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[Photo: An NDTV vidoe grab shows Rali Faihriem challenging the Indian army jawan at Haflong in Assam. Watch the video below ]

(This woman deserves a bravery award-INPUI)

An incident of alleged molestation in Assam's Halflong town would have passed unnoticed, but for a girl who decided to take on an entire group of army personnel.

Diganta Das, a stringer with NDTV, was sitting at a tea shop nearby and filmed the dramatic scene on his cellphone. The footage shows the girl beating up an army jawan who reportedly visited her garment shop and made lewd comments and even touched her.

Rali Faihriem owns a branded garment shop in the middle of Halflong town. Lancenaik Gurvinder Singh of the 8th Battalion of the Sikh Regiment visited the shop, in combat dress with arms, on Wednesday afternoon to buy innerwear. When the girl was showing him the stock available at her shop, the jawan allegedly made some advances. Rali then pulled him out of the shop and stoned him in front of everyone.

The Army has ordered an enquiry into the incident after Rali filed an FIR.

N C Hills has a very heavy army presence. About 70 companies of security personnel deployed across the district are engaged in counter insurgency operations. Conflict zones have always reported allegations of violence against women by the armed forces but it is rare for women to hit back.

Source: NDTV

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  1. Vai ruolhi an mi hmusit bawka, black indian ti in la tha dingin ka ring tah. ei ni hi chinky an mi ti thova, india mi ei ni ve thova black indian ti hi pona um dingin ka ring nawh. Chu chu ei thaw thei ve sun ning a tih....

  2. Ms Rali did the right thing. North east women shloud emulate her. The army jawans must respect the dignity of the people of northeast india. Cheeers .

    Rijied Kongtha

  3. Some bastardos say the army jawan was 'on duty' while the incident took place and that Rali had no right to stoned an armyman while on duty. I wonder if he was on duty when he touched Rali's face. He deserves to be expelled from the Indian army for giving a bad name. Mr Gurvinder Singh, u r a shameless creature.

  4. We love you girl,. It's time the Central govt take a good look at army's excess in the northeast india. such shamless acts by armyman need to be examine and if guilty should be kick out of his job.

  5. Does any body knows if the Jawan has been punished for his crime or not...

    Such acts must not go unactioned

    1. This is the sorry part. Incidents like this are not followed up by the local media.


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