Expired date: 24-04-09

Damdiei Village:

19. Persie Remsangpui D/o Lalropui
DoB: 20-02-09
Expired date: 21-04-09

Parbung Village:

20. Hmingropui S/o Laldawmsang
DoB: 10-12-08
Expired date: 15-02-09

21. Jacob Malsawmtluong S/o Huonrosiem
DoB: 08-06-08
Expired date: 24-02-09

22. Lalnunnem D/o CR John
DoB: 03-08-08
Expired date: 02-04-09

23. Phirsanglien S/o Suoka
Expired date: 24-05-09

24. Lalthanghlut S/o Lawia
Expired date: 25-05-09

Lungthulien Village:

25. Caleb Ramdinsuok S/o Lalremkung
DoB: 08-09-08
Expired date: 01-03-09

26. Angela Lalvulmawi D/o Vanlalsung
DoB: 25-05-08
Expired date: 02-02 09

27. Immanuel Lalringum S/o Duoilo
DoB: 15-12-08
Expired date: 01-02-09

28. Gospel Rochunghnung S/o Thangneikung
DoB: 11-03-08
Expired date: 23-03-09

29. Esther Lalsiemthar D/o Ngurhmingthang

30. Joseph Laldinlien S/o Vanlalruot
DoB: 16-08-08
Expired date: 06-02-09

Sipuikawn Village:

31. Kenedy Lalthruoisuok S/o Sakhawlien
DoB: 23-01-09
Expired date: 07-03-09

Tipaimukh Village:

32. Joycy Fimthangmawi D/o Lalrothang
DoB: 28-02-08
Expired date: 27-03-09

Rovakot Village:

33. Lalrempui D/o Lalremruot
Expired date: 29-04-09

Source: Siphro & Cicds

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