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GUWAHATI, July 2: People hailing from different communities of North Cachar Hills of Assam issued an appeal for peace during a meeting convened here at the state capital by Diphu Citizen Peace Forum. The appeal signed by Fr Tom Mangattuthazhe on behalf of DCPF and other individuals, is given below:

We, the persons hailing from different communities of North Cachar Hills such as Dimasas. Zemi Nagas, Hmars, Kukis, Adivasis, Assamese, Bengalees etc. coming together today, on 2nd July at Guwahati make this statement in a form of an appeal to all.

We, as persons living in peaceful co-existence for decades have been affected by the recent spurt of violence. It has brought massive loss of precious lives and properties and displacement of thousands of people.

We, realize that, time and again while we are in conflict, all our basic needs; right to life, right to livelihood, right to education, right to liberty & security, right to freedom of movement and our right to social, economic and political as well as our right to peaceful co-existence have been snatched away. We are forced to live in fear, insecurity and uncertainty. And to rebuild the confidence that we had takes many years. We, therefore appeal to all:

* We acknowledge that the common people’s need is peace and we are committed to peace building in the district and we want peace to return to our district at the earliest.
* We, feel and understand pain, hurt and suffering that our people are going through.
* We accept the realities and the differences we have among and within us, and yet we commit ourselves towards creating more democratic space for each other.
* We urge the state and non state actors of our country and who are causing these conflicts, to refrain from continuing such acts and we appeal your cooperation towards bringing peace and harmony.
* We urge the respective authorities concerned to look into the welfare of the Internally Displaced Peoples/Persons (IDPs) for their rehabilitation and resettlement according to the National Rehabilitation and Resettlement Policy, granting ex-gratia to the next of kin of those killed and injured and to protect and safeguard the rights of the IDPs concern.

We request the government of India to set up a judicial enquiry into recent violence.

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